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  1. Welcome back home. The multiple builds are nice, but you do need all new IO's for each build. If your just returning and have limited funds you may want to hold off on any multiple builds, but if you have the funds go to town.
  2. Oh sure I understand working up to the full final build. That makes complete sense given how expensive a good farmer build can be. However coming to the forums and complaining your shiny new SO equipped farmer isn't cutting it just makes me laugh. I give him credit for making his own farmer, but it's going to takes a little more effort to make it do what they want.
  3. GM's and devs can you please provide us with the data that proves that farming is breaking the economy as the OP is suggesting?
  4. LOL, ok good luck with that.
  5. This is a joke right? You think you can farm with SO's? Your not only going to need a real build you will also need to unlock your incarnates, especially your hybrid melee.
  6. I'm going to assume based on your posts you don't have a farmer. If so you don't really have any practical experience with farming to base your arguments on. Since I don't use my farmer to make influence I wanted to look at this 100 inf /per hour claim. So I ran my farmer with one alt on the #125: Bloody Rainbow. Between my alt and farmer I made about 28 million after completing all 5 rounds in an hour. I can make that much waiting for a hami raid to start with simple marketing.
  7. Where the heck are you coming up with this? Farmer's aren't asking for anything special. Farming has already been nerfed. If you want to make influence then you need to be marketing. Farming anymore is just good for power leveling alts.
  8. Why wouldn’t you create a second account? Unless your too lazy to make your own farmer.
  9. Yes if you are just sitting at the door afk on a +4/8 mission. Sounds like someone was smart enough to know they would need it and if they helped with the mission good for them. Not at all. If you want to do normal leveling or power leveling that’s up to the individual player. However what I’m saying is if you are going to go down the PL path for all your alts you should create a farmer of your own. Leeching off of other peoples good graces is being lazy.
  10. If you are a vet you shouldn’t be looking for a farmer to level your alt, you should be looking for someone to help you level your own farmer. I can understand new players or newly returning vets wanting help getting that first 50. If your a vet with multiple 50’s and your looking for farms to level your next 50, then your just being lazy.
  11. Well it turns out that the name is an acronym for the tech Dr Mara DaGrace invented the “Dimensional Augmenting Zero Logic” device that gives her her powers, see creativity. She is also one of very few characters I have that is a play on another word. Even if Dazzle was available I would not have used it for this character.
  12. There is no shortage of names, just a lack of creativity.
  13. Grav/Storm controller is a hoot with wormhole, singularity and all the fun storm tools.
  14. Just got "Radioactivity" on Excelsior today.
  15. That is a pretty cynical view. Most people who lead raids do it to help the community run content where there is a desire but maybe not the experience to run it themselves. Not exactly selfish control freaks. Sure, people who do the same raid every day know what to do without instructions, but raids need to provide basic instructions for people who don’t do them all the time. It only takes one person who doesn’t know what to do to make it go south. Out of curiosity have you run any iTrials, MSR, or Hamidon raids?
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