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  1. Overall I would say a character just for soloing I'd make a Rad/Bio (I actually do have one). The heal from Radiation Siphon is just nuts and Irradiated Ground ensures it is up often. 300 HP every few seconds tops health very easily when it matters which is hard fights. Easy fights are just a blur of AoE. The rest of the time it's all on Ablative or DNA Siphon, the swiss knife skill.
  2. The quartermasters do not sell insps (only SOs), but all the others you've mentioned do and are great choices. I didn't want a human nurse in my base but the Combat Log was *perfect*. Kudos!
  3. You might want to check that you have the latest Hero Designer from here. I'm going to assume to mean the last iteration of the build, so Shockwave has the other three Superior Brute's Fury + Sudden Acceleration KB >KD + Force Feedback proc + Javelin's Volley acc/dmg/end/rech boosted to +5.
  4. There are plenty of /Bio builds out there that you can grab one and just substitute the primary. I can't tell you the best attacks or rotation for FM but, again, hunt for a FM guide and mash the two together.
  5. Sovera

    Best Brute?

    /Bio tends to be stupid since it's super survival on top of being an offense oriented set. I'm currently playing a Claws/Bio which exemps really well and has an early AoE. I have the build on the forums. Rad melee is also pretty fun while being stupidly survivable on account of the passive healng in Radiation Siphon that, on my Scrapper, healed for 300 HP. It also mitigates the lack of early AoE (it only has the 'real' AoE at 32) by having the Contaminated splash damage mechanic and Irradiated Ground that actually does more damage than a regular damage aura since A) it does not require accuracy, B) takes in a LOT of damage procs (in fact the usual slotting for it is six procs), and finally, C) it drops a patch on the ground every 5 seconds giving it double the value. Resist based armor sets are pretty good too but I never played one so I can't tell you more about them.
  6. While it's not actually solo what I like the most is duoing stuff. Solo itself is dull and repetitive. And in the case of finding glowies even worse. But duo we can chat and split up to find glowies and go woooo when we win. Nothing stops a full team and that makes it as interesting as the RP events where the leader did not take in consideration a possible loss so everything is railroaded into finishing ez pz. With the memorable exception of doing Market Crash with under leveled characters, as a +3, which we slogged through *slowly* and losing one person along the way, and when reaching the giant robot we wipe three times and the team disbands (after trickling back one by one and engaging the fight making them be defeated one by one).
  7. We need more insp sellers. I've been running to the hospital each time I want to stock up. Why do the guys around miss Liberty stop stelling insps at level 20? Or the NPC we can put in the base?
  8. Slight update. Messed with things, lost some resistance, gained some recharge, picked up Slash for the -res, patched the (small) negative hole, threw the second ATO proc into the aura so it goes off on its own. Had to mule a Kinetic Combat *disgusted shudder*. This one is definitely a level 50 build as Slash's longer cooldown only really fits in with all the recharge in place otherwise there will be big gaps. So the advice is still to level with Strike, Focus and Follow-Up. Did a Posi 1 and the build felt slow as molasses so shifted things around to get Hasten much earlier, but this is not strictly necessary as I just want to be extremely exemp friendly with this build (it's my favorite so far even if lacking the big oomph of my Rad Scrapper doing Fusion + Gaussian proc + Devastating Blow + Scrapper crit).
  9. I asked on chat but other than a laconic 'badges' none seemed interested in answering. There are winter lords chasings, baby farms, etc, but what *are* the rewards for doing wintery stuff?
