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  1. After the update my shortcut broke. Apparently the name of the app changed from "Mids Reborn.exe" to "MidsReborn.exe". Not a big deal, but might confuse some folks. Also, whenever I load a build I lose all the power bars in the Inherent section until I mouse over them or move the window off the screen, forcing re-draw. Might be a problem with my antique system (Windows 7), but thought I would mention it.
  2. Edit: Never mind, I found it. Thanks anyhow! I have a question, and no, I didn't read all 15 pages of this thread first - sorry if this has been answered before. The patch notes say that you can use /enterbasefrompasscode with the LRT to enter any base, but I don't understand how. Can someone clarify please? Thanks! -=>ZephyrWind
  3. Happened to me in game today, 25 Electric/Shield stalker on Excelsior, I zoned into Night Ward from my base, go the badge at the mansion door and walked out and clicked the Find Contact button and got that message ("An error has occurred with the Contact Finder. No contacts could be found for your level, alignment, and universe."), so I clicked it again and got it again, then I zoned to Talos from the TUNNEL and it went away. Bugged in game via /petition.
  4. Hi all - this may have been reported already, but the Vorpal Judgement Radial is giving the defense bonus all the time, instead of having the little green clicky on the power to toggle it off and on. Not sure how to fix it myself, but I wanted to report it just in case. Thanks for all the hard work you guys are doing on this!
  5. Rook! I used to come and hang out in the Rookery every morning. I was a quiet one so you probably don't remember me. The only other person I can recall of the top of my head was UncleBob, but I'm sure other names will come to me. I remember Graeknight, too. Hey, Grae!
  6. Nope, that was my global. And my main, and my forum name. Nice to know you, though (fellow Virtuite, woo!)
  7. Oh, my, that is hysterically awesome. Thank you for being the thing that made this day enjoyable!
  8. Agreed. I've also always wanted to have the "XP Wheel" show on the selection screen so I can see who is close to level when I have only an hour or so to play.
  9. Just ToT'd for about an hour with an SG mate from live who also remembers the "looping sound crash" when going door to door. Neither of us crashed, we also jumped around getting Eochi and Jack and did the banner event, no problems. Also, I know I said this was the same machine as I used on live, but really it's just the same motherboard. I've replaced almost everything else, especially the graphics card, twice. Sorry - I guess I won't be much help diagnosing this after all.
  10. I remember that from live as well. Have not been ToT'ing yet in HC, but will try it out and see if I can duplicate your experience. I am actually using the same machine I was playing on when CoH sunsetted, so I might see the same results. We'll see, I'll give it a try and post my results if any.
  11. This may be a stupid suggestion, but did you try setting down your graphics settings? I can't tell from the addresses what was causing the problem, so that might be more trouble than it's worth. Just curious.
  12. That's a null pointer inside the phsyx engine. Not good.
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