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  1. Would it be possible to move Back Alley Brawler somewhere more useful that sticking him on the backside of Atlas? Hasn't he suffered enough...doesn't he deserve better...don't you think he'd like a bigger role in shaping the heroes of tomorrow? How about inside the AP AE? I'm just guessing, so bear with me, but I bet there are more times that someone in AE wished there was a trainer there than out back in the warehouse district....just a hunch. 😉 Sure, sure Ms. Liberty is right down the street in front of City Hall, but she signed up for that spot. Poor BABs was dislocated from Gal
  2. SO glad to find this thread...I thought I might have been going crazy. I just knew I had seen them. And also, in my attempt to breach the FF going around the Ski Chalet, I discovered a Tardis on top of Pocket D.
  3. You might wanna try this one: /Macro WENT, "$$ Auctionhouse$$ Toggle Vault$$ Toggle Salvage$$ Toggle Recipes" Take a moment after you click it and organize the windows and you can have full Salvage/Recipe/Auction management something like what's in the picture. Another click of the macro closes them all.
  4. I have a Rad/Psi tank that I just got to 50. I'm about to respec her but I'm having trouble picking that last power. I'm satisfied with everything else I've chosen but I can't decide which is most beneficial between Hasten, Combat Jumping, Maneuvers or the T2 power I passed on earlier (Psi Blade) I have taken all the Rad abilities, and all but Boggle and Psi Blade in the Psionic Melee set. Kick, Tough and Weave were taken from the Fighting Pool and Flight. Focused Accuracy and Physical Perfection from Energy Mastery EPP. What say the masses? Thanks in advance!
  5. Let's say confidentiality instead of secrecy. 😉 We know how a single word on the forums can stir up memes of (alleged) Nemesis plots.
  6. Just a quick follow up for anyone that may run into this in the future. I had indeed hit "Quit TF" after I got the badge from the first of the Shining Star arcs instead of contacting Twinshot and letting the arc complete organically. This caused the flashback system to think I had not finished the arc and prevented the subsequent arcs from showing up in the flashback mission list.
  7. ~or~ Chicken Little could realize it was just an acorn that hit him on the head and the sky is, in fact, not falling.
  8. Thanks, Justaris! I'll go re-run the first mission. I thought I had completed it but maybe I jumped out a little too early after I got the badge. I certainly appreciate the advice!
  9. After hitting 50 I wanted to go back and clean up some badges that I rushed past and lately I've been trying to get the final two badges, Brightest Star & Supernova from the Twinshot missions. I found the first Shining Star arc in the Flashback system, but I cannot for the life of me find the other two. I've combed through the forums, dug through the wikis and typed every combination of search terms I could think of to find out, where...if even possible, can I get the remaining missions to acquire these final two badges. Now, I'm perfectly willing to admit maybe I've been looking so ha
  10. Good to see other Fellow Triumph-ians here! I'm hanging out on Excelsior these days. Ankha Ankha Nebu-Ka Winter Spice Wonder Spice Spice Imperious Spice Cadet OuterSpice Theta Spice Gingerbread Spice (Yes...the Spice MUST flow!) Splice Big Bad Wolf Florifica Ankhu And a number of sub-50 toons Good to be home again.
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