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  1. If Fold Space becomes a standard part of peoples' builds, then naturally Ultimate inspirations will become a highly sought after item. It's the only way to make the power viable at end game. And at lower levels (read: anything below 50+1), the power is Brawl tier, particularly if you're sidekicked up. Anything at +1 difficulty, you start seeing bosses at +2/3 your level. If you run a +4 ITF, for example, as a 49, you'll auto-miss the lieuts too lol.
  2. It's likely a combination of a line-of-sight problem, and a teleport magnitude problem. You can't get bosses more than +2 your level. There's a year old petition to change it at here. Jimmy talks about it a little in the teleport feedback thread here. Now that Fold Space is live, players are going to run into this problem and chock it up to opponents being out of range or missing, but really the foe teleport simply can't work on higher level opponents.
  3. Since most of the chatter seems to be around unintended effects of raising the Teleport magnitude, I decided to roll a toon on Thunderspy, since they've changed Wormhole to have a magnitude 10 teleport. They've actually re-worked Gravity Control in a lot of ways which are great, but I digress. I can at least say that wormhole does work on bosses more than +2 your level. In fact I could Teleport 54's while I was SK'd to 49. I need to pop a few yellows but it works 😉 It doesn't work on AVs It doesn't work on Objects such as Rikti Pylons or Artillery Guns/Turrets like the ones in Striga, It doesn't work on Giant Monsters or Monsters Everything I notice is just anecdotal. I don't know if they've coded anything else special. If we could bump up the mag up on the QA server, I'd be down to test it on various things.
  4. So is there any dev chatter about Wormhole and Fold Space not working on bosses more than +2 your level? Beta 3 still doesn't have a fix for that.
  5. This has been mentioned a couple times but I'd like to throw my voice in for fixing the teleport magnitude mechanics as it relates to bosses more then +2 levels over the player's level. There's a long running thread in Feedback and Suggestions talking about how Wormhole is affected by this, and now with the introduction of Fold Space, this power is also affected by it. Fold Space and Wormhole are arguably not viable powers if they can't be used to teleport bosses more than 2 over your level. Particularly at lower levels this is very painful, because if the team lead is one level higher than you, teams running at +2 will break foe teleport powers. But even at end game content, plenty of teams run at +4, and it's nearly impossible to use Fold Space or Wormhole on normal groups.
  6. When I first read the patch notes recently, I thought Fold Space was the Group Recall power from the live days. I now see that it's a group foe teleport. Really neat power! I tried it out on the Beta and notice it, too, cannot move bosses more than +2 my level. Maybe there is enough interest to fix both of these powers' teleport mechanics before Fold Space goes live?
  7. @Vanden that's really encouraging to hear. If the team needs any help testing, I'm absolutely on board. @Solarverse if you start a suggestion/thread about Dimension Shift, I'll absolutely participate. I never take that power and would love to see it tweaked. At least one other private server has changed the way that power works and it looks much more exciting than its vanilla behavior
  8. Happy birthday wormhole petition thread. You're a whole year older
  9. It's been a month since the last post. Any interest in fixing this? Just for funzies, here's some footage of me trying literally everything I can think of to get the teleport to proc. Teleport is like it's own little category of resistance so nothing you try can enhance it. I've got: Domination (+Mez) Vanguard Medal (+Mez) Alpha Slotted (+1 level shift) Melt Armor (-11.25%% resistance to all damage for 40.00s on target, Defense debuff) Clarion Radial Epiphany (+Secondary effect boost) Power Up (Boosts the damage and secondary effects of your powers) Control Core Embodiment (75% Chance for +1 Mag to "Controls") Power Analyzer (simply verifies the Boss's TP resistance at "0%". It's unclear to me what that means in practice.) The power hits (see combat log). Replay 2020-05-26 01-46-32_Trim.webm
  10. All Wormhole targets gain 10000.00% resistance to teleport after the initial hit, so it doesn't seem possible. I have tried double wormhole-ing targets with a second grav toon but the targets gain the temporary TP res and don't move lol.
  11. Agreed, I'd love to hear some dev or GM commentary.
  12. Yes, incarnate shifts that apply during incarnate trials like BAF, Lamda, etc shift your level (up to 3 levels), and you can therefore TP lvl 55 bosses. However, some trials have mobs which are also level shifted, so it's on a case by case basis which trials you'll be within +2 levels of the mobs.
