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  1. We are working on that , an we did in fact try that the week before this one. We failed that one, but we have plans to try it again.
  2. oops my bad Fire/ Mental Blaster that will teach me to not cut and paste
  3. On Feb. 27th 2021 The Inglorious-hami 8 of Inherent Chaos of Torchbearer Took down hamidon in the Abyss. We cleared 1 set of mitos and then took hami down the rest of the way. 1.DM/Bio tanker "10 ply" @battering-ram(Ram) 2.Fire/Mental blaster "Never say Never." @gristlebone(gris) 3.Dark/martial Blapper"tolchak" @Reddy(Red) 4.fire/Nin blaster "ballroom blietzkrieg" @erik the Viking 5.Grav/Dark Troller "Fraynk" @action Figure (Fraaaaynk!) 6.fire/fire Blaster "Chiara" @ pixXxi Fire 7.Psi/Nrgy Stalker "No U" @ jakil 8.Ice/atomic Blapper "pla
  4. It doesn't kill the fish fx,if you place the fish under the glass floor. you can still see school of fish fx and sharks under the floor but not on sides which is very disappointing. Do you still have your underwater base Dacy? would love to see it.
  5. yes. i faced them all towards the glass. Pictures really don't do it justice though,people need to be in the base to really appreciate it,I think.
  6. the base is still under construction, but i have finished most of it. IC2-7125
  7. Please Please PLEASE !!! just join the circus,like I did ,when I was a Kid!!!!!
  8. We are suppose to have the option to choose electrical Affinity on a Corrupter,but I Do NOT see it as an option. Its is an option for DEf,MMs,and Trollers.
  9. mmmm no electrical affinity for Corrupters?????????? I see it for MMs, Defenders, and Trollers but not an option for me on Corrupter.
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