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  1. You should look up a character called "Panda" in the anime, Jujutsu Kaizen. I think he'd fit right in with him.
  2. It looks good, and it works great as an early design with open opportunities for expansion to represent different aspects of his career. Possibilities of redoing the head exist, but only if you want his identity to be more in cover or ambiguous.
  3. Heh, I love the Freedom Force reference in the name. And the costume looks great!
  4. The odds of Blackwhip being available...
  5. That reminds me of a couple of scenes, like when (live TV show) Supergirl was trying out new uniforms and found out why Superman had a cape: to provide stability in flight and make it easier to corner (after she ran in to a berm after failing a tight turn check). It also reminds me of Hero Academia where they announce their costumes, but then later on look at adding items to their costume to improve their powers like boomy-hands Bakugo having grenade styled gloves that are reservoirs for his explosive sweat or Midoriya adding boot reinforcements for kicking and gloves to amplify his finger ai
  6. Also a possibility: Dark Age of Camelot Friars use a Quarterstaff in combat and are rather agile. They are also secondary healers, too. Too bad there's no Staff/Empathy or Staff/Pain builds currently possible.
  7. It feels very Samurai, so I would look in to a Katana or Bow set. Or if ranged, I'd look in to Rad or Energy blast or Illusion control.
  8. *Must.... not... make... They... Might... Be... Giants.... joke....*
  9. For some reason it kind of made me think of Alan Tudyk's character on Resident Alien. If you want some inspiration, maybe look there?
  10. A while back I got a random idea on some Psionic Melee inspired by characters of another game: Tanker with Invulnerable Primary Stalker with a Darkness Secondary
  11. Heh, that makes me want to pull out the old yodeling country LPs. Meanwhile, keep the doves away.
  12. Mighty Morphin Paragon Ranger Warriors!
  13. Believe it or not, I'm walking on air. I never though the costume designer could be so free. It makes me want to fly away on a wing and prayer.
  14. I don't know... They would naturally inspire ZZ Top, that's for sure.
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