  10. I'm rather pleased with this combo and despite nor breaking any new ground I felt like it can be of use in case of someone is looking for this particular combo. I like it quite a bit because we get an early PbAoE which tides us over until 32 (something Super Strength definitely could use) while boasting of something I also really like which is short animations. No big wind-ups for two and a half seconds while we watch the mob we were targeting be killed by someone else. It also boasts of a complete AoE chain that fits my second criteria of 'things I really like' which is not being forced to do single target attacks while surrounded by enemies since my AoEs are recharging. At end level I can Follow Up for the damage boost, then Spin, Shockwave, Lightning Ball, Electrifying Fences, and start again. Incidentally floating on top of mobs (instead of in the middle of them) allows us to do the whole AoE rotation including Spin and Shockwave (with Shockwave behaving like a PbAoE) without need for repositioning. There is a lot of soft CC in the form of KD happening. Focus has a chance for it, Shockwave does it 100% of the time, Spin has a chance to, Ball Lightning same. It also exemps pretty well even down to Posi 1 since it still gets the full attack chain and the AoE. Unlike SS which boom, goes back to single targetting everything. Sad. Why Brute instead of Scrapper? I want extra AoEs and Fury boosts their damage which a Scrapper's crit does not do (crits are only for primaries). I don't really find myself in a lot of scenarios where the Scrappers better ST damage matter to me, where I do spend 90% of my time in AoE situations. I also aimed at 40% defense to everything to let Barrier take care of the last 5%. Claw's low endurance and fast recharging costs plays well with this approach allowing to ignore Ageless. Hasten is a fair bit off being perma but we hardly need it. Both Focus and Shockwave have a FF proc to speed things up but don't get too excited about them since the short CD plus short animation plus slotted recharge makes the chance of them proccing low. Still, we hit fast and lots of times so why not have them slotted? Everything has been calculated (though there is always room for improvement). The general sloting + the Kismet + one use of Follow-up leaves the build at 90-95% hit chance against +3 which is where our first level shift leaves us. The Fury proc would have sat better in the aura, but I had no real place to slot the six Unrelenting Fury and not mess the other set bonus. As a compromise I placed it in Follow-Up which will always be used be it in in ST or AoE. ST rotation is Follow-Up, Strike, Focus and then play whack a mole to which of the three is back up. After level 32 and while our slotting is not firmly in place Shockwave can help with any gaps though it is more endurance expensive. Downsides of the build? We don't get to crow about omfgdidyouseethatchunkofHPIjustdeletedoffthatboss!? and we do a *lot* of small hits which means we might need to hit something twice as much as someone who is doing slow ponderous crushing moves. This suits me though, I like doing small hits and not have huge wind-up moves that animation lock me in place. Slash resistant mobs are noticeably slower to take down as well. Robots and Wolves from Council needs more hits. This is what I am using. I have a small hole in Negative damage but decided to ignore it. Cheapo build. No particular effort has been to patch all the holes since it's an interrim/leveling build. Do not start with the build or it will be painful. I recommend to take Swipe until level 18 and then respec out of it and get Inexaustible. I would also place an extra generic recharge IO in Spin (and the other attacks) at least until Hasten is picked otherwise there will be large gaps before we get all the slotting in place. I'm currently 31 and no longer have those big gaps between all the recharge set bonus and Hasten.
  11. Others here have said that they managed it though. All a matter of blocking LoS until the -HP debuff has passed or somesuch.
  12. Funny enough I just come from raging against Market Crash's last boss. It always has a 22.5% chance to hit. I thought it was due to some incarnate shiz, but not, after loading up on purples ON TOP of my softcap it still had 22.5%. I then tried loading up on oranges but despite lasting longer I still got two shot eventually. I was unaware of the -HP since I've messed with my buff icons and it doesn't show. It made me so disgusted with my Sentinel, which frankly I had been eyeing sideways for a while, that I feel I'll just ditch it and go back to something that actually does damage like a scrapper.
  13. Remember you can swap the animation from breath to a palm attack.
  14. This is my experience leveling a Sentinel after all these months of playing one all the time (I have something like 28 saved builds for Sentinels compared to 4 builds for scrappers, 3 Blasters, 5 Controllers, etc). And this is leveraging my understanding of procs and each attack having two, no recharge, etc. I pity the regular players leveling a Sentinel without the experience to load up on damage procs to help what frankly feels like anemic damage.
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