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  1. When in doubt check https://forums.homecomingservers.com/status/
  2. All those changes for mercs, like, wow, I'd play one. One of you MM afictionados should go to the COHX test server and report on the changes. Especially removal of brawl.
  3. This was very informative to someone who does not play StJ. Thanks for the time taken to write it all down, Frost. Tbh Rad isn't very thematic at all for my character, it is Staff I'd like to get into, but I like the ST damage of Rad and ST is where Staff flounders a bit. A close second would be StJ though and that makes me interested in checking it up on the PTS. I think the proc removal off Contaminate is not yet 100% removed though. I have noticed Blistering Cold's icey proc hitting different enemies than the one I had targeted.
  4. I have never played an StJ (though I do love the animations) so take what I say with a grain of salt. I perceived it as being pretty AoE-less though. Isn't Spinning Strike a six yard radius AoE? I don't visualize it hitting many enemies which in practical terms makes the claim of having a better AoE a bit iffy if their numbers are similar but one hits twice as many mobs. Personally I would put Irradiated Ground firmly in the ground of underestimated AoEs. It's basically two patches doing hurts and spewing procs pretty much 24/7 (once we settle down to fight, if we are always on the move this does not happen), and more importantly we don't waste animation time on it, so it's ticking while we do our bit with other attacks. And then Contamination effects. Not much damage, but there and in AoE. Right now I do three ST attacks while waiting for Atom Smasher and using Siphon last so the other two can use the Contamination effect before Siphon eats it. Friendly argument, I have no vested interested on either side and haven't even played an StJ to speak with assurance that X has the better AoE.
  5. I've managed to drain and keep mobs drained with my Elec/* Sentinel. I've also noticed that most of the time I have killed things before this has happened which made the draining useless.
  6. Rad only has one power that demands being close to the ground. It can be annoying because of that, but I've leveled both a brute and a scrapper with it and it worked fine, it just requires to point my nose to the ground when using Atom Smasher. I recommend a Rad/Bio. I'm leveling a Scrapper but it can easily be converted to a Brute. It doesn't need anything expensive to get started, the brute has better AoE (Electrifying Fences + Ball Lightning), the scrapper has better ST (my best time so far 1:45 pylon), both I've thrown at Comic Con during idle times and they survived fine. Street Justice is slightly better ST further, but has no appreciable AoE, where Rad has a Footstomp like power + damage aura, and /Bio is pretty survivable and has a *second* damage aura.
  7. As it was mentioned if it is hardcoded then it's not going to happen, but, as Vanden mentioned, we still need to get there, and if we wanted to work for 100% hit chance like we work for 45% defense, then we could. Moot point, but I leave with a vote for a yes.
  8. The power does not need to having its animation fixed. We just need a third copy paste Ninja run/Beast run with Sprint's animation.
  9. I'd be all for it. Missing just for the sake of missing adds a fat zero nothing to the game. It is annoying for regular powersets and uber annoying for combo sets. An artifact from DnD, git yet gone! At the very least combo powersets ought to get a combo point just for having launched the attack, not only if it lands.
  10. I've noticed no difference with or without it, but without numbers this will be difficult to test whether it is working or if the effect is too subtle/low to be eyeballed.
  11. Valid point, broroxis. I knew of that mechanic with Gaussian and Tactics and it's perfectly valid (dare I say perhaps superior) to switch the slots between Fusion and Tactics. But I personally do prefer the on demand proc.
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