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  1. Another Sid Meir one from me, I love the Civilization games and play them consantly, always looking for ways to make it different, trying different Civ's in ways they wouldn't normally go etc.
  2. I wouldn't mind the grindy ones if they were retroactive, but I hate having to go through story arcs again when I've already done them on a character
  3. Good thanks, nice to see you back! I don't think Maz is back on here, tbh, not sure, I do see her on Facebook from time to time though 🙂
  4. Now there's a name I remember! Hey Ant 🙂
  5. Civilisation 6 is my main go to for a game that always keeps me playing. Seriously, the phrase "one more turn" will be etched on my gravestone 😄 There are a few games on Steam I got that I want to get around to playing.....well, I say a few....oh gods, there are so many 😞 Just bought Evoland 2 on the latest Steam sale, need to get started on that, but, you know......badges 😄
  6. Not sure if he reads these forums or not, but can I give a shout out to Furyraiser on Torchbearer? That guy has done so much to help me and others in getting the hard to get trial badges and I owe him a wookie style Life Debt for it 😄
  7. So, massive Skyrim fan, love it to bits and did play the ESO at launch but stopped after the first month as I found it to be basically a single player game not what I wanted from a MMO. There's been a lot of updates now though and new content and seems to be doing ok, so I'm tempted to give it another try Anyone out there playing it regularly at all? Is it any good? And does the subscription give you access to all the expansions and DLC or do you need to buy them separately first?
  8. Coin

    New forums??

    Just don't call it the Super Secret Invite Only Serv.....erm, Forum. That might not go down well 😄
  9. Coin

    New forums??

    Well, that happened quietly! No wonder I missed it! We need to spread the word! 😄
  10. WOAH!! COH IS BACK!!! HOLY RESURRECTIONS, BATMAN!! How do I play it again???? 😄
  11. I'm a lifelong DC comics fan since I was a teenager and discovered comic books when I was about 12 and started, rather fortuitously, just after the original Crisis. Never looked back and have read pretty much every DC comic since then (have them all on my PC as well so I can look back and re-read all the time 🙂 ) So, yeah, I watch pretty much everything that comes out, TV, movie, animation, the lot. :D I love all the CW shows and think it's the closest we've ever got to actual comic books on screen, with their serialised storylines and big, crazy characters. I agree, it's not always perfect, Arrow and Flash have both had duff episodes and have struggled at times, but I persevered and there have been some excellent stuff come out of them, especially the crossovers and the Crisis was just all kinds of awesome for me :) I also watch all the others, unless it gets cancelled very quickly, like Swamp Thing (I don't have enough hours in the day to be able to watch all the TV and movies I want to so I can't afford to waste it on shows that are gone that fast 😞 ) and yes, Harley Quinn is brilliant atm :) Looking forward to Stargirl, should be fun!
  12. Coin

    New forums??

    When the hell did we get all these new off topic forums??? I nearly screamed out when I saw these tucked away at the bottom!! 😄 😄 😄 Many thanks, people in power! 😄
  13. Bloody hell, welcome back Mrs Sparrow 😄
  14. Coin

    The Future

    TBH, I'd like to see more badges, but I prefer ones that need to be earned rather than ground out, like influence, damage taken etc. It's no fun just parking yourself in a mission overnight to get a badge, there's not a lot of achievement there. I'd like to see more Master Of badges, perhaps for all the trials and TF's out there, like Posi, Silver Mantis etc, although some of them could be too easy. Exploration and plaques are always fun but would need a lot of unofficial lore adding.
  15. Coin

    Weird badge convo

    That sounds more like the badge for doing a PVP arena match with all the 5 classic AT's, Pentad Victor. Never heard of one for doing a TF with all 5, unless it's new and not been announced? 😄
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