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  1. @Jaxman100, I have a name change, Sea Goddess 🙂 I had changed her for fairy theme and I am changing her back to her original persona. Thanks!
  2. Elderly costume theme - Barracuda SF turned Karsis TF - Saturday, 6/19/21 Bananiac could not join us, so with only 4 we switched to Transcendence trial instead. Karsis allowed us one last cup of tea while giving us our instructions. So much fun that we all switched characters to do another round, but nobody had Karsis as a contact so we did the flashback arc that unloc
  3. @TrixieKixx: I'm changing my answer. 🙂 Midnyte already has the Tried and True badge, so I am switching to the next in line for it, Moonlight Goddess, rad/rad brute.
  4. I have only done it once in the Now Time, and like Trixie, couldn't really follow all that was happening. I looked it up to see the rewards. The completion of the SF itself gives Arbiter accomplishment badge: Achieving the two challenges you mentioned, gives Master of the 5th Column Strike Force achievement badge: Here are the AT-specific powers we get during the SF: One more thing worth noting. I think that this SF is the villain version of Khan, and thereby giving us 1 of the 3 components of the Tried and True exploration badge. It
  5. I felt the same way, and even wrote it into a temporary bio 😄
  6. It is also worth noting that the exploration progress bar only shows if you are of hero/vig alignment. Discovered after countless hours furrowing my brow looking for it on my characters who are mostly villain/rogue. 😄
  7. For Barracuda, I will bring out Midnyte, dark/WP brute. This costume will be a challenge for sure, @TrixieKixx 🥴😵 Getting started on that right now! 😄
  8. LOL, it's funny when snapping pics during combat I never know what I'm going to get until I go through them later. Sometimes I get a winner! 😄 We will miss you next week!
  9. "Water-bags".... LOL, I love your backstory for Cryomania, @FrauleinMental And yeah, prior to this theme group, I had only ever gone straight to the bottom. That's how Rich and I did it back on live, whether in a group or duoing this SF. I am fine with it either way, but usually I like spending as much time with you peeps as I can. 😄
  10. @Bananiac: I love this! Great idea 🤩
  11. Ice Mistral SF - "Let's Get Chilly!" - ice/cold powers theme Saturday, 6/12/2021 Starring: Pre-Game entertainment The Theme Team ♥ There was much chilly goodness to be had today The only people I'd feel safe jumping into a hole with! Lots of level-'sploding today
  12. I will join for Ice Mistral with Garnet Frost, ice/ice stalker.
  13. And a special happy birthday to The Theme Team's founder, @TraumaTrain!!!!! aka @Rich 1, @Rich 2, @Rich 3
  14. The Kheldian War - All-Kheldian themed Moonfire TF - Saturday, 6/5/21
  15. I reallly liked your concept... what a fun 60s-sexy movie from my childhood... you nailed Jane Fonda's hair!
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