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  1. Why is Voltaic Sentinel for Elec still a thing? Does anyone use it or even find it worth using? Us Electric users need something better I think. I'd like it completely removed and something else put in it's place but if that's not an option then possibly make it a pet that doesn't need to constantly be summoned. Just summon once and have it stay with you.
  2. Would you possibly have a build like this for rad/regen? I'm at a stand still with how to build it atm.
  3. I'm just looking for an all around type of build. Don't need anything to fancy. I would like something that utilized the rework of touch of fear though.
  4. I just want Crushing Uppercut in street fighting to have an option to use Knockout Blow from Super Strength. I hate the way Crushing Uppercut looks.
  5. Does anyone have an updated build for this now with the changes to dark melee? All the post I find for this build are outdated now.
  6. I have a fresh 50 dm/sr scrapper that I want to invest into but don't really know where to go with sets and power picks. Everything I can find is pretty outdated now that dm got a rework. Any help guys?
  7. Ugh....just spent hours trying to get this working and though it was just me.....can't believe it's not worked on still in 2021......please GMs! We need this more than you know!
  8. Forgive me if this has already been posted, as I don't usually post on forums and my search-fu isn't very good. With that said, I would really love to see a little more options in the aura's. There's some aura's that will use full body and eye glow and others that don't. Like the bat aura with an option to add eye glow. Maybe open up the aura's just a little more? Add 2 parts that we can mix and match. Have an aura for tendril body and the second, an aura for fiery eye's or something? I guess basically giving more than one aura option. My customization would go up q
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