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  1. This is just a bit of idle conversation. I adore my Claws/Bio Scrapper but I've been thinking about trying something with Ice Armor for a while now. The basic precept is that icy Bastion rocks and I want it. When in need of a heal pop it and the maxed resistances coupled with tremendous regen will just keep me safe for the next 30 seconds leaving me with one minute CD. I can use Barrier if I need another breather during that cooldown and have Hoarfrost for emergency heals. I have a hard time overlooking Bio's extra damage, but the ease of slotting means I could add more damage procs that would partly compensate for its lack. My original thought was DM/Ice Stalker though. I get Siphon life to top HP, Stalker adds big burst damage with AS and I can skip the slow animation of MG for AS, Siphon, Smite, Shadow Punch. It does force me to go for Mu for a second AoE where Claws is self-contained. Perhaps Ice/Ice Stalker? Ice melee is good on it, and it gets Ice Patch for bad moments though Shockwave achieves the same on the Scrapper.
  2. Well, I've given different examples where using Parasitic Aura did nothing. I've used it proactively (as in, full HP and as an opening move when surrounded by enemies) and the results are the same. The 'maxed regen' happens if we hit 10 mobs but it does very little. We just seem to have had different experiences. As for the recharge it's not a problem. Unlike DDR we can use IOs to patch recharge debuffs. This build has 90% resistance to them, for example. I believe the cap is 95%.
  3. This is exactly what happens with me! I'll be playing and die. 'Grumble grumble. I wouldn't die if I was on X'. So I start playing X. A week passes, no deaths, but at some point, 'good god, that took so long whittling those guys. It would have gone so much faster on Y', so I pick up. Y. A week later... Currently and though a new addition I don't see my playing any other Tanker than my little Rad/MA. The ST damage is sort of painful with 200-ish for my 'hard' hitters, but makes up for that with a torrent of *wide* AoEs. Dragon Tail, Electric Fences, Ball Lightning, Dragon Tail. Gap, fill with Storm kick for the 10% defense. START AOE ALL OVER AGAIN! I *adore* my Claws/Bio Scrapper for damage. And weirdly enough I never play it. It's what I use to powerlevel my new alts to 22-23 before they start TFing and it's so much more satisfying than using my Fire Armor tank for it. Have the Critical ATO proc go up, fit both Shockwave and Spin in its duration, see a *flood* of CRITICAL DAMAGE! and spawns melting. The ST feels damn good too. And to top it I had an inflated view of Bio Armor being super good for survival until I made other Bio Armor characters and realized I thought so because Shockwave/Focus kept mobs on their ass while I tore them apart.
  4. My man, are you even taking time to breathe and sleep? Dare I say play the game? You seem to be breathing and eating this project.
  5. I just come from running tips with a friend set +3x8 and bloody hell, damn Carnies. SO SLOW! And I actually had to kite a few times and eat insps because they debuffed so bad. But the slowness, intolerably. They were an underslotted dom between us it was like watching paint dry trying to whittle the illusionists between phase shifts.
  6. Yes, it's how I have mine set as well. Though only for +3.
  7. That's been removed in the tanker patch. Are you sure about the accuracy thing? Because with each incarnate level shift their con drops to us. I looked it up but couldn't find a source about the accuracy thing to say either way. I've done incarnate content with 45% defense and I'll be honest I did not notice the difference. If it's a full team of incarnates, then incarnate content or not it just melts. Your basis is still 90% resists and defense just a layer. As for the Barrier remark, context, man. You're trying to reach 59%. 5% allows to juggle your slotting. Juggling the ATO proc also means you can juggle your resists and move slots around since you know you can depend at *least* on 14% resists from two stacks of the ATO. With Barrier you know you can depend on 19% resists. That means you can play with your slotting, ease on some bonuses, aim for others. I've personally removed Assault from the original build to grab Taunt. It's a fat 15% damage to all but Taunt is almost solely for Tinpex and pulling Battle Maiden from the blue circles.
  8. Always and all the time. From the moment Musculature reaches T3 my difficulty slider never again budges. Edit: Except if exemplaring and starting a TF. Then of course not, poor lowbies I might be playing with.
  9. Sovera

