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  1. I have a new quote (I'll add it when I finish the Fire/Fire guide): - Random person in my team, "Who is using a baby seal to hit the bad guys?'
  2. I'm on Everlasting. As a rule I see these being used. And just like me people tire of having to answer what level it is so they tend to append the minimum level to it. There was a time I even added the usual time to finish it.
  3. Just the desire to argue over the internet. It's a common thing to have this part of the forums with several knights in shining armor ready to defend the helpless suffering game from the big mean players who want to bully it. With, say, NPCs saying something when we get close, or asking for a P2W option to refuse salvage. In both cases some players will rear up with their staves and shout thou salt not pass!! And in both cases a variation of the mechanic already exists. If we are hunting a boss that needs to be arrested it will speak when we get close to it. AVs in missions, named bosses, etc, we get close and they spout a text blurb. In the case of refusing salvage the P2W already has that option but for recipes instead of salvage. In both cases players come to the rescue saying how this would dilute the experience. I'll tell you what experience would be diluted. It was me doing Moonfire with a team and suddenly getting -hit- by how before Ouro portals and base macros we were expected to be in Striga. Fly to the boat. Loading screen into Talos. Fly to the tram. Loading screen into Skyway. Fly to the NPC. FedEx a message to it. Fly back to the tram. Loading screen into Talos. Fly to the ship. Loading screen into Striga. Fly to mission. Don't get me started on Citadel's IP/Talos Ping-pong or Numina's lets-go-chase-grey-mobs-for-ten-missions-all-over-the-world.
  4. The new SM is amazeballs though. At least IMO. Good enough to be the only AoE of the character even. I do wish this happened to all cones since as a rule they are so crap no meleer touches them when possible.
  5. There are so few fire/claws tankers out there I was on my other account and someone says to me: 'You've Sovera over the forums, right?' 'Yeah. How did you guess?' 'You are playing a Fire/Claws and your guide was cheering about them' 😄
  6. I remember starting over when HC came out after the big brouhaha of Leo's secret server came out. At the time I was very interested in Sentinels and the forums were so brand spanking new they had 1-2 pages, so, of course, no guides. After lots of dithering I was like, welp, I used to do these a decade ago so lets get back to it. And I was so rusty, god, of course I didn't remember all the tips and tricks and combos. Looking back at my first posted builds I cringe at the clunky way I threw things together 😄
  7. There are no cons I can think of other than Ice Melee not being super strong in terms of damage. But it's not terribad either (just avoid greater ice sword IMO 😄). Frost is a bit annoying in how it is a cone which is never very good for melee, but it is a -wide- cone so you can use Hover (or jump) and turn it an PbAoE by stint of aiming it down. Ice Patch is a great skill for a breather though you'll grown out of it by the 30s as your defenses solidify and soon realize you don't need it.... UNTIL YOU SUDDENLY DO! Being a one slot wonder there is zero reason not to grab it though. 90% of the time you won't need it, and then the last 10% you'll enjoy the breathing space the flopping provides. Your build seems solid but could do with refining. - You're chasing S/L resistance bonuses in Death Shroud despite already being overcapped by 8% with a single ATO stack (each stack is 6.7% and goes up to three stacks, but two stacks are the most reliable). - You don't have Frost slotted. Ow. It's your bread and butter AoE skill, man. - Freezing Touch is your hardest hitting skill bar none, and it can take -two- purple procs. You need to pamper it, not turn it into a mule. You basically open with this and everything else is a filler until it's back up. With the new slotting Mids shows it going from 369 to 494. - I tried not to touch your power choices too much but consider that Frozen Aura recharging in 6.5 seconds and Frost in 3.5 seconds you should be well off in the AoE without needing to dip into MU. You could go for Energy instead. You could also trade SS or SJ (or Taunt, blasphemy!) for Assault. - I just picked Musculature for the Alpha but you do you. You might want Ageless for your Destiny for endurance though I would prefer Barrier myself (finish softcaping S/L defense to 45%, another 5% resists also gives wiggle room, and in the end I just find Barrier a good panic button when things go sour) and just work the endurance woes with the core build (and P2W Recovery Serums if need be, they only cost 10k a charge). The build could do with better tweaks still but I'm off to lunch: - Freezing Touch is not the best place for the ATO proc since if you exemplar down too much that you can't use FT then you won't get use from it. But using a Kinetic Combat would be making FT a disservice. - More energy resists could be found. - There are still too much S/L resists.
  8. Uber necro, but for those who read this, the last boss does a -HP debuff that stacks. So the trick to defeating it is monitoring your HP. Once it gets too low (I usually stop at 800 HP) break line of sight and bounce around until the debuff ends and your HP recovers. It's pretty much -the- reason people cannot pass this boss is not knowing this and continuing to face tank it until they get to something like 200 HP and then they get killed.
  9. I feel like I am abusing your goodwill with this, but, have you found or are willing to find Fire Sword and Fire Sword Circle from the Tankers? It... it screams. Literally. Every three seconds I use the Fire Sword, and it screams, every three seconds. Who thought this was a good idea? And Fire Sword Circle does the same! Also, bless you for the Hasten change. So very welcomed.
  10. Sovera

