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  1. I think Regen needs to be nerfed again, so we can ALL then agree it is the worst armor set.
  2. Since you dont want to intrude into tanker territory, specially with a secondary effect being a buff to regen/recovery, i think scrapper level resistances/defense would be more appropriate. Also the Control powers would have to be adjusted in magnitude/duration so not to out-perform the main control ATs: controllers and Dominators.
  3. Hey Mochi, when can we expect the next round of Regen nerfs? 😛
  4. Replace Dull Pain with a Self-destruct type power that just puts you out of your misery when you start fighting.
  5. Maybe this opens the door to new ATs. A hybrid Buff/Melee and Control/Melee.
  6. so you just want a button that would automatically level you to 50 with a slotting preset, so that you may then do a respec? I gotcha now. I assume it is for beta testing purposes? I thought there was a command to take you to 50 in the beta test server? Unless i'm thinking of a different game. But yes for testing purposes that would be great.
  7. Cus their lives don't matter *runs and hides*
  8. Demons and Bot are probably my favorite MM class. But i think you answered your own question. If you want pets that wont run out of Faraday Cage and able to play at max setting (which i assume to be */8) and provide debuff against tough targets (-regen) then the answer should be Bots. At */8 play it is all about AoEs, and that is where the Bots shine. With Demons it will be more of kill them one at a time playstyle that is counter productive to a */8 setting. Not to mention all of the running in and out of melee. That is just my
  10. Wouldn't this require a preset standard slotting for every power in the game? and since everyone plays their toons differently and play their ATs differently, therefore slotting differently, how is this beneficial? Maybe if you could expand your reasoning and give us an idea of WHY this is needed and HOW it should be implemented, to lay down the grounds for fair discussion.
  11. my fave tank to use for low level TFs is Willpower, followed by Bio.
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