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  1. I read "you can still control your character" and "running is an option" but my experience when I am hit by a mez effect is that my character isn't under my direct control due to being asleep, fearful, dazed, confused, etc. This may last for an instant or two or for a few seconds. In those circumstances, I can't tell my character to do much of anything until I click an interrupt that takes that mez effect away (typically, Break free or a power clickable on some sets). And, if my mez protect is a toggle, that often means I have to hit the break free and then click the appropriate toggle to turn it back on and hope it activates before another mez hits me and I am not able to move again (or not moving of my own volition). And if I do that, I often don't have to run because my toggles are back up and I'm safe unless another mez attack gets through my protection. Then I am going through this cycle again. And this is all assuming I have enough endurance to do all of that (or I take the time to eat a blue while also eating a break free). If my mez protect is tied to another protection, when that mez hits me I may be taking suddenly much more damage, meaning I'm more likely to go down while my character isn't under my control and stumbling about or cowering or grabbing its head. I just don't see how you can control your character, click other things before a break free, or run away in these circumstances. I'm not sure I have these options you say I do. Now, granted, if I recognize the mob types and know that there are mezzers, I will often wait until my End is full, eat a purple Insp of one sort or another, and target them first. I do have options if I recognize and am prepared for them. But if you miss one, or they come in later, or they get a sneaky good roll on your defenses and get through it regardless, you're not under your control, your options are limited, and you may drop without being able to run or before you can even click an Insp. My preference is that toggles are only suppressed, not turned off. I don't mind having clickable mez protection but usually bolster that with Acrobatics/combat jumping/Combat flight or the like so there's something there all the time. And I usually carry around a couple of break frees in case they still make it through so I can get control back for my character as quickly as possible. I really like the idea proposed that clickable mez protection would provide a minimum level of protection all the time and only need to be clicked against bosses and the like.
  2. I reorder my characters from highest to lowest level on the character selection screen continuously. And I usually play odd-level characters first to get to them to an even level (and a new power) until level 32+, unless I have a particular hankering to play a specific hero. Having information like this would help me make the decision of which character to play, for sure. Slightly harder to do, I'm sure, but something I've often wanted is some way to see if anyone from my SG is online and which character they are currently playing at the character select screen. That way, I can pick an AT or similarly leveled character right away to join up with them ASAP and get gaming. However, I'm in a small SG with just known friends, so that number is going to be small. Someone who is in a very large SG might have a ton to scroll through. But, still, it would save me logging on, seeing who is available and what they are playing, logging out, and logging back on with an appropriate character (close in level, compatible AT, etc.).
  3. I did read it. I think the sheer volume of bodies in that room and on each level that aren't clickable made me miss clicking the right one at first. I would start by standing in front of the console (and, subsequently, nearly on top of the correct body) and I wouldn't see her... right at my feet! And I would assume I had clicked on that particular body when I actually hadn't. Once I finally clicked her and the story continued, it was a real "D'oh!" moment. *sigh However, I didn't put in a ticket; I found her in the end. And, since then, whenever I see someone struggling with this (usually with a plea for guidance in the Help channel), I make sure to let them know which body to click on. I know I've seen others do that, too. Hopefully, that has helped keep the ticket volume a little lower. 🙂
  4. In my opinion, you can't look at Tanks without comparing to both Brutes and Scrappers. Brutes should fall into the middle between Tanks and Scrappers. If Scrapers are a 10 for damage and Tanks are a 5 for damage, then Brutes should fall in around 7.5 (and should never be able to reach 10). If Tanks are a 10 on survivability and scrappers are a 5, then Brutes should fall in around 7.5 (and should never be able to reach 10). If a Tank gets most of its defensive abilities early and scrappers get some of the best late (30+), the Brutes should get them somewhere in the teens to early 20s. Etc. Rinse, repeat. I'd much rather see the Tanks have their unique tank abilities improved than generic damage boosts. I would, for example, much rather see a Tank have a higher threshold on taunt-aggro than Brutes or Scrappers. So, for example, a Tank can aura-taunt 10 and punch-taunt an addition 5, maybe with a (small) damage boost based on actual taunted numbers. The Brute should be less than that, maybe 5 for an aura-taunt and 5 more with punch-taunt and they get a (small) survivability boost based on actual taunted numbers. The Scrapper should have the lowest numbers of aura-taunt, say 3-4, and punch-taunt of around 1-2, for no more than 5, and maybe something more Scrapper-ish, like a (small) bonus to power recharge and/or endurance recovery. Now, each of these feels different, holds and uses mobs differently, and plays differently in a group. Excellent! This allows non-numbers crunchers (like me) to see the value of each... A scrapper is going to provide me with a lot of up-time and damage, but the survivability is much lower (but still better than a ranged or support archetype)-- making me good at solo play but wanting to team for the heals/defenses and crowd control. A tank provides me with a lot of survivability and helpful crowd control when in a group, but my damage is never going to be the best so it will take me longer to wade through things -- making me good at solo content but wanting to team for their damage. A Brute is a happy medium-- I'm a happy medium in damage and crowd control of the melee classes making me good at solo but I want to team for *any* benefit another character provides (more damage, healing/defenses, better crowd control, etc.). Also, people creating teams can really consider what they need for a TF or missions, as if they have a lot of CC or group defense to start, then maybe a brute or scrapper is a better choice but if they have limited or no CC or group defense, then a tank (or two!) is better. Having all three even has upsides for a team! Right now on live, it feels like you've got two classes that are nearly the same in defensive capabilities and taunting ability (tanks/brutes), with one version doing more damage, or you can pick the other archetype that does the most damage (scrappers) and is slightly lower in survivability. In practical play, there is little difference to survivability and crowd control as I switch between my brutes and tanks, especially as I ease into the 25+ game environment. I only see a difference when I switch from brute/tank to scrapper and back. In my opinion, I should feel a difference (and teammates should too) between a tank, brute, and scrapper and adjust my (their) play accordingly. Hope this opinion helps the discussion.
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