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  1. This would be a great QoL improvement. Make it happen Homecoming!!!
  2. Thanks, you are pretty cool too. Keep up the great posts.
  3. 🙄 So I logged into my tank again and realized I didn't have tough and weave toggles in my tray. 😆
  4. Thanks Hyperstrike, I guess I have a couple questions/statements to maybe help clear up what help I was trying to get. Surely you aren't suggesting the only viable rad armor tank is rad/rad? I picked savage melee because I hadn't played it before and the tank is sort of a joke about someone's cat that I team with. I guess what my initial question was/is: having never played rad armor before is there anything that people do differently to make rad armor more survivaible. My focus was to build resists as near to cap as I could (cold and psi being the two that I wasn't able to get about 70%) while also trying to softcap melee def (came up a little short 43.7%) . As far as outkilling the incoming damage I don't really plan on soloing an ITF or anything I just was shocked at how fast my health bar was dropping I had, compared to what I remember my tanks being like back on live. Granted I played a WP tank on live so its apples to oranges but was still just looking for advice from the masses. I do appreciate you looking at the build.
  5. Hi and thanks in advance for any suggestions anyone may have for this tanker. Initially I thought he would be very survivable however, did a stress test on a +2 ITF and I was underwhelmed at his survivability (could definitely be my game play, I haven't played tank since live). I haven't incarnated yet and am still missing both portal jockey and atlas medallion. fat louie - Tanker (Radiation Armor).mxd
  6. Hi Victory people, its been too long. Hit me up in game @Masque.
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