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  1. I multi-boxed for the Tournament Victor and Pentad Victor, if I remember correctly. The rest I set up with other badgers at the time. The player defeat badges were obtained the old fashioned way and I enjoyed doing so.
  2. It is a shame I don't like scary movies or T.V. shows, I'm sure there is great content out there to consume like @VileTerror pointed to recently, it is just too much for me. Jump scares are fine and a part of the genre, but the stuff that gets inside your brain and stays with you, then you go to sleep, ah man no thanks pass for me lol
  3. Pulling a few enemies away from each other so the buff doesn't apply helps too.
  4. I think it's safe though, as they fall on separate dates, 10/16 & 10/17.
  5. Where is this event they are discussing? The link was to an event in February. Edit: Ah now I see, after actually clicking the link lol 😆. Yeah that's probably an oversight, good catch!
  6. I appreciate the attempt! I'll keep my fingers crossed for a sighting in the future.
  7. Praetorians can enter the zone through the use of the TUNNEL System, through the Long Range Teleporter during the event or through the Pocket D manhole on the western edge of the Magisterium neighborhood at (-3975.4, 33.9, -196.3) and then through the van on the Hero side.
  8. The big group you want is directly behind the spawn point for new characters in Mercy, up the ramp past the P2W vendor and to the right, over by Dollface lady. Sometimes there are groups of three sometimes all six are there. And you want the +Max HP on auto cast while on a strikeforce or Ouro mission so you don't get logged out afk.
  9. I'd say copying is one thing, artistic expression that's influenced by separate work is another.
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