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  1. Mythcreatio

    Water vs Ice

    Hi all, Curious how people feel about water and ice with /atom pairing. Seeking answers for both regular content as well as farming. Influence wouldn't be an issue, just curious as to which would feel better/smoother. Does one have more synergy with /atom then the other would? I've also thought about going /mental with either of them but unsure! Let me know your thoughts, thanks!
  2. Hey all, Are there specific settings that should be used within Mids when putting together builds? I ask because I noticed some builds that I've made personally will have significantly lower Damage then some that I've downloaded. To test I've remade the same exact build that I've downloaded before and still that build had wayyy higher damage being reported on the downloaded build vs the exact copy that I create on my end. Just curious for any input here! Thanks!
  3. Mythcreatio

    Katana vs Elec

    Hey All! I've been in the process of deciding which char to make next and I've been curious about going the route of Elec or Katana! Which do you believe would be the better option to go with fire? Is the main trade off between the two Elec = AOE | Katana = Single Target? I would love to hear your thoughts on the overall ability of both with AOE and ST, thanks!
  4. As the title says! I'm just seeking what people have loved/enjoyed playing the most! Seeking some inspiration for my next tanker! My current/first/and only tanker ever is a DA/Sav that has been cool thus far, but now I have that itch to test out different builds etc for tankers!
  5. Thanks a lot, very much arppreciated! I'll definitely give it a run!
  6. Interesting, I'll probably go the route of playing both through content and seeing which fits best in the field of play of my style! Thanks for the information!
  7. Awesome, I'll definitely take a look when I get back!
  8. Awesome, thanks alot! Look forward to it!
  9. Mythcreatio

    Rad or Fire?

    Looking to make a new char. With SS and either /rad or /fire. Can you get overall good def on rad? I ask because i always see people say /rad is good but never any builds for it lol.. is there something that keeps people from playing?
  10. Hi there, I was curious if you've had any experience and/or success in creating a solid SS/Rad brute at all? I've been experimenting with Mids (very new to it still), and I'm wondering if there is a successful way to hit the res caps while still putting out ample damage?
  11. Okay i'll give those a go, will prob make a brute with it in that case!
  12. Mythcreatio

    Kinetic Melee

    Is Kinetic Melee really all that bad as I've heard? I'm between Psi, staff, fire, and kin melee's for my next char. Not sure on the aura yet.
  13. I would love to take a look at the farm builds you have. Also curious to know whether or not it would do well enough in a fire farm as well? Of course I'd do farms more geared specifically towards the build, however I was curious for group runs!
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