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  1. OK, so I've given in and finally downloaded it, great, runs fine, started working on a build and then after assigning power sup to 5-0 changed my mind of one, oops. How the heck do I remove it from the build and sub in another? I saw there's the trick to removing a slot with a shift+left click... are there other non-intuitive tricks like this I need to know? I can figure out most of what I'm seeing but this is just...
  2. Thanks all! Because I had been thinking about "how cool" Boulder would be, I took it anyway, and I can see the damage is a bit wanting. The range is also a bit disappointing (I mean, it can't be easy to hurl a huge boulder, right? But still). I know this character's got a respec in her future, so I guess I'll drop it at that time. Another question: how should I be slotting Tough and Weave? I put a End reducer in each one but I still seem to chew through my End, even after slotting the usual Perf Shifter combo and another generic End Mod. Do they need more End Mod slotting, some slotting to enhance the defense they offer?
  3. So I'm still struggling with a build for my Mind/Poison/Stone, and even after skipping a fair number of the Mind and Poison powers, my choices are tight and I won't be able to take too many Stone Mastery powers. But which ones to skip? In a thread elsewhere, the possibilities of proc monstering Stone centered on Hurl Boulder, Fissure, and Seismic Smash. Can't really fit 'em all*, so which one of those to leave out? I've never had Stone before, but my gut was telling me Fissure would probably be least essential of the two. But also, one reason I'm so tight on choices was so I could get the usual Boxing/Tough/Weave and then Maneuvers/Tactics combos to help out my defense. Would I perhaps be better to pick up Stone's Rock Armor instead? (How I wish Tomax was still around!) And how about Earth's Embrace, a self-heal might go a long way on a 'Troller. *I'll admit I took Telekinesis, which is junk these days, yes, but has still really helped save my bacon once or twice. Maybe I can drop that and Tactics to free up two slots at best; three if I also drop Stealth, but it sort of fits the theme here and doing so would sting.
  4. "Unnecessary" is indeed what I was pointing to with my post. You don't have to appreciate anything, I was just hoping to point out it pays to play nicer.
  5. It's a quite good thing for all MMs, far as I know. Two of my five 50s are MMs, can't wait til this goes live.
  6. You sure? I never heard anything about them back in the day that I can revall, not like that.
  7. I think that's been suggested before, but obviously nothing's come of it. Yet.
  8. I knew of that one but they fixed it before I got a chance to use it. There was also one that made a character's (I think) left hand similarly invisible, something to do with choosing "beast" gloves option. That only lasted about five days, which gave me a chance to make a Dual Pistol character with only one hand, so his other pistol floated in the air when he used it.
  9. I think it was only like three times? but yeah, I loved that. I generated a quick AE mission with a map full of nothing but drones (oops! all drones!) to fully enjoy it. I think it only lasted like two weeks before they fixed it and, because AWE was still fairly new and people used to run story missions (you know, back before the dialogue bug broke them), I got about 32 plays out of it.
  10. I think characterizing the initial post was a freak-out is a bit disingenuous, if not unkind. It probably helps that I can understand where they're coming from - I play on Indom and often at very late/early hours; teaming at that point is pretty tough. There are a number of ways to address that, and making a suggestion to merge servers was one of them.
  11. Yeah, that's dumb, why waste breath when you're already steamrolling?
  12. Oh hey, I should make some new costume slots then!
  13. I don't even remember who that is or where!
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