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  1. I wasn't trying to be condescending, just ticks me off when people are aggresive for no reason. And yeah i figured it was something like that plus the fact that the playerbase started off very small, it seems people are content enough to just sandbox around and make alts to satisfy their nostalgia and that is as far as they go for this game which is a shame, i look up to CoH greatly as an mmo. But ultimately that will not last very long, it's kinda like playing a game with cheats enabled, you can skip to the end and have everything you want but you will feel empty and bored way quicker. And the problem is that right now there is nothing to replace that and i don't blame the devs, the numbers are still way too small to warrant huge projects that would require even more new players. Even CoH at it's death was dealing with issues related to wasted resources and low playability on multiple fronts. And it's not even worth mentioning other servers since they have no playerbase to speak of, so it's hard to discern if that method would have worked better. I wonder what the numbers are right now on what exact missions everyone is doing and how ignored a large sum of the game is. I think setting up your own challenges and doing old content "just because" wouldn't sit well with most players. Lets be real, the old missions and content in CoH doesn't have amazing replayability and its even worse with no relevancy. It was ignored back then and it will be even more so now. And you said it yourself, OG's are old farts now and i'm assuming a chunk of them have money to spare to support the homecoming team, but that is still not enough insurance of the game's future. And if that future is meant to keep the game as a zombie fan game then it will never feel like og CoH or anything better.
  2. First of all no need to be rude, reflects really badly on your person. I was one of the most nostalgic players to play the game again and did plenty of things for the sake of nostalgia. Funnily enough i didn't see anyone else doing it so your logic seems pretty flawed if you want it to be a functioning mmo again. If you want it to be a casual sandbox into old CoH to see how things were with everything you wanted then stop playing the next day, sure, that's pretty much what you want. I doubt even the devs were prepared to have so many people into the endgame with everything they needed so why the homecoming team did it was simply becauase of the low population i presume. You are obviously not a true og from the golden days of CoH if you didn't enjoy your jorney even if it was in the middle of a grind for something you were really excited about. And you'd be surprised at how much content in games, mostly mmos get completely ignored when there is no relevancy tied to them, its just a little push players need to get. They might complain a bit at first but if it's something they really want or need you will see how those nostalgic moments form in the middle of it. Now if you want players to go back to those old missions for the stories or for no reason at all you will see how quickly a game can die. Say what you will but currently farming/grinding is what is keeping the game alive (as is with most mmos) to begin with and its not even the fun kind. Nostalgia by itself can't do anything. Wonder how often someone will go to Striga Island just because, or how many people will keep playing gold side despite the lack of content and relevance. Not very many. Also remember how AE had to be nerfed because people were way too invested into just getting to high level and not playing the game at all? are you saying everyone has screwed up motivational driving factors? No, you are just wrong.
