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  1. The only farming I do on any kind of a regular basis is MSR, and that's usually maybe twice a week? I hate Wenworthing, that's jut dull. Yet, all those toon sin my sig have builds with IOs, some even have some purples. Just play and everything will come your way eventually, plus you'll find you were playing all along without those things too. The frills on your character are fun, but not as fun as the character themselves; that stuff's just frills.
  2. Broken Teeth soundtrack to the area in Croatoa. I just like the spaciness of it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9pl5-KYL0qQ
  3. Eda's been star-tracking us?! And here's I've been showing up for these raids without a tie!
  4. They are if they're what you want to play. :) The game's very elastic and if you should run across someone who tries to dictate what you play, steer a wide berth around that goofball. You can play what you want to play and most people won't care (and if they do they're goofballs). The "experts" here might tell you to never take this or that set and so on, but most players are not forum "experts." That said, defenders are slow going at lower levels if you're soloing as I understand it (I always team, so I wouldn't know for sure). That "I don't really need to be here" effect is true, often, for any member of a team; yes, they could roll along without you. That's OK, that's how the game usually plays - as I said, it's elastic. Roles aren't so rigidly set.
  5. My mains tend to be toons I had such a blast playing that they rushed to 50 and then I built up with some good slotting and bothered to take Incarnates on. Trouble is, then I sort of wander away and then find myself playing another toon all the time. All my mains are listed in my sig. Here and there I've pulled one out and done something simple with them, but then again I've also not been playing too much as of late, guess I got a little burned out. But I always seem to get seduced away with a new toon, so I don't really have "mains" either.
  6. Seconded, kind of feels like it's just not worth my time to try and work around a problem that hasn't been fixed.
  7. Mastermind's don't get a lot of exercise, what with having minions around to do everything for them. When they have to expend themselves to fling that bubble or Sonic attack or pull out that rifle, man, they just don't have the same stamina a normal, actual hero or villain does, you know?
  8. Did Blasters get a Carp Melee set yet?
  9. Been there myself, Attache, even though I have won some too, sometimes your jaw just hits the floor and you wonder why the judges chose that. So to hell with the in-game contest, just go ahead and post your costumes here for us and we'll all recognize your genius. 🙂
  10. Funny you mention this. I got a new computer in January and MSRs went from a slideshow to a smooth viewing experience for me. But the last couple I've done in about the last seven days or so, I've noticed a beginning of a flickering slideshow effect again setting in. I don't load up my HD with movies or music or anything, so that shouldn't have been a problem; maybe it was the MIds build still running ijn the background? I've left FireFox running before though and had no problems. ETA _ I've also noticed a new problem with enemies at say the side of the bowl when I stand in the center are not rendering until I get closer to them; pretty sure that didn't used to happen.
  11. Hm, I wouldn't have thought it had a hard and fast definition like this, but it makes sense I guess. Up until now I would have thought it was as described above a team that can just roll through a map without having to stop for any reason and that's fairly quickly melting away any resistance.
  12. I ended up sticking, sort of to my second build up there. Hops' looked good, but terribly expensive and retrofitting to this build alone broke my bank (worth it!), so I'm kind of glad I did. I'm still waiting for a few lowball bids to come on, but I haven't had a chance to take my 'troller our for much of a spin yet, other than another MSR, which he did just fine on. I did rearrange to take Fortitude at 20 though, so thanks for that.
  13. I'm very NOT experienced in builds (yet?); up until recently I mainly just picked and slotted "whatever" when leveling up, which obviously has it's problems when it comes to "well this power sounds good on paper, but it's not very useful because..." Also, I was just dropping an observation made shortly before I left work for the day. 😃 But OK, here goes: "Trollers as I understand it like to slot best for recharge and Defense, but of course everyone liked \s defense." Nailed it!!
  14. (Off topic: I feel this question gets kicked around a lot; sometimes people want to see a sample build just to see what's possible.)
  15. Soon as I saw this thread's title I was thinking bet this is about HeroClix. That art book looks kind of neat, I think I like that version of Red Caps a bit more, he looks more organic, wild (not that he's far off what we got).
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