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  1. Ahh I see! Awesome, thanks for that information! That definitely sounds super interesting going the route of macro's mainly over the tray swaps. That definitely sounds like something I could get used to haha. I think I'll give that a shot, creating a bunch of macros and see what the play flow seems like in comparison!
  2. Hi Doom, Do you have any cool macro's/binds for quick switching and using abilities? I've heard from some people that is like half the battle with tri-form warshading lol. Currently leveling mine at the moment and I have the standard tray switching macro which helps a ton between the forms! Looking for anything that would help with making attacks feel more fluid and quick! Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the amazing feedback and information! Also that's definitely some very interesting insights for Caltrops indeed. I've often thought lesser of the ability but this has caught my interest indeed!
  4. Hello All! I've been planning on making a char with Plant/ but I've been stuck on finding a solid secondary to pair with it. I dabble in everything, and would probably run it through some farms with some friends as well most likely. I've been thinking on /Fire, /Martial, /Rad and /Earth. Any input you guys could provide on the secondary performance you've experienced would be great! For instance I've been wondering if Explosive Shuriken is viable/works well at all? It sounds like the AoE portion of the attack is splashed and not on impact? If that's correct,
  5. Super new to stalkers and wanted to give them a try. I've been thinking of playing Elec/Rad and Elec/Shield! Is Elec/Rad fluid overall to play together? Also can the /rad mini nukes crit? Can you guys list some of the benefits of playing one versus the other? Also I assume both of these secondary's would have no issue going into a farm to help out as a hitter clearing everything right? Another questions is it worth to play these two as stalkers or should I go Scrapper?
  6. Hey All! I've been thinking of creating a couple new brutes to run around with. Curious for any thoughts on the pairings: Ele/Rad: I'm thinking AOE monster with LR + 2 mini nukes from rad. Not sure if this will work how I'm thinking though for some reason lol.. Fire/Shield: This seems like it would be a nice pairing for solid AOE and single target take downs. Sav/Shield: Captain Nightcrawler? Kin/Fire: Something super different..
  7. Thanks for the input everyone!
  8. As title states! With the new changes to TA would you say they warrant going Defender over Corrupter? Also has anyone tried the combo out before (either combo)? Look forward to hearing back!
  9. Awesome, thank you! Will definitely get one of these leveled up and let you know how it all goes/feels!
  10. I'd be interested in seeing the other build you're talking about here. I've been thinking of diving into Blasters more.
  11. Hi all, Curious how people feel about water and ice with /atom pairing. Seeking answers for both regular content as well as farming. Influence wouldn't be an issue, just curious as to which would feel better/smoother. Does one have more synergy with /atom then the other would? I've also thought about going /mental with either of them but unsure! Let me know your thoughts, thanks!
  12. Hey all, Are there specific settings that should be used within Mids when putting together builds? I ask because I noticed some builds that I've made personally will have significantly lower Damage then some that I've downloaded. To test I've remade the same exact build that I've downloaded before and still that build had wayyy higher damage being reported on the downloaded build vs the exact copy that I create on my end. Just curious for any input here! Thanks!
  13. Hey All! I've been in the process of deciding which char to make next and I've been curious about going the route of Elec or Katana! Which do you believe would be the better option to go with fire? Is the main trade off between the two Elec = AOE | Katana = Single Target? I would love to hear your thoughts on the overall ability of both with AOE and ST, thanks!
  14. As the title says! I'm just seeking what people have loved/enjoyed playing the most! Seeking some inspiration for my next tanker! My current/first/and only tanker ever is a DA/Sav that has been cool thus far, but now I have that itch to test out different builds etc for tankers!
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