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  1. Yeah, I found it last night. I even replied to it. It seems pretty similar to what I have (be still in a place for a while). Last night I did all the steps from disabling superfecth to NDU. I'll report on how it goes.
  2. I was shooting the breeze about this with Bill and basically I think that resistance based sets are simply screwed in the grand scheme of things. Defense debuff is too prevalent. It does not mean it is hopeless and omg delete all your resistance based characters. But they kinda are screwed. When we talk of Super Reflexes being screwed we talk of basically, what? Ruluuru? Ignoring defense? But everything and their granny does defense debuffs. Tsoo do some, Cimerorians do lots, Banished Pantheon do, Knives do, Crey does. Heck, even Family does. It is not a tremendous concern for regular teaming since we melt everything in our path but it is felt in solo mode where we are the focus of everyone and things die more slowly Hybrid sets end being near immortal thanks to their incorporated DDR. Invul tops by far the scale with both DDR and scaling defenses so when it needs defense because surrounded is when it has it. Shield comes second as a pretty decent all-rounder who also boasts of DDR, plus defense, plus decent resists. Super Reflexes on a tank is probably fine even against Ruluuru (never made one so someone correct me) due to how their resists work.
  3. It actually feels like an interesting ironman challenge. Not something I'd do on HC, but soloing stuff that rewards merits and purchasing the recipes/converting could be a nice long term plan.
  4. This is no longer pinned. Useful information though and it might well be related to my own problems when staying in one map for a long period of time.
  5. Tried removing Videot. Two crashes more at separate times while at Pocket D.
  6. Not sure if the extra tests will really add much in my humble opinion. The tests are already of just academic value since we are not in the habit of jumping into the middle of enemies and then AFK. That some sets are able to do this with impunity is good to know but the info was not really that surprising (granite armor first :D). And once we start adding secondaries, welp. The ultimate 'tough test' ends being soloing the 801 series. That's the full monty. Perhaps a no incarnate rule (which would put me out right away since I need Barrier to get past the ever present defense debuffing) and/or inspiration use.
  7. You probably have Offensive Adaptation not turned on and Evolving Armor with 10 targets, @Erratic1
  8. On one hand, completely correct. On the other toxic damage is not -that- prevalent to make tailoring a build around it worth the slots. IMO.
  9. It's been a long standing request to see if we could increase dumping 100 merits at a time in the AH, but, welp.
  10. There are some set bonuses that also are -KB but IMO not truly useful. Only one -KB IO really isn't enough but I'm too slot starved to slot more. But hits need to happen for KB to happen so a solid defense to at least S/L makes just one KB IO bearable. I suggest the Blessing of the Zephyr into whatever travel power you are using since you have that native slot.
  11. Something like this I guess. You should be fine on endurance with just DNA Siphon for regular play and Recovery Serums for long single target fights. Otherwise it can be subbed for Inexhaustible and shuffle defenses. Resistances aren't great but it's hard to fit everything. I'm sure S/L could be raised to 90% but it's already pretty close (76% with one stack of tanker proc in Smite, 82% with two. 87% with Barrier. A third stack is unreliable but should happen). Do use Barrier to finish capping defense. For most of the game you won't need to use it on CD, but when you're in trouble it both serves as a panic button for you and team as well as the last 5% to get 45% to most things. With three heals (DNA Siphon counts for regular gameplay) you should be fine. Shadow Punch is only there to level or exemplar with. Later on it should be Midnight Grasp, Smite, Siphon, Smite, Midnight Grasp.
  12. I have gone through these math (not myself, ow, I'm not a math person) explanations in the past. What I wanted was to test the result. I actually did not post them in here but laid the testing somewhere else. I don't even claim I followed the right methodology or anything. Things like 'super simple difference in HP subtraction' may not even be appropriate for the test. But they were consistent in a 5-8% range. Now that is still multiplied by a full team and thus worth to have slotted. At least in spreadsheet terms. I find that in actual gameplay things die too fast. Even AVs. But this part is a personal opinion and I hope I made that visible so other players don't take it as gospel.
  13. This has started again. Unfortunately I received no help last time I posted here but I will try again. So, this stopped happening after I re-installed Windows 10, re-installed CoH and did not add the mods I had installed. I mostly had no problems until recently where I did a fresh re-install of Windows and re-installed CoH, but this time added a bunch of mods such a sound replacers and Videot. I'm honestly leaning towards Videot being the source of the problem here but I sure would like to -know-. Just like before I can play for hours coming in and out of missions and TFs and never once crash. Then I go to my base to RP or show it off and poof, crash. Relog, apologize, continue. Poof crash. Literally two minutes later. I don't know if this is of any help but I'll leave the crash logs from the back to back crashes.
  14. All the time for the defense and 3D mobility both. 'Jet Pack' from the P2W vendor is free and provides a 30 second boost that takes Hover to Fly speeds. It's very useful to go from pack to pack.
  15. Oh yeah. I get pretty pissy. Furthermore all the deaths in DA were avoidable which double pissy me, but that I blame on the lack of difficult content outside of DA that left me fat and happy. Gotta be lean and hungry to play FA.
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