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  1. Sentinels will never be a min/maxer's dream, but it is cool that HC has brought us a new AT and hopefully they will bring us other new AT's. I have a level 50 fire/fire/fire sentinel, it does OK but I don't play it very much. I did level it from 1-50 without power leveling and it was an easy ride to 50. Rise of the Phoenix makes you nearly indestructible. I can understand the reduced range and damage to offset the damage mitigation of the secondary, but they could use a damage boost.
  2. It does seem kind of harsh to ignore people who are asking to join a farm. Everyone plays differently and who know just because they got PL’d doesn’t mean they won’t become good with the character in time. Now if they were smart they might ask to join a farm to make their own farmer and never have to beg again. I only really use my farmer to level alts or friends, so unless I ask for a door sitter the beggars get ignored naturally.
  3. Welcome back. That must have sucked for a year. Ditto what @Kal5 said.
  4. Love my razor Keyboard Blackwidow and my Tartarus keyboard controller, I've been using a Utech Smart Mouse which has been working fine.
  5. There should be a badge for clearing a quad bloom.
  6. Well since you asked, sure 🙂 Gratz to Everlasting Midnight Hami Raid tonight. We cleared a quad bloom. Great work everyone.
  7. Behold the quad bloom in all it's glory. Zergs can come back and bite you in the ass sometimes.
  8. I kind of like the down time before the raid starts, it gives me time to work the market. Most regularly scheduled Hami raids have certain fixed leaders and core members who do them daily, so you don’t get any failed raids on those. The only server I can see where multiple blooms could be an issue is on Torchbearer. I love their “No Guts, No Glory”style but if you fail on a no mito clear zerg, then you are looking at a quad bloom. That’s when Hive 2 comes in handy.
  9. As someone who has a farmer and plays the market I would agree with @Ukase, you can make much more influence on the market. The big difference is farming is easy and doesn’t require any market savvy. Another great source of merits which has not been mentioned is Hami raids. You get 80 merits the first time you kill the hami and 40 each time after that until the clock resets after about 20hrs. Most servers do at least two rounds and others do three. So you are looking at 120 to 160 merits for less than an hour of effort.
  10. The new game smell when you start a new MMO.
  11. Welcome back home. There have been a lot of changes here on Homecoming since the game was live. You’re going to want to check the guide section and patch notes to get your bearings first. Don’t worry about grouping there are plenty of teams running on Excelsior, just check the LFG chat channel. People are constantly making new alts so there is always something going on for all player levels.
  12. Because it's the first step for Homecoming to come out more publicly.
  13. Unlock your Alpha slot with the Mender Ramiel arc. You can shorten this arc by auto completing the mission Lady Grey gives you to retrieve the incarnate container. Then get your Alpha to tier 3 as soon as possible to get your level shift. The level shift will raise your combat level to 51. The other big thing you should do is work to get the 4 passive accolades Portal Jockey, Atlas Medallion, Task Force Commander, and Freedom Phalanx Reserve Member. These accolades will provide permanent boosts to your health and endurance. IO sets will be important, but you can work on
  14. Prior to level 22 you can use what ever drops. At 22 you can start slotting lvl 25 basic IO’s. Level 25 basic IO’s are almost the same as level 50 SO’s, and unlike SO’s they work all the way to 50. Sure it may cost you a bit to get started, but in the long run you will save the extra influence that you would need to spend to keep upgrading the SO’s as you level. You probably don’t need to worry about set IO’s till you hit 50. Many people respec at 50 and do the final builds with sets at that point.
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