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  1. You're very welcome! I know personally that the Beam Rifle powerset just doesn't sound very pleasant. The sounds are cool, but there's far too much buzzing. The rest of the game has neat laser SFX(Like the Council marksman's rifle), so I don't know why Beam Rifle is so weird.
  2. For whatever reason, my version of the piggs do not include "arachnosdisruptor.ogg" in v_enemies. That's the sound of the Mace Blast, right? If possible, could someone just give me a copy of that sound? Edit- I'm looking for the sound of the Mace Blast specifically, so if this isn't that sound, let me know which it is!
  3. Nah, that's what I mean- I based my mods off of the older sound download I had, since the extracted sounds were incomplete.
  4. Added a new soundpack replacing War Mace impacts. I only know of three sound files that this powerset uses that sound rip-and-tear-y, but if anyone knows of some others or notices their War Mace sounding rippy sometimes, let me know! The filenames if you can, or failing that, the power names.
  5. The two that I found were in "powers". I seem to have acquired an older sound folder though, since I looked in the game files and could not find some of the ones I had. These sounds still work, which leads me to believe I just don't know where the originals are in the game files. It's odd, because I extracted all of the sounds and yet searching for some of the filenames gets me nothing. Edit- For example, searching the extracted sounds for "chargebolt", the name of the sound file used for Charged Bolts, gets no results- but that sound is obviously still in the game. If anyone knows why this happens or where these sounds are, let me know!
  6. It came to my attention that one of the files in the Powerful Electricity pack, thunderhit.ogg , was actually used for a Martial Arts hit sound. As such, I've removed it from the download. You can just remove it yourself, though. It's in the "powers" folder.
  7. As in the readme, the "data" folder goes into the root of your COH install- the same folder as the original game executable. Edit- If you don't have any mods(like the Vidiot map overlays), the folder will not exist until you move it in.
  8. Hi, forums! First time posting here, and I've done so because I put together some mods for certain powerset sounds I disliked. That's it, really! Downloads are attached. As I've not gotten to max level yet, I haven't been able to test out every sound ingame to ensure it syncs up, but I've used the old sounds as a reference for timing, so it should hopefully work out! If you have any input or ideas, or even requests for sounds to change, let me know! Powerful Electricity I've always found the electricity sounds in this game to be strange. That odd, swirling fizzy noise doesn't sound very electric, and powers like Charged Bolts just sound plain weird. So what I've done here is replace many electricity related power sounds with new ones, sampling sound effects from a great variety of sources and combining them into mostly original sounds. The melee sfx included here still have CoH melee base sounds, since those are great IMO. Pew-Pew Beam Rifle Ugh... While I love the concepts of the Beam Rifle powerset, a lot of its effects are just obnoxious buzzing sounds. So I made new ones, which again combine multiple sources to create new sounds, which I think are more snappy and satisfying without all the electric bees. Gender-Neutral Sonic Blast I tried to make a Sonic Blast character earlier- she was a Sentinel who used special gadgets to blast music at her foes, and amplify her voice. But that Scream sound effect... GRAAH! It didn't fit at all, and irritated me so much I abandoned her. Well, with these two sound effects installed your lovely loud ladies no longer sound like extremely angry men! Using samples from other sonic powers in COH, I've created a pair of sounds that replace that manly scream with more abstract sounds, so they fit with a greater number of character concepts. Blunt-Sounding War Mace War Mace has a lot of weapon options that are blunt with no sharp ends- and the powerset deals no Lethal damage- but the sound effects sound pretty rip-and-tear-y! It simply doesn't fit your baseball bat, mallet or warhammer. So, I made a soundpack that changes the impact sounds to sound more blunt. Sledgehammer and Street Justice impacts were mixed and edited to create these sounds. Sources(that I can remember) Various stock resources Metroid Prime Mechwarrior 4 Armored Core 2 Terraria Nuclear Throne Enter the Gungeon FTL: Faster than Light Into the Breach Jedi Knight III: Jedi Academy Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2 (electricity) Immersive Sounds (Skyrim mod, also electricity) Gender Neutral Sonic Blast.zip Pewpew Beam Rifle.zip Powerful Electricity.zip Blunt Sounding War Mace.zip
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