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  1. Thanks for these tips. When I go to move something vertical, "Shift, Mouse", it doesn't do anything. I tried no clicks, left click, right click, etc. but to no avail. Do I need some mouse action set in my 'control' tab in options?
  2. Yes, I agree with everyone's sentiments. Thank you for bringing us back home. I'm glad I was able to pitch in! Your Friendly Neighborhood Scrapper
  3. Thanks for commenting. But I’m not sure what that is. I’d love to explore that. What is it?
  4. To those responsible for the new patches that have created outlines for text, for smoothing surfaces, re-tooling buttons, etc., THANK YOU! You have stepped up the game - which is somewhat antiquated by its early '00's beginnings - to a fresh new image, regardless of the limitations this obstacle presents. We in the community know that it is the gameplay and the CoX community that make this game. But we do crave the latest in graphic quality as well. Again, thank you. your Medieval Warrior
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