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  1. Wow Katana! That's awesome. I really gotta get to one of these weekly events. Thanks for bringing the updates AA!
  2. These are good points @Greycat and @Hedgefund. I am assuming it would not take a lot of effort on behalf of our volunteers to make this change, but as both of you have pointed out, this suggestion wouldn't really change the player experience enough to justify itself. Well they can't all be winners! Thanks for providing input, I have nothing further to add.
  3. I follow what you're saying - the reason not to change the time is the reason not to change the time. Four hours feels like a long enough time to do whatever is required during the trial - okay, fair enough that is a reason not to change the time requirement. Would you agree that same reason not to change the time also applies to a reason to change the time? I mean if it doesn't affect normal players, speed runners, or what have you, then that sounds like it isn't detrimental to the game experience of many players.
  4. Good post idea! I'll go next: I want to thank @TraumaTrain, @Jaxman100, @Midnyte, @FrauleinMental, @[email protected], @TrixieKixx AND @EmmySkyfor their weekly themed task force/strike force engagements. Many of the folks who participate post screenshots of the event. The reason I bring that up is because I've never participated for various reasons, but I always find myself checking out their shenanigans each week. Perhaps a vicarious sense of community, as I don't team very often and because it's a bit of a drag pulling together folks on Indomitable. Anyways, they have a fan
  5. Plain and simple suggestion - the second mission of the Eden Trial (2 of 2) has a four hour time limit. If memory serves me correctly, this was added to prevent farming the map way back in the day when there was not an aggro limit. My suggestion is to remove the timer and the reasons for and against are below: Cons: Removes a motivator for teams to quickly proceed through each objective to reach the final Titan monster. Pros: Gives players an opportunity to enjoy a unique map; badging runs will secure a number of Devouring Earth related badges, abundance of enemies gives playe
  6. If the changes to Moment of Glory were implemented as you suggest, the power would need to be renamed to "More than a Moment of Glory." Seriously though, 15 seconds is plenty of time.
  7. Meant to post this in my previous post, both from Beta on Stone Tanker: PvE PvP One thing of note with the Granite Armor change; the additional 25% Psi resistance ends up getting DR'd to zero after about 25% resistance... if the player had absolutely no added Psi resistance from set bonuses or IOs, it may potentially add a little, but to my build - it was not felt at all.
  8. I really enjoy Veluta Lunata's arc and Lord Schweinzer is there for unlimited bank missions once unlocked.
  9. Yeah, for more context, my Granite Tanker: In PvE: Resistance to all but Psi capped at 90% / Defense to all but Psi at 56% In PvP: Resistance to all but Psi at 62% / Defense to all but Psi 33% Edit: And what's funnier is that in PvP squishy ATs actually get built in resistances from their epics' shields that can bring them up near those same PvP caps. They experience DR as well, but it can be seen as part of the reason for this attempt to balance out ATs in PvP.
  10. Wouldn't it be easier to run a virtual machine and mirror it over a network? That way all the hard work is done by your normal gaming setup and you only experience a little latency instead of a terrible graphical interpretation of the game.
  11. You're right! I didn't see them listed in the spreadsheet that @America's Angel updates, but the winner's AT\Powerset is usually announced each event.
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