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  1. You won't get away with this, Darth Yomo! On a serious note, thanks. It's nice to have mathematical confirmation of how converter intensive, on average, in-set conversions are. I also now know why the price of converters has bubbled recently. ;)
  2. It's as if 5176 converters all cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced.
  3. Thank you all for the replies; it is illuminating to both to see numbers and hear the general terms of how others perform their tasks. I am referring to profit; my present system is converter roulette, but with specific parameters set to minimize time spent and maximize effective profit. For the most part, my efforts have been focused on reducing the number of decisions I need make during the process, which has *significantly* improved my rate of inf acquisition. From this, it seems worthwhile to try to find a "market niche" to invest in for a while- though I have my doubts as to how well that approach lends itself to mass retail. I appreciate the interest, and wish everyone good luck.
  4. My present method of acquiring income is diversified enough that I do not personally run into this issue very often; that said, I'll mirror the advice that others have issued and say that it's best just to leave it alone for a while. Engaging in a race to the bottom is an excellent way to murder your own margins, and there's plenty of money to be made in moving on to a different niche.
  5. It's certainly harder to estimate, but depending on what you do, you can estimate it by gauging time spent on the AH in the last session to the money collected in this one (or a ballpark average of this over time). This should roughly be possible even if you perform long-term sales, so long as you've been implementing your current system longer than it takes for your most long-term investment to sell. That said, unless you're keeping spreadsheets, this amounts to a *very* rough estimate.
  6. Title. Whatever your chosen method of making money is, how time efficient is it? To be transparent, I'm attempting to get a feel for whether or not there exist methods with significantly better time to inf ratios as compared to my current system. EDIT: By my own rough estimates, I am making somewhere in the range of 300-500 million an hour.
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