  13. This happens if the team runs the LGTF below the +2 level difficulty. Hami spawns as an Elite Boss, so Wormhole can work on it if it's within the level requirement and an accuracy check passes. Just to clarify: it's only a level disparity check. The video I posted (https://forums.homecomingservers.com/uploads/monthly_2019_09/585267662_UltimateInspirationWorks.webm.3eb16ed82f19248b322ab178ec0368b2.webm) demonstrates this. At 30 seconds in I use an Ultimate Inspiration and successfully TP the boss. Those Ultimate inspirations are Super Inspiration rewards for incarnate trials. They can also be acquired on the ah, or you can trade Incarnate Threads for them in ouro. I typically carry a few around with me to work around this annoying mechanic, but it's really expensive to use them for every lvl 54 mob I come across, in MSRs, ITFs, Tin, Apex, Mission teams, etc.
  14. Another example: here's a clip of me trying to teleport 2 lvl 54 bosses and a lvl 54 lieutenant. As you can see from the hit rolls, I hit all three targets, yet only the lieutenant moved. The Bosses were still knocked over. 2 Bosses 1 Leut.webm
  15. Giant Monsters, Monsters, AVs, and Objects, and similar things such as the Rikti Drop Ships are immune to teleport, no matter if you "hit" or "miss" Bosses and Elite Bosses can only be teleported at anything at or below +2 to your level, regardless of accuracy/to hit. Even if you "Hit" the target. I'd certainly enjoy being able to TP GMs, Objects, and AVs, but I expect people would deem that unfair, and/or it'd be more difficult for the homecoming developers to change. Mostly what I'm sad about, and I think is a reasonable request to change, is not being able to TP Bosses and Elite Bosses even though an accuracy check was passed. Here's a video clip demonstrating the disparity. For context: I'm a level 50+1 grav/kin controller named Besterena sitting in RWZ. In the clip I'm targeting a lvl 54 Boss (Chief Solder). You can see my hit roll saying and yet, he did not TP. Then I used an Ultimate Inspiration, shifting my level from 50+1 to 50+2. Then I used Wormhole again, and a similar hit roll message appears, but this time, the TP effect worked. My ask is that we remove the level check to determine the TP's effectiveness against Bosses and Elite Bosses. Ultimate Inspiration Works.webm
  16. Wormhole will only work on bosses +2 to your level. This means that, even with the Alpha slot level shift, Wormhole can only TP lvl 53 bosses. It is impossible to enhance this or boost its effectiveness with Domination, Vanguard Medal, Power Boost, +Mez procs, or Control Core Hybrid. This therefore means the only way to wormhole bosses higher than +2 levels over you is to use an Ultimate Inspiration, which are relatively hard to come by (Also: Sorry for using the /petition system for this the first time.. 🙂)
  17. Power Boost does not boost the effectiveness of the teleport though, only the stun. If Power Boost made it so I could Wormhole lvl 54 Bosses, I would absolutely be happy with that. But as it stands, the only way to do that is to use an Ultimate Inspiration 😕
  18. I love my DA Controller. omg this times a million.
  19. Wormhole's in-game description reads So TPing Bosses works, seemingly as long as they're no more than 2 levels above you. It even works for Elite Bosses, which is hilarious and amazing
  20. Wormhole is perhaps my favorite power in the game, but there's just one problem.. I can't figure out how to reliably wormhole lvl 54 bosses. It's really a bummer to wormhole every target in a mob with the exception of the bosses. There are certain situations where this will work, but they all involve level or incarnate shifts. First off: As a Level 50 + 1, it is only possible to Wormhole lvl 53 bosses and below. During Incarnate Trials, Incarnate Shifts apply, which means you fight at up to level 50 + 3, so theoretically you can move lvl 55 Bosses. As a Level 50 + 1, you can use an [Ultimate] Inspiration to level shift yourself by 1. These inspirations are only attainable via Super Inspiration rewards after Trials, exchanging Reward Merits for them, or purchasing them on the AH, which makes them usable in a pinch but hard to use for your average teaming scenarios. So the question is: Is it even possible via some other way? Teleport Mag doesn't seem to have anything to do with it.. I've tried slotting +Mez procs, using Control Core Hybrid, Power Boost, Domination, and Vanguard Medal. I've used Power Analyzer to verify my targets don't have Teleport protection The power isn't missing. They still get knocked down, but they don't get teleported. Any ideas?
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