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  1. Heh, almost as thematic to go Night Widow with Mu Mastery, but I guess that would be more in keeping with DC's Spider due to the villiany and all.
  2. Well, if you think about it, how do you think that the villains haven't gotten away with whatever they are doing between the time they show up, you get told to go there, you ACTUALLY go there after logging off for a day or 227 (altoholism is a thing), and arrive to start beating up all the villains? Simple, staircases. During emergencies elevators should be shut off and inaccessible, so you need to go up the stair cases to reach your objective. That's not only happening with old hospitals. I just spent a couple days in one smack dab next to a retirement community (and this hospital isn't that old) and had to be carted around from the ER, to the observation room (on the other side of the room), to nuclear prep, to nuclear medicine, to another place for a stress test, back to nuclear medicine for the second scan, back to my observation room, then to surgery prep, then to the surgery room, then back to my observation room, then finally out to the front to be let out. All the walls look exactly the same. I made it through Wolfenstein 3D with no problem in keeping my bearings, but I was completely thrown off in that place. Even though the base floorplan wasn't really that complex, all the walls looking the same plus what doors one can't go through unless you are working in that area can easily contribute to losing where you are at. And yes, I'm fine. We think that I ended up being accidentally overdosed on one of my heart pressure meds (high amount plus bad timing) and it slowed down my heart rate too much which created an unpleasant experience.
  3. Not quite the same thing. Yellow sunlight is completely natural. For Kryptonians, this is a natural consequence of being exposed to it and can quickly lose its benefits when exposed to a counter radiation or simply deprived of the yellow sunlight for a sufficient amount of time. Kryptonite's origins are far more suspect depending on which origination you're going with. In fact, Smallville first few seasons are replete with these types of instances. With few exceptions, those mutated by kryptonite retain their abilities long after being separated from the source, indicating that their genetic structure has changed. The power that the Kryptonians get is not a mutation or alteration, as with the "meteor freaks", but a super-charging of the energy reservoirs of said Kryptonians. In fact, as further evidence of how natural those reserves are, the original Doomsday is Kryptoanian, forced through a brutal, but rapid, evolutionary development to become the beast he was.
  4. The webs would be part of his mastery (if we had a web-based one). Most incarnations of Spidey have them be technological additions rather than a result of his powers. In most cases, they aren't used very offensively and are mostly control powers. Oddly enough, even though Spidey is technically a Science origin, a magical connection was made for him as being a member of an animal totem that a certain vampiric family would pursue to extend their lives. And Kal-El is Natural unless that specific universe has him being meddled with by his father to survive without kryptonite radiation (which is why it poisons him). It's happened in one universe, but there are a lot of what-ifs, including one that Superman wasn't even conceived until right before his rocket launched from Krypton, as Zod's son. Batman I'd make a Natural Street Justice/Ninjitsu/Weapon Stalker. This would have most of his dodging abilities as well as all of his "wonderful toys".
  5. I don't rely on specific tropes for all my characters, thought most stem from different stories and inspirations. My handle's original form was purely my version of min-maxing with the most robust Tanker armor around and the most satisfying recharge abilities, Stone/Energy (later was nerfed to be slower, dang it). Mad him a mutant with stone powers who was injured in the Rikti invastion and had mechanical replacements to give him energy powers. So I often use the desired powersets to create the character. I have another that's completely St Patrick's Day inspired that's gone through many different forms, but I like his current version rather well. I sometimes take cues from and massively alter up common concepts like a completely-did-not-work Negaduck who had a similar experience as Future Trunks and a poor janitor who got caught up with the nasty results of teleportation experiments in a certain New Mexico research facility which gave him electrical blast powers and his base suit is rather orange... I also have 3 totally-not-Protoss tribe characters that I need to work on.
  6. While not a weapon set, Dark Melee should also be looked at as it helps fill Shield's biggest weakness when compared to other Tanker Armors, no self-heal or similar ability at all. Radiation Melee also has a a self-heal, but far too conditional and weak to be effective.
  7. In a way. If you have enough heirlooms unlocked, you can have mount access right away. Well, a chauffeured motorcycle with your character in the side seat. Still, no flight as early as 14 (now 4) like CoH.
  8. Yeah, the closest I can remember before then is getting on a horse to travel between towns on Dark Age of Camelot. WoW did have mounts, but that came out later, were ground-based, and took forever to access when it launched. Though, one did have warp drive on Earth & Beyond to speed travel up, but that was a spaceship game, so rather understood.
  9. Let's see, I have 3 that are definitely not totally representing the three tribes of Protoss, a person who's been granted power from the Green Isles who doesn't quite look like a Leprechaun, and one aborted attempt at trying to recreate Negaduck. Then there's the Savage/Radioactive brute who has a costume which is a chained tiny Godzilla modification.
