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  1. Man, people keep going about DM/Shield and I'm just DM/Bio with three endurance recovery tools (Inexhaustible, Dark Consumption, DNA Siphon) and four heals (heal proc in Dark Consumption, Siphon Life, Ablative Shield, DNA Siphon), ON TOP of the absorb, regen, ON TOP of the -ToHit. Can we say unkillable hardcore soloer? Man, I totally don't want to continue leveling my second Claws/Bio I was doing Ironman challenge (no AH marketing, no inf transfers, no IO transfers, no farm maps, just earn Merits and inf playing the game) just for kicks since I WANT this combo. Arrrrrgh. And now to wait N weeks before it comes out. Ugh.
  2. The +3% defense uniques, @Obus, the Steadfast and Gladiator. Edit: Went to look at it and no, it was just 33% ish defense by level 24-25 which is still decent with a purple insps. Though it was meant for another thread and a different topic.
  3. Heck, I don't have a DM since Live and I want it too.
  4. The best thing to do will be to follow a guide and not overthink it. 'Best' can be pretty subjective because there are different factors. The 'best' farmer is either a Spines/Fire or a Rad/Fire with others quite close behind. The 'best' at farming is not exactly the best at just playing the game though. Then if we go at the 'best' at killing tough stuff we once more find a completely different beast. You did nothing wrong in picking SS/WP as it is a pretty solid pick and it will work just fine. If you want the 'best', for me, it would be a Claws/Bio. They move fast, they activate fast, they don't need extra AoEs from epic pools and they are pretty darn durable and are a good middle ground between top ST and top AoE while also simple to use (the very very very best would a Titan Weapons/Bio, but I would never ever advise you to try running that without more cash and a better understanding of the game). Regarding your endurance woes things will get better once you are better slotted. A single end mod in each attack is ok, but not amazing. You still need to generate end. My advice will be: -One Performance Shifter proc in both Stamina and your WP stamina power, then add a normal endurance modification in each on top of that. If you feel it's still going badly then try to find a second endurance modification into each. - A Panaceia and Miracle proc on Health. - Replace all your ST attacks por something like a full set of Focused Smite. Since the bonuses of Focus Smite aren't very good they are pretty cheap on the AH and you will get much better raw stats out of that than you will from generic slots. Generic slotting might be 66% accuracy, 95% damage, 33% endurance reduction, while a full set of Focused Smite will be 62% accuracy, 89% damage, 43% endurance and 66% recharge. The Crushing Impact IO set has better bonuses so is more expensive, but with a full set you'd get 68% to accuracy, recharge and endurance, and also 95% to damage. Check how many Merits you have. You might have some decent cash on you and not know. Check the guide in my signature.
  5. Sovera

    I Gave It a Shot

    As someone who played Sentinels extensively and expected to play a ranged Scrapper I'm very much agreeing with you. The quick nuke is nice and it does clear a nice swathe into minions, but my Scrapper does the same with Follow-up + Spin + Shockwave, no need to wait 25 seconds. The AT is stupidly survivable because it can stay at range and pew pew whatever survived. But does it matter? Only in a vacuum. When I see people advocating how impressive their Sentinel is I kinda grimace a bit because I see myself many months back raving about them until I picked a Scrapper for the first time and went from 4 minutes pylon time to 1:45. Now, people love the AT and love being tanky and ranged and we can't argue with that nor do I even want to. Being tanky and doing solid damage is a bit of a Hunter thing in WoW (my main for several expansions so I know what I'm talking about). The 'easy' tax is paid, but depending on content that tax pays for itself. The no-casting-times Hunter spec will do a bit worse damage to pay for the fact it can cast and move, but in difficult content the fact that they can cast and move pays for itself twice over allowing them to top the meters. At least until everyone knows the mechanics and how to move as minimally as possible. But since CoH doesn't really have difficult content except the 2% there is no point in it. There is an 'easy' tax the AT pays for no particular reason. But I still find it acceptable. Do you want to play something that does not need to chase enemies and can do reasonable damage and be ranged? This is it, and I find it acceptable. I may not be interested, but it's good that it is there for those who are. The AT is good at what it does, and if there is an AT I would suggest for a new player it would be a Sentinel.
