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  1. As someone who's so far leveled up two MMs (of five 50s total), this sound phenomenal. Both times, once I hit that magical land of 50, I was also hitting that wall of "I'm sick of wrangling pets! I just wanna go out and shoot something my own damn self now!" Neither of my 50th MMs have seen one jot of Incarnate anything, Alpha slots nor trials. This maybe be subject to change now.
  2. I coulda swore I saw some good posts here about proccing up the Beast Mastery set, but I can't find it anymore, because my search in unslotted, so I'm just asking to be PLed here. (and yes, I still haven't downloaded Mids; I only think about this at work where I can't and when I get home I don't feel like doing the homework) I have Call Ravens/Bees etc. well procced as described by a post in the following source But the given suggestions for the Beasts themselves (rather than the secondary MM attacks) seems less proccy than I recalled. Or am I misremembering? Are there other suggestions for frankenslotting the heck out of my Beasts?
  3. Not long ago I was thrilled while battling my way through a couple of missions to see the orange text "Recipe Found!" pop up a few times, along with a yellow one and several whites. So afterwards I went and opened up my recipe list to see what I had gotten. Two, TWO copies of the same Perfect Zinger recipes, then another one of a different acc/taunt/whatever mix, and then a sleep recipe. All trash on the market. But that's not the market's fault.
  4. Cynicism tears up the road map before you get anywhere.
  5. Pretty sure I saw that on a character I was leveling up like last week, yes.
  6. If we got it, I know I'd end up using it, I;'d like a 'distressed' one for example. It seems like it should be something easy to do, but I'm no coder. I want bold and italics too. Sure, why not? But if it doesn't happen, not gonna cry over it.
  7. It's not really all that dynamic without the flashy purple stuff though, it's just your character taking a half squat like somebody on green-screen surf board from some dumb beach movie from the 60s. Plus it was meant to be a flashy "special" thing for the City of Heroes Collector DVD/Hero Kit. But I do wish we could recolor too, and even make it invisible for you if you so want. I mean, the more options the merrier, right?
  8. It's funny, during Live I rarely took anyone to 50, I think I had maybe 3 by the time it shut down, after joining in Issue 6. Now here I am with (counts up names in signature) FIVE! At least one of them was by sheer random chance too! Maybe my experience will rub off on you or something, good luck!
  9. Speak for yourself! I recently ran that string of 50 level missions where every map is the destroyed city and it's repopulated each time with single types of foes, and got to run the "Oops! All Warwolves!" one. Crowds and crowds of Warwolves throwing presents! Maybe I'm more easily entertained by silliness.
  10. Right now, Warwolves are throwing presents instead of parts of the floor, which is fun!
  11. This was my experience for about the last year if the original run of the game, once incarnate stuff was added. I could literally log on, find say a hundred folk in one server, and like 80 to 90% of them were 50 and sitting in Pocket D. These days I see all sorts of "LFM for running missions in X, any levels welcome."
  12. I took Repulsion Field on my FF MM for lack of anything else. I mean, I guess I could have taken Hasten but I really didn't feel like he needed any help there), and other than that very occasional panic button.... (I hate panic button powers anyway).
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