    Rad or Invuln

    It does not really matter. People who want to do it can do it. Using Lores against pylons or P2W buffs. Perfectly fine. The only thing that matters is not 'cheating' in the same way kids will use aimbots in an FPS game for... reasons (I tried asking my brother who extensively plays FPS games what is gained from using cheats that play the game, in a game that has no rewards and is played for the sake of playing. He said it was for the adulation and passing as a good player). As long as we don't have things like someone coming happy to say how they got a two minute run with a build, and someone else comes to brag how they did it in one minute, but does not mention they had amplifiers and clicked Hybrid, then that is fine. Basically just use amplifiers, and hybrids, and lores, but simply jot it down when putting down the times. It's not a competition, we're trying to learn from each other.
  11. Sovera

    Rad or Invuln

    For once I have to agree. I may or may not agree with the rest, but this part yeah. P2W is nice though. Doing AE missions with mobs that feared I got through my emergency breakfrees and eventually bought an hour of the Defense Amplifier to get rid of it. But it's too expensive for me to use all the time. *sits on 1.3b raw inf not accounting for what is in the SG bins and slotted on other characters*
  12. The only reason to use the Kismet is if the attacks don't have enough accuracy to hit +3 enemies. A quick glance shows that only Bone Smasher is at 87% to hit an enemy and everything else is over the 95% cap.
  13. You bring back the 'nightmare' that was leveling my first MA Brute. Imagine going through well, everything, but mostly Synapse. And have to kill... everything... by ST... even the little clocks that spawn after defeating a boss.
  14. I'd like to like Fire Melee on my Fire Armor tank. But A) Combustion does not compare to Spin (like lol), B) What is Fire Breath even doing in existence? Does anyone even use this? It's from a range set and not even the hop tactic makes its use palatable. Why isn't Greater Fire Circle in its place instead of 28? and C) it is in no way or shape an interesting set. No CC, no place to slot a FF proc without dipping into pools, lengthy animations, DoT attacks. Seriously, it seems to be fully accounted around the fact it is 'meant' to be played with Fire Armor in order to get Fiery Embrace boosting it. Which is its problem at the core. Since FE will boost it it cannot have speedy animations and 'good' attacks because FE will propel them. So like Psi Melee gets lower damage because Insight is not free damage but rather an equalizer, Fire Melee suffers from that FE tax.
  15. Yes please. Spent 10 minutes with friend roaming the map looking for the guy. Even spamming a macro with his name didn't help. We ended killing the whole map clean of NPCs (fortunately we had it at -1 to speed it up since it was for the accolade) and we -finally- found the guy hiding in a corner of the map that somehow protected him from being noticed by the macro. Yes. I am sure this is the sort of riveting gameplay that makes the game fun for the naysayers above.
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