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  1. Those last screenshots are just from hopping on to my private server and using the noclip dev command. I wanted to see what else was hiding outside the bubble. The building is present on the HC server if you get the right angle and time of day, but there isn't a second rikti mothership on my private server, which leads me to believe it was added by the HC volunteers - perhaps for a purpose!
  2. First time donation! Keep up the great work you guys.
  3. Something else outside of Pocket D on the floating rocks I found:
  4. I thought the format worked fine for the first match of the evening. I am happy that there is someone (is it just one person?) willing to host these twice every week, and I would totally attend a third night KB for new players. Mondays anybody?
  5. Are emps still going to be picked first during team selection? Edit: meaning they don't sit out if there are, say 4 emps in attendance.
  6. That's a great question. Off the top of my head, I can think of: PvP zones granting temporary powers ranging from stealth and phase, shivan pet and nukes, that can be used outside of those zones. PvP set bonuses from the PvP IOs you mentioned being active in zones and arena. PvP zone exploration, history, defeat, accomplishment, achievement and accolade (no bonuses though) badges. Maybe Items of Power as well if they still function and require base raiding. Otherwise that's moot. That's all I know of. I think the reward mechanics for PvP in this game are entirely based on an individuals subjective opinion. Some people enjoy the reward of being good at one thing in a zone, or fight clubbing, or talking more than fighting for camaraderie or something, or doing arena pick up matches, participating in semi-competitive matches, hosting tournaments, etc. The rewards are really intangible in that sense.
  7. Redlynne, great suggestion. And it addresses the concern that Razor Cure mentioned. I would be open to this alternatively.
  8. That's a great suggestion, and I should be able to check that with that the identify weakness power. I'll report back my findings.
  9. Razor Cure, I appreciate your perspective. I am glad you are able to find team mates so quickly and engage in the mechanics of the event without as much of an issue as I have. This is a great event that I did not get to do on live and I really enjoy it now. In my edit, I mentioned running a second subsequent banner team. For that example, I began searching immediately after the zone event message displayed, and had six pick up group team mates assembled by the time the banner count down had reached 15 minutes. We were able to destroy three banners in total and we Team Teleported from one banner to the next after defeating them, so I felt like had a pretty awesome team (DPS/Time ratio). In both instances of running the banner event, my team ranged from Level 25-50. I was not picky, I accepted anyone I could get both in zone broadcast and in "Looking for Group" chat. That being said, I am under the impression that zone events are meant to allow anyone (regardless of level or experience) to participate, and find success should all the necessary variables be met. I continued to request more team mates on both chats throughout the event, I even used my temporary pets (Shivan, Snowbeast, imps, etc) to increase DPS since we did not have a full team, and I was still unable to accomplish the goal of defeating all the Banners and the Giant Monster at the end. That is why I suggested increasing the duration of the zone events, both the Zombie Apocalypse (for similar reasons) and the Supernatural events. I may concede, hopefully, that my personal experience is the outlier and this won't be the norm for me when I try this event again in the future. I believe the answer to this problem is to just increase my team size - but if that is the case, I would need more time to find players in order to facilitate this. In response to your position about increasing the duration of the event, I am pretty certain there is a buffer time in between events from when one event finishes until the next time it activates. While I have seen both zombie and apocalypse events run concurrently and in different zone, I don't see the connection you are making between that and my suggestion to increase the duration of those events. Perhaps the compromise would be reducing the number of concurrent zones experiencing the event and increasing the duration of the singular event? I am open to other suggestions.
  10. As title suggests, please increase the time duration of these two events. Forming a pick up group, then traveling to the zone where the event is taking place, and finally coordinating the strategies involved to "win" take a certain measure of logistical finesse in order to achieve the desired outcome (aka gain merits, salvage, badges, etc.) - but making the duration of these events so short is frustrating. I really enjoy the Halloween event overall, so I would like to see these two events in particular increase in duration. I don't know how long these events last exactly, but anecdotally, they felt anywhere between 10 to 15 minutes. Today, I had a pick up group formed by around six minutes in, everyone was in the zone and at their respective banner (for this example) by ten minutes, and we made the banner vulnerable by the fourteenth minute. We failed to reduce the banner's health in time, let alone the other three, in order to "win" the event. Alternatively, add bonus time after each banner is defeated to increase the duration of the event. Edit: On my second attempt today for the Banner event, I managed to assemble 6 team members and we got much further, knocking out three of the four banners (and getting the final one to halfway) before the timer ran out. I know it can be done with a pick up group, and perhaps even more so with a dedicated group - but please consider my suggestion of either increasing the duration of both these events or at least adding time for each banner defeat. Edit 2: I believe there is more support from the community to instead try decreasing the number of concurrent zones experiencing a particular event. I support this approach as well and it may be easier for the HC team to implement as well.
  11. Ah I rarely play offense and I am horrible at locking so I didn't realize this was a thing. I absolutely agree with you and macskull about timing. I have had pre-empted heals land and immediately seen a black bar on my teammate, which makes me frustrated but I get it. Landing the right heal, at the right time, from the right distance is the best way to help keep your team outputting damage and yourself alive to continue healing. That being said, I am happy to see a new take on the emp/pain meta and I still think it is a fun experience IMO.
  12. Wow those are really great arguments for maximizing range on heals macskull, especially the AP portion I highlighted. I am finding that I hit mystic flight and TP away after using AP more frequently than I used to, in fact it is almost a requirement. I feel like I am hitting a huge horn and lighting myself up like a firework. Like you said, part of this is knowing that it is really the only way to mitigate the damage avalanche dropping on my teammates, while also realizing I am basically a free kill unless I can evade.
  13. So out of curiosity what's the argument for max range instead of heal? Just from my perspective, it would seem that range can be made up on an emp by changing individual and team playstyle - following more frequently spiked targets closer if the map dictates or getting the team to set waypoints on a designated emp(s) so they know how far/where their heals are. The best emps I have seen communicate almost as much as the target caller, perhaps this is another area of consideration. As far as I know, healing can't be made up through strategy. Maybe Spirit Ward on APd emps, but that's a different arguement.
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