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  1. Update (stop the presses everyone!): The first one turned out fun but is currently languishing at something like 32. I do fully intend to get back to her at some point though. But she's fine. The second one was a purple drop magnet during TOTing for some reason, but even that didn't save her. I realized I felt resistant to logging in to play her so I'm currently cannibalizing her to slot a new toon. The third one is somewhere around 40, like 43? He was fun, but I need to understand Worm Hole a bit better to play him (or vice versa I suppose). I do intend to get back to him though too. I have high hopes for the following two: Currently started up a Ill/TA Controller (Pawkysham Vex) for obvious reasons; I'd been thinking I wanted to do an Illusion troller because of the fun mirroring for the Phantom Army, and here I am! He's 23 I think. It's fun, I sort of skulk around behind the rest of the players on my team firing arrows from time to time and let loose the PA whenever things look rough or when we first tear into a particularly large-looking group. And then I've finally returned to my old home, stalkers, with a Broad Sword/ Energy Aura (Slayde the Pitlock) that's a take on Nemesis The Warlock from the old 2000 AD comics. For some reason since HC started, I've found I grow tired of pure damage classes and haven't really gotten one too far yet, but this one's working for me (must be the hide). I've also been mostly soloing Red Side (my first home!) and really enjoying that. And as the build matures he'll have some Sorcery worked in there so he won't just being a "boring melee" toon.
  2. Seconded, I mean, if he's farming for you, this is a win-win!
  3. Long in, figure out exactly how this new TP stuff works, dump all the macro buttons I have on older characters for the base TP (sob).
  4. Some months back I had my first Stormie with Hurricane, and using that to try and herd and corral taught me that foes ALWAYS push past me easily. 😛
  5. Cat's going to be amongst the first up against the wall when the revolution comes!
  6. Looks like they're standing on the power lines, which although perhaps not the safest thing they could do, is possible.
  7. I get that same feeling when I'm on an MSR and watch this just swarm of players moving from one pylon to the next. I'm not even 100% sure why, but, it's a nice thing.
  8. "Such Badge" would be a great badge name.
  9. I haven't found that too be too hard to get done either, seeing as how I've been able to get that badge repeatedly. I'm sorry but I don't agree this as a serious problem.
  10. I can understand the problem, those railings are annoying. On the other hand, this is one thing I've done in this game dozens of times... a hundred maybe... and it's never been that hard to get done successfully, so I think I'd set this one to the side to focus on bigger sewer-fish* to fry. *Ew!
  11. The window for Incarnates is awful, not in any way intuitive. If anything else, it should have been designed to look like the usual powers 'n' slots window, no way you'd get confused looking at that after 50. The crafting should be the same, it should mirror (or even get merged with, although you can't sell anything) with the pre-existing crafting systems. A bunch of explanatory mouse-over windows (that you could choose to disable) would also go a long long way to making the system more usable. I have never bounced off anything in-game for so long as I did with the incarnate system and I'm only half stupid - please won't someone think of the stupids?!
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