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  1. Yeah, I didn't think .Net was needed but I already had it and the Visual C++ installed in Wine for other programs that do require them so I was erring on the side of caution.
  2. I use Linux Mint 20 and just installed the new launcher a few days ago. I did not need Lutris or do anything beyond having the newest version of wine from WineHQ. I did add dotnet 4.8 and the 2017 visual C++ libraries through winetricks for other apps before I installed the HC Launcher so one or both may be needed. If I get a chance I will try install it to a fresh wine container and see if it works without those. Prior to installing the HC Launcher I was using Tequilla with no issues with the same set up.
  3. That must have been it, I just tried a new toon and didn't have any trouble. I don't usually run with double XP if I'm soloing so that didn't even occur to me. After you suggested it and I tried it I remembered I got double XP to catch up to a friend. Now I feel stupid 🙂 Thanks for the help.
  4. I might have but I don't think so. I'll try it on a brand new toon and report back.
  5. I've noticed low level missions (I think between 1st-10th) are not dropping any influence. I'm not sure when this started happening as I usually email new toons influence to start with but I had one I wanted to work up from nothing just for the challenge.
  6. I can confirm others can see the graphic as well. I asked a teammate about it before knowing there was a glitch in the power.
  7. If I remember right, this is how it was done on live. The activity would only happen in one zone at a time. I understand the thinking with doing simultaneous in that it allows people of all levels to participate, but it does make it really hard to get enough people in each zone to take down the banners.
  8. Thank you for this. I'd downloaded the old VMs because I knew most of the maps hadn't changed and figured I'd just deal with the ones that had. I'm glad I don't have.
  9. Electrastatic of the Olympians here.
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