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  1. My next Alt Project is a Kinetic Defender. I have played the set under two different controllers, so I am familiar with it ... just somewhat unsure what secondary I would pair it with on a Defender. Rad and Dark blast both come to mind as possibles, but unsure which would be more suitable. I am avoiding ice and electric due to having those themes already with my kin controllers. I suppose there is the good ol standby of fire, eh? Those of you that have Kin defenders, what secondary did you choose, and did you have fun with it?
  2. Yesterday, when I turned Stealth on my characters, I could still see them, albeit a touch faded. That's fine and expected. Now, after patch, they are completely translucent. I cannot see them. Not liking it at all. 😞
  3. Update! Sooo, as far as a Defender using /Water ... I ended up with Poison/Water, heh. Something just clicked when I started playing around in the character creator, and I have a hero who is a Perfumer by trade, and a Hero. 😄 Tinted the powers to make them pretty, delicate, and fairly subtle ... and her stick is that she just throws perfume at things. Whether or not she'll be effective at all, I have no clue 😄
  4. I have the character slots, so I think I might give both a whirl and see how it plays out. Current brain thought is to do a FF/Water def and a Sonic/Beam def. Maybe. I need to play with the creator and see what costumes I can come up with. Thanks for the input!! 🙂
  5. I find myself wanting to make a Defender with Water secondary. I'm still nailing down concept, but I've narrowed it down to a Sonic or FF Primary. I stared at Poison for a bit, but just couldn't grab onto it. For using with Water, would you choose FF or Sonic for the best synergy? Ty!
  6. Did not see this on any of the focused feedback threads, but did see it on the Patch Notes. Was there a particular reason for the tinkering of this? Part of the fun (for me at least) was seeing some of those hilarious ragdoll positions.
  7. OMG. I remember this from Old Live ... Bless you for fixing it.
  8. The MM Experiment continues ... I found that the Necro minions are far easier for me to track on screen, and I feel less spastic when using them. As far as Secondary, I'm still torn between Thermal and Kinetic, though I am sure I will figure that out soon. As far as Epic Pool powers available to Masterminds, I am really not digging on any of them, at least what I can see in Pines. Anything there that I MUST HAVE OMG, or are Epic/Patron pools fairly skippable on MM?
  9. Update on my MM experiment. :) Note: I have never played an MM before, not even the days of Live. I ended up creating a Ninja/Storm and created a character that was pretty close to looking like a Tsoo Sorceror. I then placed that character in Praetoria to give it a workout and see how things went. I was able to go through things at a decent rate, but there was a lot more effort in keeping track of the Ninjas than I thought there might be. There was no "Send in pet, heal from a distance, and progress at a laid back rate" No no. There was a lot of "Go kill, have a heal or two, oh wait where the f are you going come back here, oh hell where are you going now? I am going to have to recall you every time aren't I? Wait stop dammit come back here." I am not sure if the Ninja "hyperness" is specific to Ninja, all MM minions who melee, or all MM minions. I put the MM aside for a bit that night and fiddled around with the character creator and got completely sidetracked creating a Dark/Dark Controller ... once I discovered that I could recolor the Dark powers this fluffy light pink color; a good number of recolors of Dark powers just look weird to me and don't recolor well, but the light pink delighted me. I proceeded to get completely distracted playing the alt. I might create a Necro MM now to continue experimenting ... will maybe do a "sister" of the Dark/Dark controller and make the dark powers in Necro some shade of pastel lol. As far as secondary, I have discovered that I really am a "from a distance" sort of player with the MM, so any secondary will need heals for the minions that can be done from a distance ... so that helps narrow things. Probably Thermal, Poison, Empathy, or Pain.
  10. All good! I have had to do a migration to IPB before myself and rebuilding permission sets/groups is always fun. 😉 Blame it on Nemesis 😄 ~C
  11. Hmm. Not blind. Just did a fairly decent advanced search for some threads that were on those forums, and was not able to find them. ~C Edited to add ... and now they appear. I see what you are doing NEMESIS! >..< ~C
  12. Am I blind, or are all the Archetype forums now missing? :) ~C
  13. Hey there folks :) One of the last alts I have planned is a Mastermind. I've decided on Necro, but I am at a loss on which Secondary will work best to keep the minions alive. The reading I have done so far shows folks tend to choose /dark, but I don't think I want to go that route. Kinetics. FF, and Sonic are appealing, as well as Poison ... which of these do you think would be most complimentary, or is there another secondary that suits "best"?
  14. Does it actually include the crab backpack once you leave the tailor interface? From what I saw when I created my SoA the tailor interface showed them with the crab backpack but once I finalized the tailor session the backpack went away until I did a respec to take some crab powers. I have thought about seeing what would happen if I just finalized the session ... but a couple things keep me from doing so: Fear that I'd end up with the backpack that I very much do not want, and no way to "go back" to the backpackless uniform that I like. It (the backpack) costs more influence than I want to pony up to experiment. All I really want to do is just change the color of my rifle on my current costume, lol. And I go in there and it tries to plop a backpack on me and tries to make me pay for it. :D ~C
  15. Hi there Figured I'd post here instead of creating a new thread. I have an Arachnos Soldier that has no Crab powers whatsoever, even on a second build. When I try to alter my original costume, it attempts to force the Crab backpack on me. I cancel out. If I adjust a second costume, it does not do this ... but I am not able to access the Arachnos Soldier costume bits.
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