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  1. I'll have you know that my Ice/Cold Corruptor build is T4'd and built for PvP! 😄 (but I have no doubt you would indeed beat me as you described). Debuffs just ain't what they used to be!
  2. Ah thanks @Monos King. I appreciate the answer. There were points where two players (myself included) were able to take down two AVs, but that was with temps and Incarnates and tier 3/4 insp. I'm actually excited for the challenge of these AVs without all the extra help. I see what @ROBOKiTTYwas saying now. Thanks!
  3. First question, aren't there PvE missions, task forces, and flash back arcs that allow you to do just that? As an aside, I recently got all the RV AV badges and it was a ton of fun: RV AV badge topic. Second question, how do these proposed changes prevent or inhibit your ability to continue to do so? Have you tested and found a noticeable impact or outright inability to do so? Please assume I'm asking these with the best of intentions and I'm not provoking any hostility. I love playing this game and I want everyone's feedback to be heard.
  4. Love these ideas, excited to test them!!! I also love how the HC has reached out to the PvP community to assuage their opinions and feedback - pro level 💛. Again, excited to TEST OUT THESE PROPOSED CHANGES!! WHOOOO 😁😁
  5. Every exploration badge required someone looking for it first without knowing where it was. Otherwise they wouldn't be called exploration badges 😄
  6. I love the banished pantheon auras, great use!
  7. I enjoying finding badges. With or without the assistance of outside resources or fellow players. People will play this game how they want within the confines of what is possible. I made a badge hunting character specifically with the intention of not using outside resources. I've found many badges. Some from previous experience, some from circumstance. My main badger is fun too, checking off whatever is left in each category feels great and satiates my abnormal desire to correct everything 100% when I play a video game. So that being said I respect, but disagree with your opinion. There's no outside power forcing you to get anything in game to have fun or forcing you to play this game at all. You make the choices for how or if you want to play, you determine the risk versus the reward. You, just like everyone else, gets to decide what is fun for you.
  8. I voted to disable all incarnates, but I also support Alpha-only access as well. RV is such a unique zone thematically - I recently spent a great deal of time doing PvE content in the zone, (badges, xp grinding) and it was enjoyable. BUT! The moment an enemy player shows up, that's when I get to enjoy the zone the most. You are fighting for control of the future, what's not to like! Subjectivity aside, I wholly support the opportunity to improve the zone with these suggestions, and I hope the results of this thread are both easy to implement by our volunteer devs and are built on a consensus from the community (particularly those who PvP here often). Great thread @macskull!
  9. It was placed in the public beta last weekend, so players like you and I will be testing it out and providing feedback and suggestions before it is officially released on the live shards. One way to improve the quality of content and the speed of the release is to assist our volunteer developers with play testing and reporting of any bugs.
  10. I wish I could watch PoVs of these players during matches/kickballs. Ever since everybody had to stop streaming, the only way to learn how to get better for me has been to faceplant from failure or spectate a match. Streaming let me watch at my hearts content whenever I felt like it.
  11. I did the exact same thing! I am pretty sure I used LRT on live more than 14 times in 10 minutes when I was filling out and testing the details of the exploit I found. And the Warshade LRT power as well lol Edit: ... this was as an extraneous circumstance that has never since been repeated.
  12. This is correct, one win per person.
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