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  1. So I came back last spring when news of HC broke. Got a little bored with easy mode. Now I'm back and was wondering the current state of WS v PB. I see a lot of buff PBs threads but Redlyne's post seem as if PB is the Uber. Just figuring out which to play with my limited time. Thanks
  2. I was thinking of rolling an "original" scrapper meaning trying to only use the combinations that were there early on. I had a Dark/Inv back in the early days (I started at I1 a couple of months after launch), but didn't make another scrapper until Dual Blades (DB/Will). I tried re-rolling the DM/Inv, but since I have been spamming Sands of Mu it's lost that loving feeling. What other combinations did y'all play in the early days before power proliferation? What do I need to roll to get the scrapper experience? I have mained a defender and Khelds most of the years I played. Since I don't really have the time to commit to a team any more, I would love to experience a more scrappy side of the game. What would y'all recommend?
  3. Thanks Plainguy. Do you mind sharing what you are working on?
  4. I had a TA/archery toon when it first came out that I had a love hate relationship with. But some reason, I keep thinking I should remake him (despite leveling two other defenders haha). Anyone have any experience with the current state of TA? Is anyone playing it, or has it been left behind in favor of blasters' tac Arrow? Thanks, Jolin
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