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  1. Hey guys, Maybe there's a post of this that I haven't seen but when converting enhancements is it completely random or is there any pattern? If I wanna convert & sell on the market is there a pattern to follow to get to like a "health" enhancement", or a "resist damage" enhancement? Or is it completely random? Sometimes i get what i want doing the random convert like 5-10x, but then other times i may convert like 20-30x see the same ones over and over before it gets to something i want.
  2. Ya i wish flurry did better damage. I use the same rational for midnight grasp! haha. I changed the animation so its just the energy ball instead of the things coming out of the ground. Ya i have an attack chain of siphon life, smite, MG, smite recommended by another forumer as a good attack chain for AV's. But i have been thinking of what i can do for a 2nd build with him. This build i think will be more fun build over effectiveness with flurry and whirlwind as well.
  3. hey guys i currently have a flash themed scrapper that is DM/SR...i picked DM mainly for the shadow maul animation of multiple punches. Id like to try another flash themed build but cant decide on what combo....i love SR and believe its the easiest to softcap defense. With it being flash themed i love defense soft cap idea of seeing miss miss miss miss...I do also like the synergy of siphon life as a quick self heal. What would u suggest as good combos for another flash character that could softcap defense easily... In mids i messed with kinetic melee/regen with meleed def at like 37% and range at 33%...
  4. When people roleplay on coh is it during gameplay? Or is it more like hanging out in pocket d and just roleplaying through the chat but not doing game content? Id like to do roleplaying as we go through content but dont know if thats what roleplaying is or isnt.
  5. I should have clarified, i know about the powers.my question is more about what missions or tf can i do that jas incarnate enemies
  6. if i wanted to start doing incarnate content where or how do i do that?
  7. Ya ice may be the least used. I just like the "idea" that im ice character so cold shouldnt really hurt me. And i like the idea that even with no fire armor that being ice superhero, fire doesnt hurt me much as well. But ya thats why i said this build against popular opinion hehe.
  8. Ya man i have a archery/ martial kombat that im finding to be really fun as well! Its nice to not focus on having to be invincible on my build hehe
  9. care to share ur build for me to refer to?
  10. Apologize ahead of time for how lengthy it is lol
  11. 81 views but not 1 reply? No love for ice/ice/cold?? Or jusr no experts yet. Maybe ill be the first! Hehe
  12. Man this was really long but very interesting to read and answered some other questions i have! Thanks alot!
  13. Theme wise hes like aquaman based. So i want him tougher but with the water powers.
  14. Sorry when i say blapper i more thinking not someone who staying at range..thats why i not focus on soft cap range.
  15. hey guys for me in this game it seems like whenever i make toons the builds are always like focus on res/def soft cap one and get good amount of other. I have a dm/sr that is pretty solid...not record breaking or top scrapper on server but does very well overall in my opinion..but i had idea to try to use his build 2nd build as a team only focused build where damage and accuracy are his primary focus and defense and resist are not main focus. ..does anyone do builds like that? Is it fun or not fun? Possible or not possible with toons or super reflex toons? Or maybe softcap defense but lower resistance for more damage and rely on my team healers? What is considered high damage? Most my toons end up around 15-20% for damage.
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