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  1. Chill - Earth/Ice Dominator Gold - SS/Invuln Brute Drama - DB/WP Scrapper Season - Plant/Dark Dominator Pace - KM/EA Scrapper
  2. Yep yep, its on the test server right now.
  3. Oh man am I gonna have fun with these new illusion changes...
  4. Been waiting on it since doms were introduced.
  5. Thanks! I managed to get pretty lucky. That's exactly what I was going for, haha.
  6. A few of mine From L-R: Trance, Steampunk, Dr. Bionic, Fantasy, Flock, Hideout, Light-Year, and Throwback
  7. How can you tell who has and who hasn't farmed?
  8. I'd love some new sets but I've got the feeling there isn't anything that significant coming here for a long, long time.
  9. Kiloton, my new Super Strength/Rad Armor Brute.
  10. I believe its been here since the beginning actually.
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