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  1. That would work fine! TY so much! Would this carry over account wide and could you explain where/how I implement it?
  2. I'm only able to physically type on the numpad & arrows 😞
  3. Hi all Like the above says I'm hoping that someone can help me. My disability has taken typing away with fingers. I can use a mouse and one finger (left hand). I use an on-screen keyboard to peruse the net, but the overlay is hidden during game play. After clicking a "send <player> a pt, I'd like to be able to hit the + key on the numpad and have it type "I'd like to join". If there is a way I can do this account wide, that would be fantastic
  4. I really hope the Devs see this You’re giving a dying man great joy. A heartfelt thanks is certainly in order. From 2005-2010, CoH was something that my wife and I had lots of great memories in. I became friends with my brother-in-law that lived across the country. We played as family. In 2010 we had our first child. Free time became a coveted luxury. The game was shut down before we had the freedom to return. In 2015, I was diagnosed with ALS. My progression has been slower than most and, though I’m restricted by my disease, I get to play! I get to team up with my BIL again. I get to play with my kids. I get to let the creativity flow. Most importantly though is seeing the happiness and respite you’re giving my wife. Her life is daunting. After an 8 hour work day, she comes home to take care of 2 children and her disabled husband. Her free time is precious. Watching her stress melt away as she boils with laughter and enjoyment is a blessing of immense proportions. Thank you.
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