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  1. This allows to slot the defense IOs into Enforcers and etc. Dump Pines/Mids as they were prototypes for Hero Designer.
  2. Great news. I wish it had been a bit more apparent though. Or just easier to find. But Bopper to the rescue!
  3. An off-shot question. A Force Feedback: chance for recharge, does it work on KB/KD immune targets? Does it only go off the animation happen? Does it happen if the KB/KD chance happen even if the target's immunity then prevents the animation from happening?
  4. You should check the builds already posted on the forums then. The AoE Beast doesn't, for example.
  5. As long as they match my T9 it's fine. I just pop it before my nuke for more nuke on my nuke. But yeah, otherwise all my builds only take Aim at level 30 for that reason, it's the only time I feel worth using it.
  6. Can't they? There is a chat saving option in the Windows option. Slotting procs into glue attacks and stuff is just hmmm for me. I mean, perhaps as a filler. But as rule if I'm AoEing something I'm throwing damage AoEs, not CCs. Controllers, sure, it is their job to throw CC and the ones playing controllers relish it.
  7. Storm does a bunch of damage. Thugs does a bunch of damage. You puts thugs and storm together and they do bunches of damage.
  8. Try the latest and dispose of the Pines/Mids prototypes:
  9. Just go to options, Effects and Math, then click on whatever you feel needed. I personally have it as: attacked, hit by foe, activate attack click and damaged. This suppresses the out-of-combat effects of most things like Stealth and Hide.
  10. How is AoE handled on a StJ? It seems like the one AoE the set has is an 8y radius thing and it always puzzles me how an AoE game as CoH is actually played by seemingly non AoE sets.
  11. I have tested an Enflame variant considering the brouhaha it brought up in the controllerverse, but I saw no improvement. The rotation went without a hitch and no endurance woes back with the thunderstrike slotting, but 4:26 with T4 Ageless running. Perhaps my Enflame slotting wasn't the best and I should add moar procs, moar! The reason I feel that the quadruple proc version did not do much was that with the endurance clicks it stole clicks that could have been damage clicks. Not that this is a problem for regular play since we don't do 5 minute DPS check fights where every click matters, but for the price of 50++ HAMI-Os plus a quadruple proc and obtain the same results as a simpler and cheaper triple proc with thunderstrikes, then no.
  12. I also tried @Knottewe slotting just in case there was gold lurking in there (two 50++ Acc/Dmg HO and four procs), but since we lack a fourth damage proc I slotted Achille's Heel in the other attacks and a Decimation chance of Build-Up in Proton Stream. This of course added little more than more theoretical upkeep on Achille's Heel. Not having any end reduction slotted was immediately noticeable as the passive recovery + Defensive Opportunity could not keep up, but it wasn't a problem since the endurance clicky of Ninjutsu kept things stable. Hasten also took a dip to 132 seconds so I used Ageless in the testing... but only got 3:49 seconds. An improvement for sure but not one I would chase. It would be a different matter if I could finagle a fourth damage proc but I couldn't find one. Non damaging procs are a possibility though. the Winter's -recharge and slow is a defensive option as well as the -ToHit but.... Does SNBR track Decimation procs? Someone tested with a T1 and it apparently seldomly procced, which is why I tossed it at Proton Stream also thinking f it feeding Atomic Blasts. Edit: Post breakfast thinking about slotting in four procs. Now fed I can see I could have swapped Apocalypse to Cosmic Burst instead of a third -res. Also, Cosmic Burst could take the Gladiator's Fury -res and that being replaced by any of the damage procs in Atomic Blast. Apocalypse in X-Ray Beam feels like a waste though but it can be easy to test in justin: Proton Stream: Javelin proc, Touch of Lady Grey proc, Achile's -res proc, Decimation proc. Cosmic burst: Shieldbreaker proc, Touch of Lady Grey proc, Javellin's proc, Apocalypse/X? X-Ray Beam: Shieldbreaker proc, Touch of Lady Grey proc, Javelin's proc, Apocalypse/X? This is definitely entering pylon killing chasing territory though. For regular play I would not advise -res procs in our hardest hitting hitter, or Apocalypse in our weakest attack. When do we even hit the same target for four minutes at a time? Regular play is about burst and we would want our Proton Stream to kill a mob instead of it surviving debuffed but with a sliver of HP and requiring a second skill to finish killing.
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