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  1. Tried to install it to a different drive twice, was working before the update.
  2. Sounds a whole lot like quit talking about tactical arrow. It's a feedback thread, the feedback is the changes do not feel good. Range, OSA, those are the big issues and it has been directly ignored with one mention of "But mental tho". I get it, good stuff did come from the page but that doesn't make tac arrows changes any less disappointing and I'm going to say I don't like them. OSA feels so incredibly lazy. It's not even a matte of it not being a new power. It's a matter of it being a worse version of OSA which in itself is not a T9. Regardless of it is a "good" power or not i
  3. They're still holding ground on tac arrow changes huh? After testing I really dislike our T9 being another sets T8 with no added benefits to it. Outside of the fact it's a lazy T9 the fact is people are going to struggle to take it with the limited amount of slots folks already have. Not to mention the sets lack of a melee attack at all feels so strange to have the reduced range on an archer. I've said it before, I've tested the changes and I still heavily disagree with the range nerfs and think OSA should be completely replaced with something actually unique to the set. Other than that with t
  4. Has anyone tried to make an Ice/Sonic yet? I'm having difficulty figuring out how to slot this set at all.
  5. So I'm by no means an expert in build craft but I took a shot at making a build for my farming character that's just for standard content. Any tweaks or comments would be appreciated 🙂 http://www.cohplanner.com/mids/download.php?uc=1537&c=720&a=1440&f=HEX&dc=78DA6594D94F135114C6EFB453B1A5AB4017162965DF4A2BF84C54A811694222D1C4AD69E052466B693A45419F7CF01FD0075E5D1F7CF1CDDD3FC418135F6529E016F5C18CA7733EDA269DA4F39BF9CE39F79EF9E674926B53CE17A7EF4E0AA5F15436ADEBA99385D5A2B425D3196DC12A84704CDFD0B2323C2FF56203DD86CC702A29B35246E7B5623A97BA20D3F9959C1EE4C8945C92395D46139A2
  6. It's very easy after all the feedback to see that emphasis on psi as backhanded after all the feedback on tac. It feels like it's specifically there to taunt tac arrow players even if that's not what it was meant to do so. Half the immbo and give back the range.
  7. 60 isn't good enough, seconded and thirded to what others have said. Tac arrow has no melee powers and the 80ft or bust is just what the set needs to keep it's identity. If mental can have it, so can tac.
  8. Unintended or not you have to admit it has become something that the community liked about Tac Arrow. It's an archery set, archers don't typically go and bop people in the face with their arrows, despite what TV might show you. I would ask that you reconsider your choices here and just give it back the range it had and make it *two* sets with increased range as with these changes sticking I'll be another one shelfing my tac arrow character. It's just way too noticeable and doesn't feel right with the sets grown identity. Sometimes what wasn't intended ends up being what is.
  9. Hey Brother, got two requests for ya'. Electric Control/Martial Assault Dom and Assault Rifle/Trick Arrow Defender.
  10. Agreed, I feel like it should probably be renamed as well to be honest. EMP arrow doesn't sound right for a "buff" power, but that's honestly semantics. I would probably say put the duration at 20 seconds but that's about my only difference. These changes would make it really feel like a proper T9 if it's supposed to be an "ultimate" of the sets identity.
  11. After some more testing I really don't think OSA is a *Bad* call for TA but it's not the most interesting nor the most fitting for the set. It's the T8 of a different set which makes it feel kinda cheap and like a cop out of what a T9 should be. I would have rather seen something unique given to TA to give it more of its own identity over trick arrow. Not sure what I would want for a T9 as I'm sure some more creative types could brainstorm that but the range loss here really does hurt TA, I don't understand why ever manip set has to be homogenized, someone else said it but this really is feeli
  12. So, I haven't really gotten to play around with the set too much but it feels like a nice balance of control. I'm not sure what powers in builds just yet are going to be totally skippable. I'm honestly curious what the community opinion on that is so far?
  13. The actual changes to teleport pool however have been nice to say such. I just have to agree with what someone else said earlier. Travel time is not content, and this is dev time that could have been spent elsewhere on what feels like a non-issue.
  14. Overall I'm okay with tac arrow changes but two small things just make the set feel kinda less fun to play now. I don't understand the logic behind the Electrified Net Arrow and Ice Arrow changes. They are super noticeable and hurt the set over all, Also would have liked to see something unique added to the set over Oil Slick Arrow, personal opinion OSA doesn't fit Tac Arrow. The Combination of Gym was a great call though and does feel super nice over all.
  15. I don't really know if I can add more to the conversation than has been said but these changes feel really really bad for those of us that have a lot of alts. Having to get the accolad on multiple characters is going to be a massive pain and I can understand *why* they don't want us to have the dev command but it's been there for almost two years and has made it incredibly enjoyable to run some of those TFs that require so much zoning that after testing the changes with some friends on Manticore they feel very very rough, adding on travel time that is going to make folks less willing to run th
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