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  1. Really might want to take a look at the double stacked fire patches in Mercy Island (where the building is on fire) that do 16 ticks per 0.5 interval. I was averaging around 2 million damage received per hour if that helps. Calculations were posted in previous pages. This damage output is higher than what Rest can provide, it is not intended for solo damage farming. It required two dedicated single target heals spamming plus slotted Rest and a self heal on auto.
  2. That is awesome! How did you default the start up screen to the CoV background?
  3. I really like Costume 7, it looks awesome - but Costume 6 fits the theme of the CC more. Great submissions!
  4. Hanging out with the cool kids ...and the cool villains!
  5. A folk costume expresses an identity through costume, which is usually associated with a geographic area or a period of time in history. It can also indicate social, marital or religious status.
  6. I dunno, for your follow up attack after AS, there's that long animation time to deal with with your primary attacks. I usually go with the patron snipe unless the animation time for another power is shorter. Might wanna get that acc up there so you're not eating yellows before every set up. Stalkers are get in, get out. Focusing on the initial burst output and then adding "uh oh" powers and set bonuses is my philosophy. That translates to as high dmg + acc I can achieve then getting higher hp and other stuff.
  7. It didn't give me that impression. The rules for the contest are in the OP first post.
  8. Was given a similar mission, but it was given by Wes Schnabel and titled "Defeat Archon Archon Assunta and his crew" in Kings Row.
  9. I know of the three remaining Incarnate badges for their respective unlocks, disabled AE badges, Promethean if you don't exchange for reward, Bug Hunter, April Fools (though I struggled to unlock this permanent, even on my private server. Seemed to disappear on zoning). Any others?
  10. I have found in my experience logging out works on occasion, as well asmoving away from the building and coming back, usually half a mile.
  11. Posted this in another thread, but I have really grown to love this costume. It's a take on some of the characters you meet in the video game No Man's Sky.
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