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  1. This thread is reminding me to make that Psy/Ice. Although I see Dark/Fire is on the list ... Which made me think of a Skulls Hellions lovechild concept 😁 ~C
  2. I've been tempted for some time to put together a Psy/Ice blaster. ~C
  3. I would be interested in this as well. ~C
  4. I moved my 29 Ice/Kin over to Everlasting. Shiveralis. ~C
  5. Nah. I am Altitis Girl ...one of those that get struck with it hard. There is always that shiny new concept I MUST TRY NOW. I do play them all, mind you ... But none are 50. 😉 Yet. ~C
  6. I can build either ... Whatever buffs/debuffs folks want most :) ~C
  7. Excellent :) I went with Ice/Kin .... I figured SB would be appreciated .... unless /Dark is appreciated more. ~C
  8. Here we go! :) ~C
  9. Gotcha. Toying with /Rad, /Kin, /Storm or maybe even /Dark Firing up Mids to play around. 😃 ~C
  10. Done :) Did we want to sort out secondaries, or just grab whatever? I am @Chrysis . ~C
  11. I generally play on Excelsior, but can easily move a char to Everlasting, or create new. Just let me know what is needed 🙂 I am on Pacific time. ~C
  12. Ice Control is one of my favorite. I am in. I have Ice/Cold, Ice/Kin, and another combo I am forgetting. None are at 50, though. ~C
  13. Thanks all 🙂 Many good points, and I've a couple characters to build and run through their paces to see what I might like.
  14. Halloo! Three of us have decided to roam about as a trio of Masterminds. The husband already has his Demons/Time, and the friend has their Bots/Kinetic. Now I'm trying to figure out which of the MMs I want to create. I am not partial to Beasts for some reason, and I'd prefer to have a primary that is different from the others. I am inclined to say something like Thugs/Traps or Necro/TA ... but I am hoping for something with a good deal of synergy with the other two. Thoughts? :)
  15. I can already tell that I am absolutely not fond of the teeny radius on Envenom and Weaken o.O I think I might pair Poison with Earth, and try out an Ice/Cold. Let's see how THAT goes :) ~C
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