  6. I'm satisfied actual testing was done, yes. I went to check on Fire and with Fireblast (including toxic tic) I had a 26% damage increase so whatever was going on during the multiple tests all those months back seems to have corrected itself. Now to hear something funny? I grabbed a character I had stripped out of IOs a Water/Bio Sent since it had no DoTs to muddle things, and went to test. It was a 45% damage increase to turn on Offensive Adaptation on both the T1 and T2 blast (didn't test the rest) 😄
  7. You can get your softcap without even Weave if I recall correctly, but not on generic IOs. I think someone asked this over the Scrapper forums and I threw a level 28 build that was softcapped with just the two +3% defense uniques and the rest generic IOs.
  8. *curls up* Just as I was 'welp, I've done all the concepts I'd care to, there really isn't much else to r-...' you guys hit me with this. Hopefully it will not take half the time the Tanker changes did because I've only just rolled a character that would fit perfectly as DM.
  9. His weaknesses tend to be pretty subjective. He has resisted and plain outfought a grand majority of psychics trying to take him on and even the Maxwell Lord event was played as literally years of pushing until having formed a chink. The same for magic. Oh yes, hear him loudly claim how magic is his weakness. Then watch him disregard magic. A normal person hit by lightning doesn't get a 'bit' stunned. But he takes several of those in a row and just gets a bit woozy before winning the fight. Like most things in comics writers don't care about power levels and just telling a story. So in one he'll be weak to magic and in another he'll tank magical lightning. In one story he'll break chains 'used to tow stars from one galaxy to another' and in another be in a fist fight and be unable to down someone.
  10. Depends on the AT. As much as Stalkers are praised for their damage I prefer to stick to my Scrapper(s) for the fact enemies don't run away thanks to the agro aura.
  11. I've noticed the slows, yeah, not to the point they were more than an annoyance (except with the war riders), but definitely not a thing any of my /Bios was ever aware of 😄 The tanker is definitely the superior version because of Burn not making mobs flee. That said I miss Scrapper crits once I'm done slapping AoEs errywhere.
  12. Unless I misread you tested only the toxic tick and not the combined damage because you trusted the damage monitor. If you'd like to then please do what I said instead. My own tests never gave me 25% damage. And this is -with- the toxic damage. If we were to trust the damage monitor we would have had 25% and then with the toxic damage it would climb to about ish 30%. Instead the highest I got was a 18%-21% damage boost and as low as 4% -total- damage boost.
  13. It's grim, it's dirty, I don't like condescending NPCs talking to me like I am trash, I don't like being the bad guy, I don't like doing bad things, I don't like that a villain spends most of their time attacking other villains instead of good guys. It is also an empty zone. All of these apply, but mainly I'm happier playing a super HERO. There is enough crap going in RL without feeling the need to roleplay being the cause of it.
  14. My main would love her flying rug (it was her means of propulsion before coming to CoH) but I cannot abide the detoggling. Some smart bit of coding where there is no detoggling if we already have Fly would be amazing. I'm 100% a flyer though. It's thematic, it's fun, it's also annoying to need to pick Afterburner just to increase speed and it being a toggle instead of an auto, but Hover gives defense and takes a LotG and so does Afterburner so they are not wasted. Fortunately I find I (near) always have room for all three power picks (it's slots I'm chronically lacking) and despite being able to make do with a single power pick for a travel power, or using ninja run + sprint + jetpack for hurdles, I just have no desire. Flying -rocks-, and fie to devs who decide on no flying for 8-9 months after an expansion so the player can 'see all the content'. As if we didn't know it was just to time sink and force players to stay online for longer.
  15. Incarnates are fine as long as people can only pick one (all ought to give a level shift though). But only one incarnate would be balanced. Big nuke, or Barrier's panic button, or Ageless for Recovery, or extra damage from Musculature. The sharing is also not a good thing on the long run. At most 50%, but probably just no.
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