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  1. A DOT Character. I know there are some AT's that have some DOT powers, but what I am talking about is a build that focus on all DOTs and maybe a blast that gets stronger when the DOTs reach a certain point. Would make for a very fun build/mechanic. A Tendril Character. A multi-arm power-set, similar to Spiders, but with much different options. Give us the ability to have multi-attacks with a multi-arm character. Perhaps, have a mechanic that builds a meter of some kind that allows your arms to get more multi-strikes the more stacks you have.
  2. Yep, that is what is becoming clear to me. So, certain players figured out how to cancel their animations to basically activate more powers than they should have been able to. Strange that I never noticed this personally (or not in a way that affected my play style, at least), but it makes sense why: 1. They fixed it in a patch and 2. Some who actively exploited it are now complaining about it. With my play style, I tend to go for def/res caps rather than trying to out speed the game. So, this may be why I am not noticing this "nerf", or fix, as I would call it. As a matter o
  3. So, I was in some Trials and iTrials last night and a significant number of people complained incessantly about how they felt "Slow" and "weak" and how they feel the patch made their toon unplayable. When I asked how so, one person said, "Well, I died in the 1st 30 secs of an ITF." I asked how that is that patches fault and they explained that they could normally nuke and move before the enemies could hit them. It seemed through further conversations with said people that these players are power players that have found "exploits" in the previous mechanics of the game and those
  4. I know this is an old post at this point, but have been playing around with SM and was looking for posts about it and found found this. But, I can't disagree more with the information you are proving here. Shred is the only power in the set that accepts defense debuff sets, making it a great dps booster. It is also a cone, so you can slot lots of procs in it. I find it to be a great power. The information online is also inaccurate at this point, since the power no longer causes exhaustion. I find Hemorrhage to be a great power against single targets - especially bosses/AV's.
  5. Thank you guys, for your help! So, I guess to not plan for this in my primary resistance attribute (for example S/L), but it seems that it could really help in PVE content against other damage types. This is very good to know. Unfortunately, MIDS still doesn't work on my Mac, so I have to do this the hard way. 😞
  6. In the tooltips for several Super Reflexes powers, it states that they give increasing resistance as you take damage or something along those lines. Being new to Super Reflexes, can someone explain how this mechanic works and what percentages these resistances are? I am trying to plan things out for caps and such, and it is hard to plan when the power doesn't really tell you. Thanks for any help/advice!
  7. All, I love the Mac client since I obtained it for CoH but I cannot for the life of me figure out where it saves its screenshots. Does anyone know? I can't find them anywhere. Thanks for any help!
  8. I am wondering this same question. I am looking for a controller that has farm potential. I understand that fire/kin was the OG controller farmer. Is anything else possible? How viable is fire/storm? I have a grav/time controller decked out but it is just a hair too slow to be viable. No problem w/ +4/8 content, it's just slow. Look for something just a hair faster. Not expecting Brute level speed. Any recommendations? If fire/storm is viable that would be nice since I have a toon already, but open to suggestions!
  9. I never find a farm build I agree with, lol... Interesting how people 4+ slot a useless power like boxing and do things like 1 slotting Maneuvers, Tough, and Weave. Will post my build someday when they get MIDS to work on Mac. 😞
  10. I am unable to play... Cannot update the manifest via Island Rum... Can anyone confirm the correct path for this manifest?
  11. Just so you know, the launcher is unavailable for Mac. In any case, I am now having this same issue today. This time, I am unable to update the manifest, so my previous fix will not work... Any ideas what to do?
  12. Yeah, you didn't read what I wrote at all.
  13. From a farmer who runs Thugs all the time, don't agree with this. You WANT to slot procs in your thugs. As a matter of fact, you specifically want to slot Overwhelming Force->KD. I follow none of your slotting advice, honestly... Slotting Achilles and other defense debuffs in your Enforcer? Only if you need it. If I have already debuffed them to oblivion, would much rather put something else there...
  14. Definitely not Field. You want to Farm? Field may get you there like it did, me.
  15. Yeah, Comic-con is a not a problem, itself. The issue with Masterminds (and this is an issue with all non-tank farmers) is runners. In all maps, you'll get runners. Problem with many of the Comic-con maps is the runners will aggro neighboring groups and it starts becoming too much to handle. For my farming, I run a special outdoor map (Boomtown). It has fencing and a little more meaty city terrain. What this does, is it gives runners something to run into. Fencing and such helps contain them. If you play on the Everlasting server, please check out my farm map (just type in Crime Boss).
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