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  1. OH GREAT HAHAHA and it figures I'm on a melee this time, thanks for the heads up. May I offer you a few Sudden Accelerations? 😄 I can't wait to see your costume. I saw Mister Marzipan online and send him message the other day. Yours is even more delicious than mine!
  2. @TrixieKixx: Please sign me up for this delicious yumminess that is Coconut Patty. 🙂 Broad Sword/Invulnerability Brute 😄 EDIT: Now I am craving these. Haven't bought any in years! I hope my costume will do this justice. 😋
  3. I have not made a blaster since the game was live, LOL. We'll see how this goes. It might give me a chance to try a primary powerset that I'm currently not playing on a sentinel. All Kheldian.... oh my.... I haven't played one since live, but I do have a PB on my second account who you just talked me into learning how to play. 😄
  4. Trixie, you have outdone yourself. Some of these are very unique and I can't wait to get creative! Plus step out of my comfort zone with a blaster! ::: "Oh god oh god, we're all gonna die"::: 🤕
  5. It's alignment specific... the opposite one is Burden Bearer.
  6. Sexy Costumes - Apex/Tin Mage Mk II Task Forces - Only one AT of each type! Saturday, 4/10/21 We had 4 guests join us for Apex: The regulars sign-up sheet: We had a whole lotta sexy goin' on today! 😘 The posing today was just as much fun as the combat! 😄 "Get Some"! Blue g
  7. Hey Theme Team, we did great and got them all! 😄
  8. Ha, same here! I have never done it before, was just reading about it and thought I'd share the info so we have it to refer to when the time comes. 😄
  9. The Apex TF awards Weapon Master/Warrior Princess accomplishment badge at completion. To get Master of Apex's Task Force badge, we would need to collect these 3 badges during the TF for achieving each of the following: Drone Protector Ensure no drones are defeated in the first mission of the Apex Task Force. Burden Bearer/Arm's Length Ensure no drones are revived/recharged in the first mission of the Apex Task Force Already Dead Defeat Battle Maiden in under 15 minutes (Timer only counts when she is on the map)
  10. I have dibs on sentinel, and will join with my ice/rad sentinel, Frost Vixen! (formerly known as Midnyte Frost 🙂 )
  11. Great fun today doing both Posi TFs! The costumes were all beautiful as always. Dummy me, though, forgot to change my evil orange title from Halloween to more of an Easter one, LOL. So the pastel bunny is running around being dastardly and deadly in Halloween orange! 😄 Love the donut pics and afterwards I went back to Posi and gave him a donut from Faultline! 😄 And I came back from afk and found people dancing around me. Emmy and Trixie having a dance party! 🤩
  12. Bunny Costumes in Easter Colors Theme - Positron TF - Saturday, 4/3/21
  13. I have one too, like yours beast/nature. I haven't played her in a while. She is a future project. 🙂
  14. Oh yikes... I guess I never officially signed up.... I guess in that talk about Love Bunny my brain thought I was reserving my spot even though I never did it officially! So here is my sign-up... Love Bunny, night widow. 🙂
  15. whiskers maybe? I don't use them on my bunny costumes, just my cat costumes. we'll be good in our playboy bunny outfits! 😄
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