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  1. You're not wrong since it's 120º base and Tankers get a 50% buff. Enjoy your 180º mix of Dhalsim and E. Honda!
  2. As a rule everything from Interface stacks five times. Period. So five stacks of -HP, five stacks of -res, etc, etc. It is not per character though (5 stacks from player A plus 5 stacks from player B equal 10 stacks). It's just five stacks on a given enemy. Usually a single person can get those five stacks going depending on how fast their recharge and animation is, so more players with the same Interface just means that the five stack limit is reached faster. This is usually the reason why there is this sort of underground advice about diversifying the Interface choices so more effects come into play instead of stacking the same -HP or -res effect. But. This advice fails to register how pretty bad the other Interface choices are. People will happily say how they are using the -regen one and how they are helping the team, but without having followed the math that shows the -regen is pretty damn low in the first place and then further falls off the higher level enemies are. A +3 enemy resists the effect by a fair bit and AV/GMs (the enemies for which -regen would be useful) on top of the extra levels giving resistance also have a baked in extra resistance to said debuffs. So small numbers + resistance = inconsequential results despite 'gut feelings'. This applies to the -ToHit one (same deal of weak effect + resistances), the -recovery one (does this even do anything? I tried hitting level a level 54 boss and it died without its blue bar having moved), etc. This is why despite the underground advice we still all focus on the -HP and the -res Interface choices. Partly because the other choices are just bad, partly because whenever we split up, or solo, or are taking an isolated mob over that corner of the room there while the team is wailing on the other enemies over the other corner, then those stronger Interfaces still kick in.
  3. If you're going with the Rune of Protection approach I'd say look at Shield instead. While it has less DDR than SR it still gives heaps of it (the CC protection clickie is where the DDR comes from, and it stacks) and Rune of Protection can be alternated with One with the Shield (very minor crash) with minor downtime (if not mistaken RoP - OwtS - RoP is doable)
  4. When stunned toggles drop. It's verbatim what happened to my sole run buffed enemies. Killed fluffy, got stunned, instagibbed.
  5. You say every bit of resistance matters, and then drop your proc in Atom Smasher? Doesn't that seem like bad planning when you want those procs up and going all the time?
  6. The -HP effect on mobs with lower HP than AVs/GMs is less felt than the -res + DoT. On a pylon Degen sliiightly edged ahead but on such a small scale it is hard to differentiate from whiffing. And then yes, the matter of stacks reaching max immediately on a full team and only the Dot bringing something. Without a DPS meter I can't say how much the DoT actually brings to the table, but why skip? Musculature 45% is also a 15% damage increase so not much, and Leadership's Assault in the same vein isn't much either. But when all are piled together it starts showing.
  7. Damage all the way. Including Reactive instead of Degenerative. The only real important one is Barrier for panic buttons and combating debuffs.
  8. They are certainly entitled to their opinions and/or self-imposed restrictions. Nothing wrong with that.
  9. In a game with the ignore function 'toxic' people have exactly as much power as we are willing to give it to them. This includes refusing to use the teleport prompt function.
  10. I had to go and read about this Twixt. I can't really take it as a 'social experiment'. Guy knew what he was doing and was having his fun. But, we can't blame him. It's true that TP enemy was valid since it was in the game. But talking loudly, burping sonorously and spitting on the floor while at a restaurant can be argued as 'I'm not doing anything against the law' (it might actually be, it's just a random example so don't get sticky to it) and still not be acceptable behavior or behavior we want around us. It is why rules (laws) need to be made. For years and years and years smoking at a restaurant was a filthy habit spoiling the meal of non smokers but since it was not 'against the law' it was acceptable and relied on the good will of smokers not to do so to not bother others with their cancer sticks. Once we (finally) got a law about it it stopped being about good will and was enforced. If the devs had a better handle on the game they would see the tactic was not welcomed and made a 'law' (changing how TP foe or the drones worked, or implementing some sort of simply anti-TP foe) to stop it. They didn't. So they were fine with it. But it really boils down why I loathe PvP. For everyone who sings the fun of PvP and how it is a clash of skill and wit there are five who will come in a group to kill a straggler, or solely play stealth classes, or do -everything- possible to win like the very common 'wait until someone is at 50% while fighting an NPC and then stealth attack and claim 'victory''. Still, it was amusing to see this sexagenarian do a long worded dissertation that boiled down to 'but it was just a joke (social experiment) brah!'