    Best Brute

    Definitely roll a Claws/Bio ....Scrapper. *flees the Brute forums!!*
  10. I've had that here. We were talking about the base macro and his whole answer to my post was 'alright, cheater' or something like it. I called him an idiot, post got purged, got a warning, his post calling me a cheater is still there 😄
  11. Sovera


    Out of curiosity and while we're at it, is there anything else you'd like for everyone to change to accomodate you?
  12. - You've broken the 45% defense to melee/ranged/AoE and I am not sure what you've gained in return. - You've also lost the 1-2 damage procs per attack to help with the damage. - You've also lost the two extra AoEs to help with killage and I'm not sure again what you've gained in return? The faster you kill the less time you're being hit. - You can also pretty much coast through leveling and even the end-game on Radiation Therapy alone with Particle Shielding either for those hard moments or for extra endurance. Turning Radiation Therapy into a proc bomb instead is a bold strategy, though I know some people do the same with Dark Regeneration. - You have way too much resistance already. You should read the original post I link in the OP that leads to the Elec/MA build where I go more in-depth about resistances and the Superior Might of the Tanker stacks. Basically the first time you hit Thunder kick you'll be overcapped, which makes the second and third stack useless. You have an amazing 15% resistances-across-the-board ATO and you should aim, IMO, in leveraging it. Considering how Storm Kick should be something you will spam for the defense the ATO really should be in there. Thunder kick is not necessary for the Crippling Axe Kick, Storm Kick, Crane Kick, Storm Kick rotation. - You're overcapped on accuracy so Tactics does nothing for you. I can only speak for myself. But - Musculature 45%. (Hasten is at 130 seconds. With more mobs around (and when is a Tanker not surrounded by mobs?) this goes down. FF proc in Crane Kick and Dragon Tail Kick will also go off reliably. Hasten is plenty perma and past. Cardiac is not needed, Rad Armor overflows with Endurance since Radiation Therapy is the son of Dark Regen and Energy Drain, plus Gamma Boost, plus Particle Shielding. No, seriously, you'll be fine in Endurance.) - Degenerative. - Barrier (5% defense to finish reaching 45%, 5% res to all) - Assault. If my emphasis on extra AoEs and Incarnate choices seem all damage oriented that's because they are. The build is strong by itself and we don't need to go with the trope that a tank is a low damage impervious character. Now, all of this said, experimentation is healthy and it's super easy to respec in and out of stuff, so definitely try things, that's how new discoveries are made and not everyone's playstyle is suited for everyone else.
  13. Hmm, this is extremely useful to transfer empyreans, but I am unable to make it work despite copying the above macro. At first I thought it was the empyreans but it works if I use inf and still doesn't if I use white salvage. It works for inf: /emailsendattachment @sovera "Emp" 100 0 0 "HAX" It still works if I sent a mail without attachments or inf: /emailsendattachment @sovera "Emp" 0 0 0 "HAX" It works to send inspirations but only the first one. Changing the last number from 0 or 1 prevents it from working: /emailsendattachment @sovera "Emp" 0 2 0 "HAX" Trying to send salvage simply does not work. According to an old post in another server the salvage number starts from left to right so the very first ought to be sent: /emailsendattachment @sovera "Emp" 0 11 1 "HAX" Edit: Alright, we're getting somewhere! I had a lightbulb when I looked at the different tabs and saw how 'Inventions' had 172 but these did not include incarnate materials. I currently have six incarnate salvage materials and one white salvage for testing purposes. The white salvage shows as first in the time window, but, the macro only worked when I used /emailsendattachment @sovera "Emp" 0 11 6 "HAX" which means they are not ordered as we see them in the window. Neither the first, nor the seventh. So, what happened now is that the macro suddenly worked: /emailsendattachment @sovera "Emp" 0 11 2 "HAX" where previous it did nothing. The empyrean is actually third in line though, after the white salvage and an arcane cantrip common incarnate material. The macro now works and I have zero clue as to why. The only thing that happened was that I managed to send the white salvage and collected it back. TL;DR Sell all salvage first for ease of use. If you have (i.e.) 10 salvage left then try the numbers in increments and you'll get there. It's a bit of a hassle but once having figured it (the easiest way is to use the command in the chat and alter, and once satisfied it works then make a macro with it) it's a ton easier to transfer empyreans. In my case I had 56. 56 times clicking on mail, drag one empyrean merit, click on message body and press a random key was worth it this bit of investigation for the future.
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