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  1. They can, but it takes hot damage. Surviving an AV isn't hard for most (all?) tanks, but beating it with raw damage requires a bit of optimization. But once optimization comes in most builds can-ish.
  2. A different take. Let Barrier's 5% finish capping S/L defenses/resistances. Sad lil E/N though.
  3. Man, you're complaining over basic stuff. Read my guide if you haven't, and then type /ah between missions to make sure you have a stock of purple inspirations. In the case of the Blaster also of Breakfrees. Or if the Sentinel then purples and reds. Once you get to 32 the Sentinel catches up. A Stalker is not about slow assassin strikes-in-stealth because it's slow. Hit with your strongest attack while in stealth to force it to crit, -then- use AS. Try to copy builds instead of trying to pile something yourself until you are more used to the game and builds.
  4. In that quest for a little bit more damage but still be sturdy I've cooked this. Maybe someone will find use for it. It has all the rad goodies: - 96% protection against slows. - 40% to S/L - 70% to S/L/E/N/Toxic leaving Psi at 30% and Cold at 25% as the holes. - Infinite endurance with Radiation Therapy + Theft of Essence that doubles as a heal. The intention is picking Barrier as a panic button which then hardcaps resistances and softcaps defenses. It also has all the Ice Melee goodies: - Exotic cold dam
  5. If you're not using -res procs then 4 minutes is my average on a Fire Armor + Claws/MA/Ice. It completely skews things if a set can use both -res since it shaves a full minute off making it seem much better. S'up to you if you feel -res procs are worth using or not though since they don't seem to make a large difference on other stuff than pylons. The Assault question has come often and the general rule of thumb remains +damage for solo since more bang, and double hit for team play in case of Kin with mythical damage capping. On a Tanker and on a pylon I noticed no difference eithe
  6. Reactive doesn't do much either on normal enemies. The DoT is what actually makes the difference, but not a large one. Degenerative 75% chance for DoT closes the gap a bit but still works on AVs/pylons/GMs where Reactive falls flat. It's not a huge difference either way though.
  7. It doesn't. I've done ITFs in full teams since and everything melts the same.
  8. Might still get better results with Degenerative too.
  9. This sums up my point of view. We have too many tales of 'haha, my tank just puled X enemies and laughed'. Well, yes, it's a tank? It is what they do. ITF and romans are nice and good, but lets talk about something a bit more problematic to tank. How about soloing some Shepherds from First Ward? They mulched my Fire Tank by -res (and no resistances resist resistance debuffs helped), -defense, and I think -accuracy but don't quote me. It might have been slows. Regardless between -res AND -def a single +1x8 would kill my tank np. What about Banished Pantheon, but not the
  10. Put hover on for the extra bit of defense, then, if you are not and old like SOME people I shall not name, manually approach what you wish to kill.
  11. I'll say it again, Fire armor/Ice melee. By level 20 you're melting whole groups and it does not need a ton of IOs to be safe because you get Ice Patch. Once you get Burn you'll be addicted. Check my signature for builds.
  12. You need to click the lil buttons so that they are green. All da little buttons, unless you don't want them, for example Build-up so it does not skew your accuracy maths. I'd still suggest just copying a build instead of making one. If you're super new it's best to use a build. For example, if you take Weave you don't need to do that particular slotting for Contaminated Strike and Radiation Siphon. I did some tweaking. Doesn't mean it's better, it's just different. Resistances don't need to be at 90% because the Tanker proc in Radioactive Smash will put the
  13. In teams you're not going to notice Bio's squish.
  14. Sovera

    SR a trap?

    Werner sings the praises of Shield for damage but the buffing aura is something I didn't notice at all. Shield Charge at least is a semi demi mini nuke. I should have paid more attention to the damage buff when plunging into the middle of a group, but just hitting things with and without it didn't seem to have much of an impact in killing speed.
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