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  1. Except that this is a thing that only started a few minutes ago. So your issue is entirely different/may not still exist.
  2. No. No you weren't. Not by a great big huge country mile.
  3. I apologize if it is already in here somewhere....
  4. OOooooOOOoooo, you lucky dog, you. Seriously though, anything you folks get like that, flag it up to us and we will kill it with fire.
  5. Let's try to keep the conversation civil, shall we? Less name calling and insults. Yes, this is a warning.
  6. Just to be clear, it _is_ an issue we are aware of, but not one we have a solution for yet. It's begin worked on though. Meanwhile, hopefully this thread will keep collecting data.
  7. I've read and reread this thread for at least an hour and I can't for the life of me figure out what the last page and a half has to do with the OP's topic. Can we steer it back towards that or shall I just lock it now before it heads into the weeds? Also, let's avoid being accusatory towards other people in the thread. Have your say, but do it respectfully. That's all we ask.
  8. She is literally laying on the ground in front of the computer terminal and has the key you need to advance the mission and enter the next area. The game tells you to find her body and get the key, but I suppose people just click right past it. Slow down a little. Read. Save us some tickets. Have a good game.
  9. Ladies and Gentlemen, the Monk.


    Everybody was Kung-fu fighting....



  10. As it stands now, it is the proposed policy but not implemented yet. That being the case, I imagine they are still taking input and feedback about it.
  11. Sadly, I cannot. I am not privy to that particular bit of information as I understand it changes from month to month to eventually give as many people as possible an opportunity to donate if they want to. I am not aware of what those times are.
  12. We've seen some significant performance improvements with the new client. It may not be enough to _completely_ eliminate lag and what not in a Hami raid, but it might be enough to make it considerably less egregious.
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