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  1. And now, something totally different, a classic approach to a villain... InfiniteMind (Sentinel Psy/Dark) 76b5ab20bb287a4f82505970444c1078.mp4
  2. Different approach, nicely done... Yours is like a young new champ, mine is a veteran... 😅
  3. Never go predictable if you can avoid it 😉
  4. The Champ has come... Evander JawBreaker (scrapper ener/ener) 2d38fe1f8952405ea3963bc3911a08be.mp4
  5. Another one to the collection Dutch Dillon (Blaster Rifle/Devices) 988d74fab46be06ecb0cd6fd4258e04d.mp4
  6. Another one i didn't posted earlier... Unbound Djinn (controller Dark/Dark) 86c117684b8607fe3ce2385e46ae3051.mp4
  7. The idea was way different... but after a long time with character creation i think it went WAY BETTER than i expected... so... let's go. COSMIC AEGIS (scrapper dark/shield)
  8. Next in line... ColdBreath (corruptor ice / cold) 6a4cdf3214e7b0f948df63a03a582976.mp4
  9. 4th Costume for Magnor El Eterno (brute)... the one i have for avatar. d427c481986d407655a8a64025a91803.mp4
  10. Next up... my Dark/Dark corruptor... Sombra Johari f51113c23fa97e0fecd0fae8c5230b3c.mp4
  11. Really liked how you captured the "vampire essence" in this character. We all know the colors we're going to use, but it is how we used them and the way we choose the costume what makes it shine. Loved it.
  12. Again... i was doing a new costume for an existing character... think it went really well, at least for me it's pretty dope Doc Pandemia (poison/rad defender) e94e361b84c455a2313812fe5c696ea9.mp4
  13. 4th Costume for my Elec/Storm Controller - Heiress of Tempest 683602aaf7cddacda43f50560e7a4a54.mp4
  14. New addition to the character family... Last Gladiator 7dee14e1c8aa2094a36fa7e8fa43392a.mp4
  15. Mother of my late character Prince Energon, a few posts back... i present you now Queen Minerva (Blaster Dark/Time) 9c6cb20fb9a77a7b85fe1b46c9731320.mp4
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