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  1. Thanks so much for the replies and help guys! This is very helpful! Really appreciate it!
  2. So, the tricky thing for me with this is trying to figure out what powers to slot with procs, what ones to slot with my ATO's, and which ones to slot KB to KD (all of them?). This is my first toon of this kind. I am also going with fire mastery. Having a real hard time hitting any caps with this build... Any builds any could post? Thanks very much!
  3. So, the issue I am having is that every power in thorny assault is viable and if I take all the powers I run out of slots to put in them to make them all proper. So, how do we handle this if we want a high dps/high survivability build? I just have no idea what to gimp... Thanks for any help/advice!
  4. There are plenty of users such as myself who do not use Catalina.
  5. Why did you just delete the instructions on starting the software for Mac? I forget the exact terminal command and you just edited it 3 hours ago and deleted it?!
  6. Question for everyone. So, looking at Stone Melee/Stone Armor, if you had to choose between picking up Boulder throw or going with Earth Mastery powers, which would you pick and why? What does everyone think of Earth Mastery as a power set? What powers are recommended from the set?
  7. Being relatively new to the PB archetype, I get the impression that the OP hasn't gotten to high enough level yet and hasn't used light form. I went from being unsure if I would like the class to it being my favorite class in the whole game within 5 levels once I understood how to play it in the higher levels. Clearly, once someone understands how to play the class, they will see why the extraneous stuff is no longer needed.
  8. I was Captain Coldsnap on the Virtue server and play on the Everlasting server. Assumed all the Knights that came back would come over to Everlasting. I've been looking for them. 😞 I've even looked to see if their wiki's would be updated on virtueverse in the hopes of figuring out what toons they are playing now. Seems really difficult to reconnect these days.
  9. As it stands, each time they patched the game, it has gotten harder and harder for me to get this game to run on my Mac. Last patch, I had to do the winetricks and all that and change the run directory and it would only run in safemode. After this latest patch, it won't run at all. Now, it completely freezes my system... Anyone have any idea what I can do to fix this? Thanks for any and all help.
  10. Something is wrong with the game right now, so that could explain your problem. It won't load for me at all and freezes my system. Worked great until an hour or so ago. Windows people are reporting the same problem.
  11. From Virtue, here! Captain Coldsnap is my toon.
  12. I am actually playing on Mac, so I am using Island Rum. Same thing is happening to me only instead of launching and closing, it freezes. Just started happening this morning. Took a few hour break and played some other games (including other Wine games such as SWTOR) and it is still doing it as of now. Game seems to be down hard for the moment...
  13. Was just playing and the game froze... First time it has done this. Restarted PC and game won't start. Clicked shortcut and PC froze again... Not sure what is going on. Haven't had any issues until just now. Anyone else have this problem?
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