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  1. I have posted a build or two but find I often don't get replies if it's an unpopular power set or I'm not aiming for min/max goodness. I also don't have a huge amount of time to devote to our hobby here, so I can't spend lots of time tinkering with MIDs or the test server, so anyone who does post a build upon request, even if I don't like its goals, is a hero in my book.
  2. It's like the animal heads, you get a few options to adjust it, but not nearly as many as we do with standard heads. Never been sure why exactly.
  3. Still makes me chuckle that pistols only have "minor" damage.
  4. Aw man, why do I always find these threads late? Oh well, I usually dumped these all pretty quickly anyway.
  5. Yeah, it takes a lot of combing over something to make sure, there's not some hidden detail that could cause problems like racist material or copyright violation, plus then there's checking the playability of it all, making sure it's not exploitable for easy loot, etc. This wouldn't simply a matter of the mods playing through it once, stamping it with a blue check mark and then moving on.
  6. Ha, not from me anyways. I don't resort to ad hominem attacks. Usually. 😃
  7. That sort of stuff you described is, I'm willing to bet, a serious head ache to develop: one misstep and you've OPed every min/maxer, who'll howl when you have to strip that stuff back out of the game (while al;so saying it's all to easy now). Ultimately it sounds to me like you've just played CoH a LOT and that it might be time to take a break.
  8. No, nope, that's too sensible. There must be some conspiracy to not do things and someone to blame for it.
  9. I don't have any thought son the suggested IOs or anything, but please, let's have the mansion run available year-round like the blockbuster is if we're going to do this. I'd personally love to be able to Halloween (or even Baby New Year) any time of year for the change of pace and less-over-exposed maps. Plus the price for the IOs wouldn't go through the roof the rest of the year.
  10. Simply a joke, don't mind me. Thanks for the build.
  11. Since apparently shameless begging is a thing for these threads (😀) , was there a Fire/Dual Blades Brute build that I missed somewhere? Are their any cheap ones?
  12. That looks sick, so of course I'll be working on Halloween. Still, good work, and have fun!
  13. Yup, all correct. Mike Baron was a pretty solid superhero writer back in the day.
  14. Never. I hit a wall sometime in the middle tiers, like say +2 where I either stop playing the character (new shinies!) or the process just becomes a pain because of the awful Incarnates interface. At that point, I may still pull one or two of the "mains" out for occasional BAFs or something, but dear god, aren't they already powerful enough?! Who cares?! I just want to have fun here, not jump through stupid hoops.
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