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  1. Disregard, I figured it out: Right click on dekstop, open Display Settings Set the value ins the "Change size of text, apps, and other items" drop down to 100% (it was previously set to 175%) Game works fine now at max resolution.
  2. I'm travelling this week, so I installed CoH on my laptop. Launched the game, went into setting, set the resolution to match my desktop resolution (1920x1280). Now the login/settings screen is zoomed in so far I can't see anything or access any of the buttons on it. So, is there any way to reset graphics settings, namely the game's resolution, from outside of the game? Like some file I can edit or something? Thanks
  3. I recently created a Rad/Atomic blaster on Excelsior and named him Atom Warlock. I honestly expected the name to be taken already but it wasn't. My demon mastermind named his demonlings Lil Spice and Lil Ice. I'm still thinking about what to call his other demons.
  4. If anyone's interested, I figured out what was wrong, sort of. I don't know why, but sometimes when I click the Post button to put something up for sale it just doesn't work. It's not a matter of how many transactions I already have going. I click the Post button, I clearly see that it was clicked, yet nothing happens. I've found three solutions or workarounds that clear it up and get it working again: 1. Click the Reset button in the upper portion of the /ah window. Pretty sure that's just supposed to reset your search criteria but regardless, clicking it usually lets post things again when the button stops working. 2. Take the item I'm trying to post back into my inventory, then drag it to the /ah and try posting it again. 3. Just. Keep. Clicking. Post. Spamming the button works too. Again, not sure why click Post doesn't work sometimes. My first thought was that it was just lag, but if that were the case wouldn't the game eventually catch up and post my item for sale? I've also not been experiencing any other symptoms of lag when this happens, so. . . ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. More than enough. I had 12.5 million inf and was trying to sell an item for 2 million. It's possible I accidentally typed too many 0's when setting the price, but I don't think so.
  6. I'll have to play around it some more later and see if I can figure out what's going on. Here's how I've been selling: 1. Drag the item onto the bottom portion of the AH window 2. Enter a price 3. Click Post At that point, it usually goes right into the Selling tab. Unless I have 4 items for sale already, then it just goes to the Stored tab and clicking Post from there does nothing.
  7. I have a question about the AH: Is there a limit on the number of transactions you can have active at any time? I keep getting stuck at 4. I posted 4 items to sell and when I try to post a 5th, it doesn't get posted. Instead it goes to the Stored tab. Am I missing something, experiencing some kind of weird bug, or is that just the way it works? If I leave an item that I tried to post in the Stored tab, will it automatically post to the AH when one of my other items sells?
  8. Hey, thanks for posting this! Quick question: Did you choose the Quickfoot recipe to start crafting with because it was inexpensive, or was there another reason?
  9. Thanks! I thought that with my current money I should be able to get a good start. I'm just going to have to devote some time to it. Thanks to Robotech_Master's guide I already have some idea of how to go about it, but if you're up for writing another guide I'm all for it.
  10. Thank you for this guide. I really appreciate the information in it. But, I have a (possibly total noob) question: How can I get this IO as early as level 7? I looked for it on the /ah last night. It was consistently selling for 8 million influence. The recipe for it was going for 5-6.25 million. How's a level 7 character supposed to have that much? I've been following Robotech_Master's guide (https://forums.homecomingservers.com/index.php/topic,3161.0.html) for making money on the AH, but after a few hours of playing I've reached level 14 and only made about 3.3 million. I suppose I could just focus on making more inf for a while, but. . . Is there another way to get a specific IO that I want, or at least increase my chances of getting it?
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