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  1. Coming in third place this week is Silver Guard! In second place, we have Primasect! And our winner this week is Manhunt! We'll be back next week, same time, same place!
  2. Welcome back! Our winner this week is Unionette! In second place, Doctor Widget And in third, Black-Rook!
  3. Here's this weeks' winners! In first place, we've got Starscorch! In second place, Knight Phoenix! And rounding out in third, Ace Infinite!
  4. Week 10's winners are as follows! In third place, Powertrip! In second place, Silky Mouse! And this week's winner, Starback!
  5. Our winners for week nine are... In first place, we have Astrocyte! Grey Hornet! and Basilisk!
  6. His reputation is constantly being tarnished by my merc šŸ˜†
  7. Week #7's winners are... In first place, Voidbomb! Ze Hornet places in second place! And Silver Cat takes home third!
  8. The winners for this week are: In first place, Kestrel's Cry! And this week's runner-up is Dawnshift!
  9. Presenting the winners for Week 4! In first place, Ever Star! 2nd place: Tuskegee!
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