  10. Taking care of Granite is easy, one of the powers needs to be replaced with Hide. Usually this is the damage aura, with Stone Armor this is Mud Pots, but changing one power in a Stalker Defense set isn't that unusual. We also have to consider Rooted, which is just as bad for mobility as Granite is (though, not for the rest of the system). So, instead of Granite, it is switch with a different form, like Slate or something which offers a different set of options than Granite does.
  11. That's pretty much what you have to do with Stone Armor's Rooted and/or Granite active. You're just too dang slow, otherwise. A combat Teleport would be interesting. A faster process time combined with a much shorter range would be useful. Just put in a smidge of a recharge time so that using it wouldn't move you faster across a zone than regular teleport, and I think we have something. Now to have options to customize it so my not-Protoss-Dark Templar Stalker could make it look like one is shifting from shadow to shadow...
  12. My handle on Homecoming is the same as pre-Snap, Bludd Quartz. I came up with this name when I was making what I thought would be the perfect blend of desires. Stone Armor for its all around defense and Energy Melee for its speed of attack (which later got muted). I couldn't think of what to do so I gave him the white stone skin, and went light red for the accents to represent the Energy Melee colors before power customization took affect. White stone with pink highlights reminded me of quartz, so that was in. Another description was blood for the colored accents, but might not make it, so was reminded of Jason Bludd of Justice League, so I took Bludd as a "misspelling". ID gave him the name of Gabriel Bludd, tying everything together. I later made a Dual Blades/Willpower character named Bluddy Will, Bludd Quartz's brother who was named William. I had a villain named Napthun who was a Dark Melee/Fire Armor Brute which was a misspelling of naphtha. Then there was the Praetorian Plant/Fire Dominator who was Thermal Bloom. I gleaned the term from one of David Weber's series in which the plasma weapons were as dangerous from the heat differential as from the energy being propelled. Since I've come back, I've restored one or two from live since then and created a few more. One of the new "other languages" I've used is Garra Verde who is a Savage/Rad Brute. The name is spanish, so you can look up what it means.
  13. I'm totally for this and similar. Male/Huge characters who you actually try to set up as having stone skin, or similar, have to completely cover up any tights or it only looks like it's painted on.
  14. It depends on the clicky power. SR and SD both have clicked control defense powers, for example. Natively, their duration is 2/3 of their recharge time, but they can be brought to constant with a 2-3 Recharge SOs. Dark Armor has zero Auto powers (unless you're a Stalker). None. 7 toggles and 2 clicks. Dark Armor is interesting because it is pretty much a Resist line, and the 3 Resist Toggles need to be run almost constantly, unlike Stone Armor, because of the alternative Resistances built in to the powers such as end drain and control (though Murky is less necessary than the others). The damage aura is pretty much needed for Brutes and Tanks, while a bonus for Scrappers (and gone on Stalkers). So these are the minimum 4 that one could be expected to be running at time, and we haven't even considered other powers like Combat Jumping, Tough, Weave, or Cloak of Darkness. These 4 are also the only ones that we likely never consider taking off of toggle. Could you consider how effective they would be as click powers? But we still have 3 more toggles in the line, all of which are of very situational usefulness. Turning 2 of them on for a short bit for that usefulness seems counter-productive, especially when just being toggle auras reduces their effectiveness, and 1 is useless for Brutes and Tankers except for just moving between missions or just sneaking past mob groups. Honestly, I think converting these 3 from toggles to clicks would help round out things a little bit without significantly changing the over all feel of the sets. And/or it would be interesting to switch the Brutes' and Tankers' CoD to match the Stalker's Shadow Dweller. Losing the stun reduces the need for the hp cost on Gloom, imo. Honestly, for Gloom, set it to be a Click, decent stun range (but long cool down so it won't be useful to auto-activate), and inflict a self-DoT from there. As a side thought, what if either Oppressive Gloom and/or Cloak of Fear were like Radiation Melee's Irradiated Ground? Instead of an offensive aura pulsing out, make it a click and drop power, leaving a pulsing pet of control. The pulses happen as they do now, so the Magnitude doesn't have to be changed, just the duration of the pet, overall recharge time, and initial end cost. The end cost as a click would be pretty easy to address, as it would just be based on the duration of the pet (or maybe a little bit more). This removes the trap of taking an interesting power, but is just another costly toggle. Of course, I don't know how hard it would make such a significant change to a power, just tossing the idea out for consideration and research.
  15. As Replacement said, access is not necessarily the problem, but knowing what is available to be put in where is a challenge for most.
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