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  1. Rerolled from Sonic/Mental to Sonic/Sonic
  2. Playing around with the new asymmetrical shoulder options...
  3. My newest supervillain Explode - Fire/Atomic Blaster.
  4. Because winter is coming... Cold and Chill The new slide customization is super groovy.
  5. Just in time for Halloween: Ghost Man Half Jack
  6. Skill - Archery/Ninja Training And Caliber, my time-traveling cowboy.
  7. Hopefully its a blaster secondary. Always felt weird having a sonic blast and nothing analogous.
  8. My blind, Batman-inspired vigilante Revenge - Street Justice/Willpower Scrapper And my portal-parting hero Warp - Gravity Control/Dark Assault
  9. Rest in power to The King. Insanely talented dude who inspired a whole generation with his films. He will be missed.
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