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  1. MIne is a little different. It's not from a classic tale, it's not from one of the all time, but I swear, when I saw this page from Super Sons, the moment that Damien and Jon think they got away with it all and then this happens, I laughed my ass off. πŸ™‚ How many of us as kids know that feeling when we know that....uh oh....we're in trouble now πŸ™‚
  2. Awesome, I loved reading the original post way back when πŸ™‚ Scary thought though, looking at the other posts like farewell and some simple maths, Sister Flame will b about 18-19 years old now! Damn, I feel old 😞
  3. I'm still reeling from this. He was five years younger than me. If nothing else, this is making me go for a check now. Such a sad and tragic loss to the world. He gave the impression that there was so much more amazing stuff to come from him and now it's gone. And to do soooo much whilst fighting it? And most of all, him visiting kids with cancer as well whilst keeping it to himself that he had it. Absolute legend. RIP King, Wakanda Forever.
  4. I'm all about the DC stuff as I'm still wokring my way through Marvel from the 80's but most of my list is pretty obvious stuff, tbh Batman: Hush Dark Knight Returns All Star Superman Crisis on Infinite Earths Watchmen Batman: Killing Joke (Can't believe this hasn't been mentioned yet!) Titans: Judas Contract I also love the vast majority of Elseworld stuff like Red Son, The Nail, Gotham By Gaslight etc
  5. Wow, there's a lot there to digest πŸ˜„ Many thanks for the advice, it's really appreciated. I think I'm going to stick with the DnD set I bought for several reasons. For starters, my son has been watching some videos for a while now on Youtube of playing DnD (not this campaign, thankfully) and he's really excited to try it, he's even read up on the basic rules etc. Secondly, my daughter knows what DnD is after being a massive fan of Community, Big Bang Theory and Stranger Things, so I think trying to get her to play something else might put her off, somewhat! (Seriously, her love for Community rivals my own, she's Troy to my Abed, we even own a mug each for Troy and Abed in the Morning πŸ˜‰ ) Thirdly, it comes with pre-rolled character sheets for them all, which should hopefully helps us getting going quicker once I explain basic concepts for them all. I remember when I was younger my friends and I spending about an hour just rolling characters, if I try to get them to do that, I think it might put them off before we even get started! Plus, I've played it when I was young so I'm at least a little familiar with it! One thing I've seen mentioned on lots of other sites I've been reading is to not be too slavish to the rules, at least for beginners, but to go with the flow a little more. Does this sound right to you? Luckily, I know the players very well, it's my wife, son and daughter, as well as my potential future daughter-in-law so I can play to their strengths to keep them involved with it. Plus, they trust me so are a lot less likely to debate whther I've got the rules right or not πŸ˜„ I also appreciate @Ashingtonadvice about not splitting up the group. Hopefully that won't be an issue with this campaign, but I'll make sure it doesn't happen πŸ˜„ Any other hardcore Do's and Don'ts out there?
  6. So my family like to do family board game, been doing it for a while. When finishing the last one, I, jokingly, said "hey next time, let's play Dungeons and Dragons!" My eldest lad, he was very excited by this and, after talking to my 19 yr old daughter and her girlfriend, and also my wife, both of whom said they were willing to give it a go, I bought the DnD Starter Set, which contains the Lost Mines of Phandelver campaign and a basic rulebook. Now, I've played DnD, but it was a loooooooong time ago, we're talking over 30 years now, and I never DM'd, ever, so I'm a little nervous about doing this and screwing it up so they don't enjoy it. I'm reaching out to you more seasoned DnD players and DM's out there for any advice. Any tips, tricks, guidelines, things to watch out for, suggestions, etc to help me make it a bit more fun. I know it won't go perfectly and I'll make some errors, as will the players, but I'd still appreciate any advice!
  7. Dear gods, it's Lui!! πŸ˜„ Yeah, I remember the name well, for......a fair few reasons! πŸ˜„ Long time passed though so it's all good πŸ™‚ And yeah, I remember Xanthus and who the hell could forget the legend that was Tainted Greek πŸ˜„
  8. Truly one of the funniest people I met in this game, many a time he had me in literal tears of laughter during a chat with him, especially about Monty Python πŸ™‚ Always missed. /em holdtorch
  9. this what happened in the last game i played Mender Derek ruined it for everyone dupin servers and inf and just anything to cheat there no extened servers there trying to catch Mender Derek and we pay for it so unless people don't let Lord Nemesis know of wrong doing's in the game it we ruin it and there we not be a COH IT WELL BE GONE TO THE AMERICANS!!!!!!!
  10. Coin


    Bloody hell, there's a classic name I remember! Welcome back πŸ™‚
  11. I remember tuning to your shows πŸ™‚
  12. You say it like it's a bad thing!
  13. Well, technically, it's been around a LOT longer, although no one is completely certain who from, although a lot of people believe it was Plutarch. Sit Thomas Wyatt wrote it as follows in 1527 "Alexander, whan he herde Anaxarchus argue that there were infynite worldes, it is said that he wept. And whan his frendes asked hym what thing had happened him to be wept for: β€œIs it nat to be wept for,” quod he, β€œsyns they say there be infynite worldes, and we are nat yet lorde of one?” Although I like Hans Gruber's better πŸ˜‰
  14. "And Alexander wept, seeing as he had no more worlds to conquer." πŸ˜„
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