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  1. Yeah it's a great way to make sure you don't end up with something you detest. But still enough randomness you're going to end up playing something you haven't considered before. It's been fun chatting with folks in game about their experiences. Seems like, by in large, everyone's enjoying this little adventure. You were very fortunate that your one roll ended up as a fairly decent one. 🙂 I think single rolls on our event here should be considered "Hard Mode" from now on.
  2. Alright finally got the last two put together. First up is Demons/Pain Master Mind: Baron Pamon - he's willing to bare any consequence to get the job done. No pain is to great, no cost to high. A results orientated zealot. Second is Elec/Ice Dominator: Chill Conduct - Thanks to a bizarre mutation he has gained significant control over both Ice and Electricity. He's just a chilled out guy using his abilities to help out the city... most of the time. Just need to figure out which one to focus on now. Leaning towards Baron Pamon or Rione. Once I get one to 30 I
  3. To help facilitate the growth of this awesome trend I've created a Chat Channel in game: Slot Machine Supers Anyone who cares to join the madness is welcome. Let's see how many more we can rope into this fun stuff.
  4. Those costumes turned out fantastic. Really like the MMs name too! I've been making mine all Gold Side - great picture area with little traffic. Here's my last one for tonight. She turned out really well I think. I'd like to introduce Rione - Dominator Dark/Fire I was also considering the name Sellis - reserved it just in case I change my mind. Any thoughts on that my fellow forum goers? Starting to think we need to start a slot machine team. Who's with me?
  5. Strap a shield to the giant sword and call it good. You don't have to worry about them hitting you if you hit them first, right?
  6. First up is the Stalker Staff/Elec Armor - Mr. Switch - most want to ask what the switch is for... few get the chance. That's the other fun thing about these random builds. Coming up with an idea to support the build. Arguably as much fun as rolling them up. In the interest of not spamming. I'll create the other three and post them as a batch. See how well that went below... I'll build the other two tomorrow.
  7. This looks like fun! Let's see what I come up with... First roll JACKPOT: 65, 93, 77 - Scrapper Titan Weapons/Shield Defense....? Ahh dangit... forced re-roll. First roll 2nd try: 82, 100, 16 - Stalker Staff Fighting/Electric Armor - Seems interesting. I think it'd be fairly strong thanks to Elecs excellent resists and the staff mastery effects. Second roll: 51, 4, 43 - Dominator Dark Control/Fiery Assault - This one sounds awesome. Final roll: 58, 26, 45 - Mastermind Demon Summoning/Pain Domination - Seems decent. Final - Fin
  8. This is actually a very good point. It's surprising how much content this game has. What's even more surprising is how much of it people avoid. Favoring TFs and radio missions by large. Come to think of it... start in Praetoria with a couple friends ideally. Get to level 20 and then transition to First Ward - hopefully pick up a couple more folks. The Praetorian content is pretty tough but also very well designed. If you work closely with your team you'll have a great time taking on those tough battles. You'll be challenged all the way through. Might need to try to recr
  9. That's a good point... they're calling it fear but maybe that's too strong a word for the reality of it. I mean bottom line most of us when playing a character we enjoy we avoid dying as much as possible. I'm definitely not afraid of my character dying but I always feel pretty good if I got through the night without kissing the asphalt. The trick is finding the balance of challenge that's right for each individual. So not fear per say... but a challenge. If your character strolls into a group of +4/x8 and mops the floor with them without even using a long cooldown, you're definitel
  10. You know if your name wasn't Snarky... 😋 It would be nice if everyone was able to readily socialize but even if we really lowered the expectations there would still be players that would struggle to crank out 10 words every 5 minutes. For some it takes everything they got to keep an attack rotation going. If we suddenly forced folks to also type, they'd end up standing around in the middle of fights just to make sure they don't get booted. Maybe what we do is we add the 25 words every 5 minutes. And then if someone fails they have to maintain 30wpm for 5 minutes before
  11. To me this is a very interesting perspective. Because in my opinion, seriously just an opinion not a fact, you can never complete this game. There is always something you can come up with to do... thus the reason I have 45 characters and only a few 50s. And while you aren't wrong, MORE content would make the game more enticing, it's not a realistic expectation. The Homecoming team is a bunch of incredible volunteers. They don't get paid, they don't get time off, and havens knows all us folks complaining on the forums ARE NOT a benefit. If they were a fully supported and funded team
  12. Haha, awesome. Look forward to grouping in the future.
  13. I know I was discussing the personal perceived benefits of 5 man teams but I'd never wish for that in general. I'm grateful for the 8 man team size. And frankly I'd be more interested in increasing the size than shrinking it - but that's an entirely different discussion. There are two inherent problems with forcefully reducing the team sizes. It's bad for the social environment of the game. Having a team size greater than 5, even if it's not "fun", still provides a benefit to everyone involved. Especially those running SG groups or big groups of friends. By having larg
  14. First I want to start by saying I agree with the OP. +4x8 with a full team end game is easy - zero effort required. While this is fairly obvious status quo the important question for each person is, "Is it fun?" I agree with many folks throughout this topic. Everyone is just being polite regardless of the actual experience. And some of those folks probably did genuinely enjoy the time. I'm more like you though and there are some TFs that I'm just brain dead following along so that I appear to be participating. There are also times I'm the toddler on a sugar high though de
  15. I picked up Molten Embrace and noted that despite being a toggle it's activation sound never ceases. Fire Shield has it's start-up sound and then goes silent but the Molten Embrace continues the smoldering sound persistently regardless.
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