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  1. I really like your idea of using lash for dps and already picked up a few of the important enhancetments, am already feeling quite the difference! I had no idea haste made dark that much better. Would it be possible for you to do a full build on how you'd go about it on mids? i'd love to compare it to the ones the others posted, and i'm a little unsure about what powers to pick up last. Personally if i can for flavor reasons i'd go the soul route and i quite enjoy hover as i go about actual fights for maneuverability. But i heard the electric chains are quite mandatory. Going a little into incarnate would help a lot too as i also read that some of the interface procs are bugged and don't work. I like the sound of the -max health but i have no idea on the actual numbers. Also i haven't gotten there yet but the aoe around you incarnate that gives +Recharge and +End to your demon sounds good in theory since i see they use a lot of endurance. As for the new powers such as weaken will and targeting with the demons, inventions for what you said or maybe something else i wanna see what you think would work best.
  2. Thanks, thats very helpful! But is there a reason why assault is not taken? isnt the aoe dmg up good? and what do you think about speccing into the new inventions power pool for the aoe def- and targeted heal and regen for low pets?
  3. I recently hit 50 with my mm but i'm running into multiple issues in that the build i was following has a ton of defensive toggles for myself so its extremely hard to do anything or my endurance goes bye bye. My pets also don't feel durable at all and when they die i feel like having all those toggles for myself is quite useless when all the focus shifts to me. I'm also having a hard time managing to sneak in usage of corruption and even crack whip between all the secondary abilities which have quite a long casting animation. Right now i just have the base 42% enhancements slotted and just started with incarnate, urgently slotting in a cardiac boost which made things better but not too much. Anyone has a solid mm build or something i should do early as i build up to it? just so i dont have to stare at my endurance bar everytime im using anything. Doesn't help i had the money disabled...
  4. I would like to emphasize a relook at end-game in comparison to how chalenging and fun it can be at early levels compared to maxed-out where one shotting everything is all that isn't useless, nullifying pretty much build diversity, team-play, playstyles and any power that doesnt straight up blow up mobs. Which honestly is a lot of the face of CoH along with the costumization and community. I dont know what the majority thinks but if people want an easy end-game where they grind solo only to be able to grind solo more will make the end-game stale very quickly. A simple difficulty increase might work but ultimately i think balancing around all archetypes so team-play and different builds matter again just like leveling should be priority. Nostalgia and making new chars to properly team play won't keep the population afloat for too long, stuff like new powers, costumes and such certainly help but in the grand scheme of things looking at the bigger picture is more important. Especially if you guys plan to keep building on the end-game.
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