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  1. With my Main here, there's the original version's sets which were set up as his "street beat" version, and then made some more based on his experiences, including a "magic" version and a "Justice" formal set. The Homecoming version has a different setup with some homages, but then, his powers are different (original was Stone Armor/Energy Melee, HC is Shield Defense/Stone Melee). His adventures have lead him to that certain Praetorian zone, so he has a Resistance set and Praetorian Police set to "blend in". That's where he is at now, so we'll see where he ends up. My Peacebringer is a bit different. I made him to look like a slightly disheveled survivor of Galaxy City for his initial costume, but with some power, like energy wings, showing. Then I set up him with some variations of his power to grow in to. That's all I've done so far, but I'm not in the habit of adding costumes until they get out of Steel Canyon, for some rather historical reasons. One I've been thinking of for an old character was to have him transform with one of his mega-buffs, ala Super-Saiyan, then go in to a "powered-down" costume at the buff's end. The character's created and gotten out of Praetoria, so we'll see if he gets to that point.
  2. I've tanked some teams like that on WoW. Most of the time its a Mage that wasn't being considerate of our Healer's Mana bar, which could lead to an easy wipe if they are not careful. Or in some dungeons they act unaware of the dungeon's mechanics which will pretty much guarantee a wipe if they keep up the antics. Just because you haven't wiped YET, doesn't mean one won't happen if you're running off half-cocked. I usually give a couple pulls to knock it off, but if they keep it up, I let them solo the pull and begin ignoring any problems they have at that point. But that's me being the leader of the pace and being aware of the pacing of the dungeon, not being a dictator. I haven't tanked a CoH team since Homecoming came out as I'm enjoying the process of experiencing the storylines, but not everyone likes to ride the red zone all the time, either, so it would turn you in to being the dictator in demanding a pace the team may not be comfortable with.
  3. Heh, most of the time I play with the speakers turned down so I can listen to Netflix, YouTube, or Hulu. Kinetic Melee is one I forgot why I didn't play it. The animation time is so ridiculously long for one about speed energy, especially when you're used to Energy Melee or Stone Melee. Yeah, it's building up the movement energy to hit hard, but I feel like it's wasting my time.
  4. Very true. Either they are already playing Live WoW (at which point their time playing Homecoming will be a waste of money, so they generally won't be playing Homecoming anyway), or they were already playing on private servers of Vanilla WoW any way, which will only cause a partial issues, because it is debatable how much is being played anyway. As a side note, is it pirating if you've already paid for the product, but they are no longer delivering said product, so you turn to someone who is providing that product?
  5. To be fair, compared to Everquest, Vanilla WoW was a solo player game. It wouldn't be compared to WoW as of Wrath, at least.
  6. I was stating the reasons given by EA, I wasn't going to bother delving in to all the nitty-gritty of the boardroom rumors and theories. It wouldn't surprise me if they pulled a Firefly on it at all, though. EA is definitely one of the companies which demonstrates the more evil side of corporations.
  7. Not always. I remember finding out the hard way which ones were Elite, Dungeons, and other aspects. Those aspects were added after launch. I can't remember how long, though.
  8. When we weren't in a dungeon, we were solo, and Draenei weren't an option at the time. Yeah, certain areas were not expected to be soloed when you got the quests to go there. I got around some of that by region hopping to keep leveling in quests easy. If certain parts of Lock Modan were hard, I'd be heading to either the Wetlands or head down south to Westfall and Red Ridge. I always had something to do, some of it was definitely either dropped or delayed, though. And compared to any other MMORPG out there at the time, besides maybe CoH, WoW was very soloable. You just had to be relatively smart and not continue to try and bang your heads against certain walls alone.
  9. I found it so, relatively speaking, and I was running a Dwarf Warrior in Protection Spec because I was running as the tank for my room-mate and his brothers. We four-manned Gnomregon and Dead Mines rather handily. We started breaking up after Gnome-town, though. My leveling between dungeons was slower (surprise surprise), and I was an altoholic. Of course, I'm comparing to Dark Age of Camelot, FFXI, and Vanguard, too. You want to talk about not being solo-friendly? Look at FFXI, where only a couple classes could get to level 10 without a group (at least, if your luck with RNG is incredibly poor like mine is). Vanguard was almost as brutal, but once you hit your teens, you either needed to group, seek content you were over-leveled on, or be really lucky/good. Pantheon is looking to be similarly rough if what the devs have been saying is in the finalized version.
  10. I remember that Warcraft 3 was supposed to have a stronger RPG flavor than it released with. You literally only controlled your hero. You didn't control the base or what it did or anything. You ran your hero around to fight or collect troops to fight with, and that's it. In a way, it is a cross between some of the WoW content where you're escorted by NPCs (an interesting take on escort missions) and what Starcraft 2 does in some areas.
  11. Yeah, one of the best examples of Vanilla WoW's problems were the so-called "hybrids". Druids and Paladins were supposed to be able to Tank, even Shamans could a little, theoretically. However, they often lacked the tools the Warriors had to be effective at it, especially as the content you were facing was more difficult than your equipment or level could address. They were often left to healing, especially when their damage couldn't keep up any more than their tanking could. Even the raiding gear pushed them in to those pigeon holes as well. Oddly enough, I tried to talk to someone about this a few months back, and they asked if I thought that I could trust the programmers to make the changes without destroying the game. My own thoughts are, you're already expecting them to make the game as original, and it won't be.
  12. I like the principle of it, but I find the methods to meet the rep grinds with obnoxious pain. Warlords was the worst, and Legion was rough, with BfA actually managing to be a LITTLE helpful instead of targeted obnoxiousness. I found that running a Human as my first character through made it just enough faster for looking so boring. I probably should have pushed my Hunter to be first, but my Death Knight can tank, so he gets dungeon queues faster to finish certain decent quest rewards.
  13. I played WoW, CoH, and SW:tOR all around the same time. I like each for different things. I've played FFXI, and as someone who doesn't know how to win friends, much less influence people, it wasn't the game for me. I played Vanguard, Saga of Heroes, and I found it more enjoyable than Everquest 2. I even tried EQ 2 for free, and never got much farther than the first few levels with a character. Vanguard was a little to group-centric for me to be able to get far, but I still enjoyed it. I still play WoW, and just finished the latest Pathfinder and have basically played it for in-game currency since right after BfA launched. I have a Vanilla and Wrath server I like to put some time on, too. I haven't played SW:tOR too much because they are soo pay-to-play without inconveniences these days. CoH is still the best superhero MMORPG on (or off now) the market, though.
  14. Still confusing caution and intelligent forethought as FUD. No one has presenting anything in a way that represents fear, so that leaves out the first part. It has been presented in a reasoned manner. Uncertainty will definitely be in play, because until another company actually comes out and says something, we don't know what they will do. The fact that nothing has happened (so far) is an indication that tacit (meaning silent, unvoiced, or unspoken) permission has been granted by virtue of apathy. But until a statement has been made or these systems have been around for some time, that uncertainty will still be quite proper. Doubt? I don't see anyone presenting anything to doubt the system as yet. If they had, they wouldn't be here in the first place. If anything, the doubt is that any major business is even going to bother doing anything about it. So, the only one pushing any FUD here is you by continuing to call it that.
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