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  1. What display? I remember "Plan Z" and the people involved. Some awesome people, some awful people. The awful people seemed to outnumber the awesome people and generated an uncomfortable social atmosphere that was centered around intersectionality. This should be about the game, so, I don't know what you expect me to say? So....Your loss, my loss, our loss, and everyone's loss. Happy gatekeeping Arcane!
  2. Given the right support and permission, I could easily [EDIT HERE: help ] turn this into a business that monetizes development. The last time I tried to proffer such an idea, the people in the community that wanted to run revitalization efforts like a volunteer camp circled the wagons and decried the idea of 'evil corporations' on a project that rightly costs millions to do correctly. The people in the wings know where to find me. I'm not anonymous. On topic, I'm just looking for variety to keep everyone interested.
  3. Except there's no deep structural flaw, just a bunch of naysaying hyperbole. As someone who holds an MM, I am no stranger to logistics or planning or fleshing out an idea if you build buy-in, momentum and have constructive conversations about the how. When people think it's a bad idea and then back that up by parroting back how awful it could be as the immense task in the worst perspective frame, I guess that makes them look smart. If you're worried about dev load, I'd suggest they do this kind of thing - one at a time. If you're worried about fairness, set up a lotte
  4. Some people may want the game to do more. And to the charge of "two hundred... etc.", no, there's a very limited rogues gallery in the game, and a lot of us have seen them all. The reason I mention radios is to see variance without having to hard code story arcs, but rather just plug in new villains to one shot missions. And for the hard no balance - anything suggested can be imported and 'balanced' as it is made available. The idea is to save some of the creative work. I just love how everyone gets up on their junior-dev high horse and shoots ideas down around here. Variety is good, and so
  5. I am all for some customized swapping of pets. I think all the tools are there, I am not saying it's just a snap, but, I would love being able to skin your own pets.
  6. I love the game, I do, but content wise, we need more actual villains and groups to show the same diversity in threats as the zillion PCs running around. I'm pretty sure the existing villain groups reproduce from spores or something. >_<. Offline, I have long been involved in the production of superhero RPG material and have published my share. So, although this game is ( imo ) still the best for what it is, I feel like we could all agree it needs more foes and to my mind, the easiest way to do that is to proliferate new groups and major costumed EB and AV villains is through radio mi
  7. Idea: When we view a recipe and see the salvage ingredients we need, we see them listed in the same color as their scarcity. Thoughts?
  8. I like that except, I'd rather see Crotoa removed from tram menus and a zone made in the area between IP and Boomtown as a Casino coast, including riverboat casinos... with a featured special train station that connects Crotoa there and other possible future countryside zones... including the ability in the far future to have the connector to another city. I was going to pull quote that "South and East" suggestion for the airport and second it. In the area South of Dark Astoria with northeast-southwest runways. In my experience, cities that develop without a major Int'l airport near the
  9. "Point is, you're misrepresenting a lot of work as something really simple and small." No, the work itself isn't the big part, it's the critical thinking behind determining the best way to do it. See now, It seems to me you're doing just fine theorizing the how with an open mind, and you're just one person who isn't the dev behind the code, neither the person who would do the actual work, nor the person who can best discern how to do it minimally or least invasively. I do understand it's not a switch flip. I am not dismissing the possibility that there's a lot to account for in formulat
  10. "t just seems like a fairly large expenditure of development resources to not a lot of result. " So, it's about the future, not the present. It opens doors. It immediately changes the climate of the place. And I don't think it's difficult to code any of this at all. Time consuming maybe, difficult - a breeze for the talented folks. There's no retrofitting. You'll have to forgive me if I don't agree with your analysis on the benefits and methods. Nice to see you again 🙂
  11. Grow up. Reading some of your other participations, you seem much more intelligent than this dismissive BS.
  12. Again, nothing I've suggested eliminates all the sacred cows people are worried about losing... If you really want to go and prompt a contact for any arc, I've not suggested eliminating anything. Heraclea, if you want to do the Tip arc, hey, knock yourself out! Carpe Diem my friend! Meta Vile: We really don't have more than one alignment anywhere until you reach a PvP zone, rather we have choices each player makes that generates a flag on the character profile and then based on that choice you made in the narrative, determines where you get to travel.... and where you
  13. "You can switch sides with impunity." That's my point. Why the charade and hassle? If you can just go switch and switch back, why? Just simply connect the zone and create a faction flag. The statement about open world PvP is dumb; I never said that - one would still need to go to an existing PvP zone. But the whole morality arc stuff isn't truly being used either... and maybe some of the wrecked zones need to be rebuilt? And maybe some new villain groups need to be introduced, etc.? The point is about choice and shaking it up a bit. Learn to let g
  14. Greetings. Now that the game has evolved in so many ways and is changed in terms of marketing focus and revenue generation, I see no reason not to do this crazy drastic thing....: Connect "red side" and "blue side". Let's remove that barrier. I never got the feeling when playing red side I was really a 'villain' anyway... just a glorified mercenary stuck in a crappy part of the world... Why don't we make the red and blue factions simply Supers who don't want to be registered and those that do (or something to this effect). If you're red, Longbow might ambush you once in a whi
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