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  1. Yet it's being used to create polls and discussions that lead to official decisions. There appears to be a disconnect here. I realize anyone can join if they know about it, but since you don't want everyone to know about it that makes it sound like the infamous smoke filled rooms in dirty real life politics. And hiding responses simply because they disagree with your decisions isn't a good look either. This process renders forum threads asking for feedback largely moot.
  2. They certainly are following through with their weird hate for Rune of Protection. This is a power that's not taken by a lot of people, and that even with these additional changes requires significant powers sacrifice in a pool that even with these changes is still lackluster or irrelevant for many squishies. Whichever spreadsheet jockey came up with this seems opposed to people making interesting decisions. In this case the decision has, up to now, been to sacrifice two mostly pointless powers to get one that will help a squishy character to survive a tough fight a bit better.
  3. There's a wide variety of player skill. Someone who's intimately familiar with Mids, and spends a bunch of time tweaking builds and IO'ing their characters to within an inch of their lives is going to have a much easier experience than someone who either doesn't know how to do that, doesn't care to do that, or doesn't have the in-game funds to implement their build. I think the question is a little broad. The experience on a team is going to be different from the experience solo, and both will differ based on level. So when we're talking difficulty, are we talking difficulty in a t
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