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  1. The -KB is stronger than ever thanks to Evasive Maneuvers. A single one is now enough to counter a Pylon's KB. The slow resist on the MA version isn't as good since the exotic slotting took away from using the usual culprits responsible for -slow, but on the other hand it is harder to land -recharge hits through 45% defense.
  2. Resists are capped, defense is softcapped, all attacks are softcapped to hit +3 and close to or in the yellow ED range for damage, Hasten is at 15 ish seconds from being perma. I'm not sure what else I could chase other than further shaving those 15 seconds down or adding more defense for cascading failure. I've even made a version with Fold Space but had to drop Fly so I didn't use it. Perhaps in a world where we did not have the holy trinity of HastenFightingLeadership, but since we are somewhat stuck with those choices the only free choice is what travel power to pick.
  3. Sovera


    I wasn't even aware of that dumb PvP rule bleeding all over my PvE.
  4. Definitely skip. The real power of Taunt is not actually taunting but rather the -100% range debuff. This acts like a sort of mini Fold Space in that ranged mobs will come running to melee. But even this is of dubious utility IMO since just breaking line of sight achieves the same or people will just kill all mobs regardless. In a different CoH version where we got all mobs in a spawn replaced by bosses then yes, I might advocate towards Taunt more since these would be a lot more dangerous and more control would be good. But. In the current CoH? One or two bosses, two or three lieu
  5. I'll answer this in good faith as one who tends to SPEED: because there is not much content in the game and most of us have done TFs for the 500th time on our 500th alt. That means if I have a mission which is 'find a computer' I don't feel a compelling need to fight everything trying to find the computer. The next mission will be a kill all anyway and we will engage in acts of mayhem regardless. Most of the time I just encourage someone to go look for said computer while I engage in mayhem to collect XP with the rest of the team. I completely understand your point of v
  6. Sovera


    I find interesting to see Icy Bastion drooled on so much when it doesn't seem particularly interesting to me. Resistances are fine and all but what tends to kill people are a massive case of the debuffs to which Icy Bastion doesn't really do much about. Now a full heal (ok, it takes a few seconds to get to full) I can pop every one minute (not every three minutes), and not just that, but it cleanses debuffs (in the sense we can huddle in and let the debuff wear off) and a great panic button (complete and utter invulnerability)? With no crash? And it refills endurance? D
  7. Reichman does not require the trinity. It is one of the few TFs in the game that -does- require a few team slots dedicated just for him. Just like Lady Grey's TF -must- have Controllers or the team stalls so does Reichman nearly demands the team leader being savvy in bringing something that can debuff it efficiently (and the knowledge to run the TF at whatever difficulty they want, but do the last mission at +0 if they want to save themselves a lot of time).
  8. I don't know. Sounds like a newbie team more than the worse Synapse ever in history. The truth is that if you can be the glue of the team then things will work much better than expecting others (newbies as it appears that team was) to just know things. Bring TT instead of expecting others to have it. Say you're going to use it before the mission ends. Get mission transporter and ATT so you can scoop everyone up in things like Bertha's mission that can be in the the africas. Bring your own stealth IO into Sprint if you intend to run past mobs. Replenish purp
  9. That as well. But mostly we -are- trading defense for offense so we are squishier. I'm not selling snake oil. Want to be uber impervious? Roll invuln. Want to trade uber imperviousness for damage? Fire Armor. In a world without Barrier this would be pretty dangerous (and can still be in the AE with purpose tailored mobs to mess with players), but playing with just 40% defense is fine until push comes to shove and then Barrier can be relied on to survive a difficult moment. 90% of the content is just easy. Incarnate content such as you mentioned comes usually with a league and that
  10. Getting super good defenses/resistances/recharge/etc in a low level is complicated. I will preface it by saying that emphasis in accuracy is not something that particularly needs to be chased after. We are fighting +0. Tweak your Mids to +0 (I believe it's 75%) and even exemplared down we should be safely in range considering some of the heftier accuracy bonuses that do not go away such as the purple sets. The best way to mimic exemplaring (since Mids does not at a baseline) is changing 'level of enhancements' to the level you'll be exemplared to. Without shields (and e
  11. People still run radio missions? No, seriously. They were my bread and butter back on Issue 7 to 13-14, but in the two years I've been in HC I don't think I've run enough radio missions to need more than one hand to count them. A radio mission only gives XP. A Task Force gives XP and merits. But you do you. That said, yes, the post history is a bit cringy. I'm sure everyone is evil and mean and forced the OP to delete all their characters and change their global. It has absolutely nothing to do with the OP at all. Just a mean server. I'm sure.
  12. No need to toggle off Hover before dropping Burn. Just hug the floor before activating. I have Hover on all characters and Burn goes off without a problem.
  13. Absolutely nothing has changed for sentinels since that oldie (muh first guide evah).
  14. But Snarky, the guy said he was going to run it at +3 or +4. If you say 'If you run this at +3 or +4 I'm not doing it' and they insist then you leave. He stated his terms, you state yours.
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