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  1. Why can't I eat my soup with this fork?! =) Yeah, this AT probably isn't for you.
  2. Yeah, if you want stats you need to play another game, COH isn't a stats game. At least not as it stands now.
  3. *raises hand* I sell white on the market for 255 so I'm getting as close to the vendor price and also working towards the badge. Yellow can sell for a grand a pop so why throw away money, even if it is just pocket change? I don't play market tricks to roll in billions so I still think of "money" as "money." I check all my recipes on the market before I sell them without crafting, because I can't keep track of what does or doesn't sell and often get surprised. Generally, I craft and sell anything that goes for a mil+, probably because I'm a dirty plebe who worries over a mere several thou from yellow salvage. 😃
  4. Battle Beetle ------ Sentinels I understand are sturdy but unexciting, so I'll vote skip it; also a bit bored by simple distance pewpewpewing, but that might just be me. Illuminus -------- never play something you don't want to. Winter Crown-------------- Not great for solo maybe, but if you team, Defenders arlways work out unless you feel the need to be a major damage dealer. Hell Crown -------------- You seem to like this one, so he's a definite maybe. (He looks pretty cool to me, too) ForgeFather ------------------ Same. MasterDruid ---------- Same, plus that's a good MM combo I understand. So there's three. Roll a six sided die with 1 or 2 being the first toon, 3 or 4 being the second and so on. And pay attention to how you feel when the number comes up: if you feel some vague sense of disappointment that "it came up [this toon]," then that tells you you didn't really want to play them in the first place.
  5. I've often had that thought too, "whoa, I just smuggled myself over here from the Rogue Isles, be careful what you wish for."
  6. Not on every floor surely? I mean, think how much you're paying for a panel for every floor. In my experience every building still has some sort of panel like that, but it's away from the public, and you just have the one.
  7. *five minutes later* THOSE *%@# TSOO SORCERERS! ARGH I QUIT!! Welcome back =)
  8. We live with Malta Sappers and learn to target them first for lock-down or knock-down powers, and same for Tsoo sorcerers, so I think we can still live with the MOGgies.
  9. I hope this character speaks IN ALL-CAPS ALL THE TIME BECAUSE AAAAAAARGH!
  10. Upvoted for a Nemesis The Warlock ref. I'm soloing a stalker based on NemesisTW right now, matter of fact.
  11. That's a good point, but I just don't think playing exemplared-down characters is going to fly much with our current players. They might put up with it to grab a few badges, but that doesn't really revitalize a zone, just give it a small boost for a handful of minutes. I don't think there's much that can be done that will really affect hazard zones hat doesn't take a lot of effort.
  12. Not really, no. My first HC fifty is a Beam Rifle/Rad Corruptor, and I can pick her up at a moment's notice and get right back into the swing of things, and have. She's a good combo of direct action I can take against a foe, either with direct fire or Rad effects, without a sort of nebulous "I click this button and it apparently does good things for my team," I get to see and plot exactly what I want. This seems to be a good template for what I like playing best. I get bored of nothing but blasting or melee "hit them, then hit them again, then again again" without some sort of something extra in the mix. And my recent Illusion/TA troller was too disconnected from the action to really fire me up much. Right now I'm working up a Grav/Energy Dom and that too seems to fit this template. Which illustrates another reason why I answered no, altitis is an ever present scourge. This morning in fact I revisited a tank who's sat untouched for like 200 days and was enjoying that play (for now?).
  13. Thinking about what all I've read here, level capping people in zone feels like trying to get a square pegs through a round hole. Just drop in a couple of contacts with actual arcs related to the zone for level-appropriate players, that's really all you need. You can go bigger with TFs too, if you want to get adventurous, which is basically the same thing, just with merits at the end (think Kalisti Wharf with Market Crash).
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