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  1. Hello, my friend and I are jumping back into CoH after taking a year off. We've been talking about making a 2-person team for a while and now we might actually do it. He's got a brand-new Elec/Beam defender that I'd love to team up with, but what? I'm tempted to continue the electric theme but don't have my heart set on it. I'm not sure if his Elec primary will do enough end drain to make it worthwhile for me to try to stack end drains for a sapper duo. Stacking Faraday Cages might be nice though? Some ideas I'm considering: Elec/Elec brute Kin/Elec defender Elec/Elec corruptor Elec/Martial dominator (I can't bring myself to get excited about any of the secondaries that have Power Up, but he'd have Amp Up eventually so maybe I could get by without?) Any thoughts or suggestions?
  2. I'm considering a Poison/ defender (or perhaps a /Poison corruptor, or even a controller) for thematic reasons, but I ran into some difficulty. First, I'm having trouble finding a powerset to pair it with. Second, I'm looking at the powers and wondering if the strong focus on single-target debuffs would be frustrating to play. Plenty of pixels have been lit to defend (or criticize) Trick Arrow, and other less-popular sets. But very little has been said about Poison, one way or the other. Is it so bad that it's not even worth discussing? Or is there a secret cabal of Poison Defenders out there, keeping their secrets to themselves?
  3. Thank you for this guide! Can I ask why you focus on level 31 or 41 specifically?
  4. Thank you both! In this particular case, I found that the problem was a set of stairs buried in a wall that used to be a door, as Aries implied. I'll keep Kat's pointers in mind for next time, since every room seems to get stuck in its own special way :)
  5. I've had a recurring problem crop up where a room in my superbase becomes stuck so it can't be moved or rotated. It has happened to several different rooms at different times. Unfortunately I don't have reliable steps to reproduce, but it seems to happen more often when objects have been placed on the walls. Sometimes deleting all the wall decorations will fix it, sometimes not. I can still click the "move room" button, but if I right click to rotate, nothing happens. And if I highlight a new location for the room, I can click there but it just exits out of room-move room without moving the room at all.
  6. So I joined my friends' supergroup and they already had a couple of rooms furnished, but told me I could do what I like with the rest of the base. After hours of head-scratching and scribbling on graph paper I think I've worked out how to make their room part of a really beautiful floorplan. There's just one hitch: I need to rotate their room so it has the best angle of view and can be seen right away as players enter the base. Normally I can rotate rooms with the right mouse button but this room...just won't. It can't be moved either. I can highlight a new location in blue but when I click on the new location the room stays where it is. It's not the entrance. I can leave the room where it is, and move the entrance and all the other rooms around it but then, because the entrance always points south, players will come in facing the wrong direction. I've had quite a few rooms get "stuck" like this already. Usually I can get them to move again by taking everything off the walls but no luck this time. Any other ideas? I know I should report a bug for this (and I will) but I'm hoping others have seen this problem and have a work-around for it.
  7. Just had almost exactly the same experience. In my case, my active build was leveled up but I had recently switched back and forth from an inactive build. I lost about 1/4 of my enhancements on the first try and about 1/2 on the second. My chat window was filled with lot of purple nonsense characters (sorry I forgot to take a screenshot) I logged out but had difficulty reconnecting due to a mapserver failure Eventually, however, I was able to log back in As OP reports, after logging in again I was able to respec and got all my enhancements back. Also, I'm not sure if this is behavior as intended (maybe it's a new quality of life feature?), but I noticed that respec now lets me place my slots in any order, including into powers that would not be allowed to have that many slots if leveling up normally (for example, I could 6-slot my last selected power if I wanted to). However, I was careful to place my slots in the valid build order I had originally planned.
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