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  1. I love how you gave us all descriptions! 😂
  2. My gloomy is checking in as Midnyte Wytch, dark/dark sentinel.
  3. Pics from today's "Flamin' Ernesto" - any fire powerset Hess Task Force. Saturday, 9/26/20.
  4. Hi friends! I've had a busy week on vacation and with my friend in town... having a great time but wanted to catch up on messages and secure my spot for this Saturday. My BIL is taking her to the airport Saturday morning so that means I will be free at noon to join! I loved catching up on the tales of last weekend. So glad you all had a good time. The insects were all marvelous! I am happy to see that we have multiple photographers on duty in my absence! 😄 Both with the UI and without, very nice. I see this week is fire Hess. easy enough! I have not logged into the game all week but am going to take inventory of my characters and might join with my fire sentinel. So count me in but not exactly sure yet who I'm bringing. Will finalize it tonight or tomorrow!
  5. Hi all, I'm going to have to miss the party this Saturday! My friend is flying in and I will be picking her up at the airport that afternoon. I am so bummed to miss it, but excited for my bestie to visit! I love all the characters I've seen so far, so have a bzzzt bzzzt good time!
  6. Yes, and I was glad to see you adding to our photo collection this week! Love yours too. 😄
  7. Mine has been determined now 🙂 so you can fill me in for Fire Bee. (Fire/WP Sentinel)
  8. Pictures of all-MM Numina. Saturday, 9/12/2020. Rather chaotic looking, but it demonstrates the flavor of our team yesterday. 😄 It was really a lot of fun!
  9. Thanks for offering to lead this, Trixie! I will be joining with something new I'm going to dream up this week. 😄 Edit: After looking through all my pages of characters now (LOL) I am thinking it better to just keep playing the ones I have. My fire sentinel could be renamed/recostumed into an insect. Back on live I had a Queen Fire Bee that might fit this part. It's always important to me when using wings to play a ranged character for hover during combat. I don't like putting wings on a melee AT that just sit there idle during combat. Or maybe I think too hard about these things! 🤣
  10. I will be bringing the demons. /pain. Lady Midnyte. 🙂
  11. Pics of those who joined Renault SF. 🤩 Saturday 9/5/20
  12. I am 56. Played on live in my 40s with young kids, who are now in their 20s. 🙂 They dabble at the game now, but have others they are more interested in. For me, I have come home, and have abandoned all other games I have tried over the years.
  13. @TrixieKixx - I found the panther travel power! I had no idea. Now I have it too. 🙂
  14. Pics from animal-themed Manticore Saturday, 8/29/2020 Note to self: the next time we do a costume theme, I'm going to make a point to get close-up shots of everyone's creativity. Because zooming in and cropping is just so low res that I don't have any good shots of the great costumes. 😞
  15. I have a lvl 50 rad/rad brute, Queen Neutronia, but she has Leviathan badge already. I'll bring my ice/rad sentinel, Midnyte Frost... a new 50 who needs encarnate goodies. 😄
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