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  1. MoisesG

    /Storm help

    I second the Grav/Storm combo, it is awesome. 🙂
  2. i am all for new powersets, gives me more toys to play with. Unfortunately, i have to agree with this statement. 😞
  3. it might be broken, as you think. things do break once in a while. This might be an opportunity for the people that have the know-how to take a look at this and see if it's really working as intended or not. I would not even know where to begin besides looking at the wiki and the combat logs, since i just play the game and never have bothered testing anything. But on a side note that reminded me of how back on live the Knives of Artemis would stack caltrops up to my knees.
  4. lol I found that funny. But what about the new pool travel power (forgot the name) that is like superspeed with a teleport built in?
  5. More powersets, More alts!! yes! 🙂
  6. For solo play i like my Grav/Energy and for teams i love my Plant/Savage, but i find that doms in general are alot of fun. 🙂
  7. This is awesome! Thank you Devs for all your hard work!! 🙂
  8. Remove entire maps from the game just because they are annoying? I agree they are annoying but they are a part of the game that gives it its flavor. If we start removing things from the game because they are "annoying" and not because they are broken/OP in some aspect, what are we going to end up with? The way i think about it is: from a hero's perspective some foes build good bases (buildings/labs and such) and other foes are terrible at it, but they all still need to be arrested. 🙂
  9. Back in the days of Vanguard - Sage of Heroes, there was a light fighter/healer class called the Disciple. They only used light armor and fought using bare hands, knucklers or claws. The cool thing was that when they fought and performed certain combos (a la Street Justice) they would trigger melee range heals as they fought. They had a choice of following 1 of 3 different schools (like the forms from Staff Fighting) and depending on that choice it determined the secondary effect of your combos. One was heals, another was armor/resistance buffs and the other was debuffs. You had to select a School to follow and were locked into it. It was such a fun class to play. I wonder if something like that can be done.
  10. As a /Devices blaster I rather the Gun Drone take the alpha then me, but that is just me.
  11. I say put SS and EM for scrappers on the Test Server already and let the test crowd start putting in their input to the Devs. Then just take as long as needed to find the balance.
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