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  1. Have the parser up and running, now. Yay! Attached my error log thus far. Hope it's useful! Errors.log
  2. View->Drops It's not a great user interface, as all the drops are treated the same...recipes, salvage, Vanguard merits, regular enhancements...but at least it gives you a count. Thanks! Apparently I'm blind.
  3. Pardon if this has been suggested already, but is there a way to get HeroStats to track recipe/salvage drops?
  4. If I, for example, drag the character in slot 1 of page 1 to slot 2 of page 3 (this one being a Create Character slot), once I leave character select this order is not preserved. This occurs regardless of which page/slot a character is moved to. Once I hit Back (to server select), Next (to log in a selected character) or Create Character (to enter character creation) the order reverts. Game is installed in C:\Users\Public\Games\City of Heroes The issue seems to be that C:\Users\Public\Games\City of Heroes\<account name>\playerslot.txt isn't being written to, currently. Mine contains 16 lines in the format of: "AccountName" "ServerName" "CharacterName" "Slot#" I can manually edit positions in the text file and they are preserved on the character select screen but re-ordering positions on the character select screen gets..wonky. Edit: After manually entering all characters in playerslot.txt I can manually adjust character position by changing the "Slot#" value. If set in the text file it cannot be modified from within the game. Note - Character Select Screen states I have 22/1000 slots used while I only have 21 characters. This discrepancy may be related? My playerslot.txt file was corrupted at some point and caused a discrepancy, hiding one of my characters on the Character Select screen. Deleting the file allowed the character to reappear and allows proper managing of the character list but does not save order once the game is exited. The file does not appear to be recreated. This testing has been done with my anti-virus (Bitdefender) uninstalled/computer rebooted.
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