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  1. I loved the movie and the show is just as funny and brilliant. Love it. I think the show was perfectly cast and i specially love the episode with the Vampire Council and all of the special cameos. 🙂
  2. MoisesG

    Water/? Duo

    I'll second Water/Time. The set's utility is great. Also recommend Water/Traps.
  3. Thanks @Bopper, that makes it more clear to me 🙂
  4. On my Shield scrapper i run with all the toggles. Like @Seimoraig very thoroughly explained, i use 1 end redux in all my attacks, 1 end redux in all toggles, and also buy the attuned versions of the IO procs he mentioned since they scale down to very low levels. I keep this set-up until i'm ready to switch to a full build with IO sets. As a side note, don't you wish we all had a pocket Kin? 😛
  5. I like the concept, I just think it just needs fine tuning for the individual armor sets. Great idea that makes the T9 useful while still retaining the risk/penalty.
  6. My question is, why were the procs changed? i i thought they worked fine before. Was it do to PvP, player suggestion or some type of abuse?
  7. For me is just logging into the game and hearing the music, i get the "time to kick butt" feeling every time 🙂
  8. We dont have to copy what someone else has done, i'm sure that our crew of Devs can come up with different ways to improve MMs. It is just a question of time, resources and how high of a priority addressing MMs is. I personally hope they address it soon so i can make a bunch of MMs. 🙂
  9. yes i believe 4/7 or 4/6 will maintain the boss ratio and adjust the LT and minion ratio but will also affect mob size. but may i ask, what is wrong with more bosses in a farm? it might slow you a bit but the xp for bosses is far superior to LTs/minions. If you need help PLing just shoot me an in-game email @moisesg and i'll be more than happy to help you out.
  10. I agree, a Claim All button, even if it requires a fee like the AH, would be a great QoL addition to the game.
  11. I also recommend Ninja/Time. i found the combo works very well and just gets better and better while switching from SO/IOs to IO sets. I have heard great things about Ninja/Storm but i have not played that combo.
  12. In your difficulty settings you can select No Bosses/AVs. Though +4/8 is the max difficulty setting, adding more people to team changes the mob make-up as far as bosses, LTs and minions is concerned. The game assumes that every extra teammate is a fighting foe and changes the make-up accordingly to compensate.
  13. I just want to say, on behalf of the entire CoH community, Thank You for all the hard work that all of you put in as unpaid volunteers. It is truly appreciated! and thank you for bringing back the game that we love and missed!
  14. Her title, given by Mod-8, proving that she has been requesting Trick Yo-Yo Melee since forever. Hi Cherry, love you 🙂
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