  11. FIRE/CLAWS! No, seriously, I hardly notice Arachnos. They are pretty squishy compared to some factions out there. Fire is resistance based so the defense debuff does not hurt (as much) and Focused Accuracy allows to ignore the blinds. Consume allows to pass on the woes of the Mu for the most part.
  12. The trick is not being passive. I find my teams (granted, not all times) by advertising what I am going to do and asking if someone wants to join. Asking instead to join existing teams is iffy. I don't invite people who state they are looking for group since I don't know what they are in the mood for or how much time they have, or if they are interested in the content I am running. There is also the fact that TFs and Ouroboros field trips do not allow to invite once the journey has started. So basically do make an effort to make your own teams: '/lfg Running missions arcs at level 30, anyone is welcome to join' '/lfg Going to run a Synapse TF. Who wants in?'
  13. Sovera


    On a Scrapper? Claws, TW, Savage, Radiation Melee. Claws might not put our ridiculous numbers but once you're at a point of chaining Follow-up, Shockwave and Spin without gaps we can't argue that things haven't been blended. Radiation Melee is beastly in a passive AoE sort of way with a 100% procced out Irradiated Ground killing the surrounding pack while we're killing a boss. On a Stalker? Mostly Savage but honorable mention to Ice with the amazing Frost and the T9 Icey Aura thingy. People talk about Electric melee a lot but I don't see it. A mininuke every 30 seconds and a 3 second animation Thunderstrike pale before non stop blending but that's true for everything, Frost and Icy aura and etc.
  14. Yes, it's a common bug. Where you can just exit the mission and enter it again (usually the NPC/portal where you spawn at the start. If all else fails close CoH (but do not leave the TF) and come back).
  15. Rad Armor or Elec Armor. I'd suggest Dark Armor as well since it marries very well with Staff and is nearly a classic. None of these will really be 'fast' though, but Staff gives near 34% slash and melee defense all by itself (no uniques, no set bonuses, no Maneuvers. So at level 3 with both 3% defense uniques it can be at 40% slash and melee o_o; but it does require using Guarded Spin three times for this to happen) which goes very well with resistance sets who have no defense. Pairing Staff with defense sets is a bit of a miss in my opinion. Defense + defense is not adding much to a character. Possibly Staff + Bio Armor to help Staff's low damage. Staff helps (tremendously) with Bio's lack of S/L defense and the lack of defense debuff resistance (by adding lots and lots of defense that needs to be shaved down by said debuffs). It will not help against defense debuffs that come from negative attacks though. Staff also adds resistances with Skysplitter at 3 combo which is something Bio struggles with as well. In exchange Bio brings a -res aura to increase the damage and +damage Adaptation for the same. This is needed since Staff damage is pretty mediocre. By leveraging Guarded Spin more procs can be added to attacks. Staff + Dark Armor would pair well for the same reason. It will possibly survive better since Dark Regeneration is obscene (plus one of the staff Forms is all about endurance reduction which Dark Armor needs) and the defense hole is patched by Guarded Spin stacks. It also has substantial psi resists. But Dark brings nothing to help Staff middling damage so take that into consideration. Since you're thinking Scrapper consider Stalker instead. Near same gameplay (Stalkers can and should be played as Scrappers) at the expense of an agro aura (which does allow enemies to run away once at low HP) but Assassin's Strike helps a -lot- by filling Staff's single target damage.
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