  3. Okay it's a bit more than that, i just had a lot of things in my mind while playing and decided to write them down. While i like some of the changes the homecoming team made compared to live i'm a little dissapointed we ended up with completely dead systems like alignment, craftable/earnable costume pieces ceased to be and a huge part of 50+ content due to earning incarnate points being done just by leveling. And while the IO's that level with you is a good idea it's very easy to get full build currently. Leveling is much faster and the market is a lot more generous. I haven't looked into the reasoning but i feel like we have a lot of void content despite being the most populated CoH server. One of my most exciting moments in CoH back in the day was working towards a cool piece of costume i really wanted, i feel that should still be around for people to experience. I'm hoping the team will take advantage of the work that was already done for them and maybe add to now missing segments of the game. Better yet make content that was unplayable and wasteful before playable again, it should be easier than to completely design new content. A big issue i had with CoH before was at how unnecessary it was to go red or gold side and do content there when it's straight up better to be blue side, wasting a TON of content, missions and work the devs put towards those maps. Breathe life into them again and make us earn exclusive currency, costumes and rewards by making us do content around those areas. Add more costumes that are both earnable be it exclusive tied to badges or tradeable. Even if you have to revalue missions that are now useless into making them relevant it'd be good to have. I don't remember which CoH server it was but one of them had it so you earned the cash stuff by doing different things. But it's a little late now as we have all of that on the P2W vendor, all unlocked emotes and costume pieces. Doesn't mean we can't add them in the future. Give people reasons to start gold/red side or swap alignments once in a while. Make alignment missions matter again, it's a little sad to see that the entire point of CoH's going rogue expansion was never expanded on and even now it's put to the side. There is almost no reason to do anything, the variety for different missions and content is pretty much gone. Since people are leveling way faster and getting full build much easier with how everything is streamlined i fear we will start to run out of content very quickly with the removal of the system that kept players back. So unless the team is serious about making this long term i fear for this game's future. I know grinding is annoying and the grind CoH had was janky at best but it's what keeps a lot of people playing, even if they don't want to admit it. Because if not that then the only hope is how much you'd be willing to make an alt. I know the team probably doesn't have the resources to do it and when they designed all these streamlining changes it was with a very low population in mind such as seeding the auction house, but just maybe if the game gained a lot more attraction it's how i'd want it to proceed. I can't help but picture in my head how great of an MMO CoH could be if it came out today in a new engine and more though out systems.
  4. It says it doubles for pets but i see no doubling, can other people confirm this? it might just be this specific one but i don't know.
  5. I really like your idea of using lash for dps and already picked up a few of the important enhancetments, am already feeling quite the difference! I had no idea haste made dark that much better. Would it be possible for you to do a full build on how you'd go about it on mids? i'd love to compare it to the ones the others posted, and i'm a little unsure about what powers to pick up last. Personally if i can for flavor reasons i'd go the soul route and i quite enjoy hover as i go about actual fights for maneuverability. But i heard the electric chains are quite mandatory. Going a little into incarnate would help a lot too as i also read that some of the interface procs are bugged and don't work. I like the sound of the -max health but i have no idea on the actual numbers. Also i haven't gotten there yet but the aoe around you incarnate that gives +Recharge and +End to your demon sounds good in theory since i see they use a lot of endurance. As for the new powers such as weaken will and targeting with the demons, inventions for what you said or maybe something else i wanna see what you think would work best.
  6. Thanks, thats very helpful! But is there a reason why assault is not taken? isnt the aoe dmg up good? and what do you think about speccing into the new inventions power pool for the aoe def- and targeted heal and regen for low pets?
  7. I recently hit 50 with my mm but i'm running into multiple issues in that the build i was following has a ton of defensive toggles for myself so its extremely hard to do anything or my endurance goes bye bye. My pets also don't feel durable at all and when they die i feel like having all those toggles for myself is quite useless when all the focus shifts to me. I'm also having a hard time managing to sneak in usage of corruption and even crack whip between all the secondary abilities which have quite a long casting animation. Right now i just have the base 42% enhancements slotted and just started with incarnate, urgently slotting in a cardiac boost which made things better but not too much. Anyone has a solid mm build or something i should do early as i build up to it? just so i dont have to stare at my endurance bar everytime im using anything. Doesn't help i had the money disabled...
  8. I would like to emphasize a relook at end-game in comparison to how chalenging and fun it can be at early levels compared to maxed-out where one shotting everything is all that isn't useless, nullifying pretty much build diversity, team-play, playstyles and any power that doesnt straight up blow up mobs. Which honestly is a lot of the face of CoH along with the costumization and community. I dont know what the majority thinks but if people want an easy end-game where they grind solo only to be able to grind solo more will make the end-game stale very quickly. A simple difficulty increase might work but ultimately i think balancing around all archetypes so team-play and different builds matter again just like leveling should be priority. Nostalgia and making new chars to properly team play won't keep the population afloat for too long, stuff like new powers, costumes and such certainly help but in the grand scheme of things looking at the bigger picture is more important. Especially if you guys plan to keep building on the end-game.
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