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  1. I'm curious what people would think of a Kin/Energy Blast setup. Is EB really all that bad knock back wise as people claim it is?
  2. Anyone have a solid build to try for the rad/sonic?
  3. Mythcreatio


    I definitely like the looks of this! Awesome build for sure. Thank you, I'll start working towards it and see how the rechar feels! 😄
  4. Mythcreatio


    Hello All, I've been very curious about what a TW/Fire Scrapper can do in a farm. Would anyone be able to set me up with an optimal build no matter the cost to work from? Thanks in advance!
  5. Awesome, thank you! I'll definitely give this a run!
  6. Hello All, I've seen a couple rad/rad farmers running around and I'm aware it's not the fastest thing on the planet in comparison to rad/fire or spines/fire. However it seems like it can be very strong and fun to boot. As well as something that can be brought out into other content. Would anyone be able to provide a build primarily for farming with the option of not getting blown to bits in regular content! The set seems to do well in both fire and s/l farms so I wouldn't mind either! Thanks for your help in advance!
  7. Hello All! Can anyone assist me with seeing what a "top tier" farming build would look like please. Thanks in advance for your time!
  8. Mythcreatio


    Hey Everyone! I'm curious if Fire/Time is a viable build to go with? Seems like it has everything you could need while being an end hog of course lol. Any thoughts? If someone has a build I can take a look at also that would be awesome!
  9. Mythcreatio


    Hello All, Does anyone have a good build for a Water/Fire blaster that can farm and/or do other content? Any help is greatly appreciated! 😄 Thank you in advance!
  10. Hello build guru's! I'm looking for an optimal building farming with my SS/Fire brutes! I don't have a limit on funds, so anything goes here! I'm looking for something with the usuals "doesn't die, kills fast, farming machine" Can someone help me out here please! 😄
  11. Awesome, Corr it is! Thanks for the insight!
  12. Would a Corruptor or Defender work best for Ice and Storm together? Thanks in advance!
  13. Awesome, thank you for those replies! I definitely have some food for thought now!
  14. I've always been curious about Ice Control, and I would like to give it a try! Are there any complimentary secondaries I should try with it? I know Ice is known as the set that's not the best at control, but that doesn't mean it can't be fun lol.. I've also seen Ice controllers in game who have no problem with the set. So I thought why not give it a go! I love the idea of Glacier! Thanks in advance for any responses!
  15. Thanks for the response! I ended up going with a Fire/Kin and also making a Kin/Sonic Defender to see how I feel with both of those after taking some time on the defender posts. I definitely meant cold also lol. Not sure how I ended up put Water as a secondary there!
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