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  1. Mark Waid & Barry Kitson, JLA Year One, if anyone would like to read a really excellent modern retelling of the bizarrely little-known origin of the Justice League! It's great!
  2. I'm expecting it to be like a season of Dr Who if the Master was the main character.
  3. FLASHBACK FRIDAY COSTUME CONTEST in ECHO: GALAXY CITY! Theme: Flyers! (Be able to fly, doesn't matter how you do it.) **9pm Eastern on 4/23** Prizes are TBA based on attendance, but first place will be at least 100m and a purple enhancement! How to get to Echo: Galaxy be a Hero, Vigilante or Rogue zone to Ouroborous head to the back of the Big Tower and click on the portal!
  4. /macro RP roleplaying That will make a button in your tray that will turn the flag off or on. or just /roleplaying Hope that's helpful!
  5. Are you a strange visitor from another planet? New life from a new civilization? The Star League needs you! Join us for a CC hosted by the Paragon Comics Coalition. Sun, 5/17 8pm eastern Atlas Park. Theme is 'Comic Book Aliens!' (special prizes awarded for originality!, No clones please!)
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