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  1. Found it! Looks like you have to do the story arc from Keith Nance first, after I did that, it appeared on the Ouroroboros list right after his arc under looking Through The Glass!
  2. Yeah, that's the badge I'm after and according to the old Wiki the arc is called Looking Through The Glass in that range.....and it's not there! I've even checked the villain list and it's not on there either. It's one of the few Accomplishment badges I've got left the get and it's starting to annoy me!
  3. I've been trying to find this contact and mission in Ouroboros but I can't seem to find it under Hero or Villain. Does anyone know what her arc is under? I've looked through them all with no luck. Is it there or am I just being blind?
  4. Finally got to donate! I liked that you announced it in game, gave me the chance I kept missing 🙂
  5. Are there any plans for in game order at all? Makes it much faster to add them all in.
  6. Well, I can finally confirm that you do definitely need people at all banners at the same time until they are vulnerable and the circle makes no difference! Just managed to run it again with a gradual team of 8, not enough to complete the trial but we did manage to get one of the banners down so it's a start. Definitely need more people to complete it but it's getting harder to get teams for this fast enough to complete it. Thanks for all the help, everyone 🙂
  7. Holy crap!! I didn't know this one either! 😄
  8. Ok, things are making more sense now, I'll give it another go tonight, see if I can get it to work 🙂 Thanks for the help, all, I'll feedback to here when I see how it goes 😄
  9. So the all 4 banners at once thing is the key then? That's maybe where I've been going wrong
  10. Can anyone out clarify how the hell the Banner Event works?? I've been in them and got some of the badges but had no luck when I've tried to create a team to do it. I know the general idea, defeat mobs until the banner is vulnerable, then defeat banner, do all four and kill the GM that appears. Trouble is, there's conflicting info flying around. 1st. Do you need to kill the mobs in the circle or not? I've seen people say it matter and that it doesn't matter. 2nd. Do you need to do all 4 banners at the same time? Again, seen it stated both ways! 3rd. How many people do you need to do it? Bearing in mind this predates leagues, could it be done with just a team of eight? Both times I've ran it, the first time we didn't even get close, the second time, we got the blue bar halfway on one banner. I really want to get the last 3 banner badges before it disappears for a year! Can anyone advise on this??
  11. I remember using HeroStats as a way of automatically tracking badges back in the day. You could use a binf ile to repeatedly press a key, it would open up about 10 badges at a time into your chat, Herostats would log that and then send the info to a website to be registered, I think it was the old Badge Whore website. This was all before CIT of course.
  12. Played this game since Day 1 of the EU launch. Only tonight discovered that you can get into the City Hall in Atlas via the back door! Anyone else discovered something about the game years after playing?
  13. That's.......really easy to use! The only way you could make this easier is to have a way to import them directly from the game! 😄 Is the order the badges are in changeable in any way? Would be nice to switch between things like Alphabetical (to find a specific badge to see if you have it or missed it) or in game order (to make it easier to update a character the first time.) Edit: Doh! Never mind, completely missed the drop box at the end 😄 Can't wait for this to have all the badges on there, will make it easier to work out which badges I've missed on the spreadsheet, I'm get a 2 badge discrepancy and I can't work out where it is!
  14. Might sound obvious. but the badge tracker by Kitsune at the top of this forum has an excellent page for tracking inventions, I used it to keep control of what I'd done easily 🙂
  15. There's an awesome tip for this in the Badge forum from Hopeling about using the first mission of the Khan TF as it spawns four villains on the first map. Just solo them, rinse and repeat. I got the badge in about 25 minutes this way, as long as you're careful with it, it's very doable. It's on the second page of the thread.
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