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  1. @Jaxman100, instead of bringing one of my lowbies (I had an axe/inv brute but inv is already spoken for 😄 ), I found one of my 50s who doesn't have the badge. So add me to the list of people blowing dust off one of their characters. Midnyte Enchantress, dual blades/WP scrapper. She hasn't been played in over a year so the dust has been blown!
  2. I don't know, but I'm hoping he's got a hot date! 🥰
  3. @Jaxman100, reserving my spot in your all-melee Synapse! I have a few choices I could bring... babies right now that I've been holding onto for a while. Will look over their powersets and compare to the list and let you know soon who I'm bringing.
  4. "Manticore Has the Blues" - Saturday 11/28/20 I was mesmerized by this beautiful cloud.... We kept them on their asses.... they didn't stand a chance!
  5. Glad you got this shot of the TF complete message, Trixie, since I forgot to have my UI on for it! 🙂
  6. ACK... I forgot to remove the story of her previous persona! LOL. I'm such a goof!
  7. Hell's Heart, SS/WP brute 😄
  8. @TraumaTrain - Rich, the idea came up about a clown theme sometime... and I told the group about your previous clown characters! 🤡
  9. LOL, thank you... I was playing around with some cropping and couldn't resist sharing. 😂
  10. Pics from Fairy-themed DFB/DIB Saturday, 11/21/20 We started out with one line-up of players, did some switching along the way through 4 DFBs, and then wound up with a slightly different line-up for the final DiB. A good time was had by all, and lots of badges were collected!
  11. Fill me in for Water Faerie, water blast/pain domination corruptor 🙂
  12. I have paired up the full fishnets with the mesh top, it matches pretty well, give it a try 🙂
  13. I should lose my job as group photographer after today.... I missed getting good close-ups of some of you and had to settle for bad quality zoomed in crops. 😞 I have a tendency to be compulsive about stuff so I think I try too hard to *not* be compulsive and then today I just went too far being casual about it. 😿
  14. Pics from "Savage Nature!" themed Tarikoss SF and bonus zombie invasion Saturday, 11/14/20
  15. @TrixieKixx - count me in! Character to be determined but definitely something ranged so my wings will flutter in hover 😄 Probably a sentinel but will update it once I decide. Thanks for this great idea!
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