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  1. Since I have this stuck in my head (for no apparent reason), I decided to share. Roger Miller - Chug A Lug
  2. All of them, with clones of the same character. Then with the inside information, pit the groups against each other, weeding out the weak.
  3. John Driskell Hopkins w/ Levi Lowrey - "The Devil Lives In A Mason Jar"
  4. Pretty much, though I found that it offers some that with the swap of a letter or two you end up with decent fantasy names.
  5. You may have better luck up in the Corruptor section. https://forums.homecomingservers.com/forum/18-corruptor/
  6. Yeah, the forums lock groups behind a membership feature, so you cannot access the threads or features within without joining them first.
  7. Quite a bit has changed with regards to bases and building within them. You'll want to check out this thread down in the Base Construction forum.
  8. I'd take the squashed blueberry over the bus driver cap any day.
  9. These were the primary reason I started modifying SFX, that and the MM Bots tromping around. Now I hear infant giggles and rubber duckies.
  10. I did come across this thread that may or may not help with the various VFX for powers. @therealtitanman also provides some pretty cool texture packs that are far cleaner/less fuzzy than the stock VFX.
  11. Another thing to be aware of, never use the XP boost from P2W vendor when running Praetoria. Matter of fact you will need to monitor your XP and turn it off occasionally otherwise you can out-level your contact and they won't give you the time of day regardless of where you are in their mission arc.
  12. I found this link in another thread, it may or may not have the info you are looking for. https://wiki.ourodev.com/view/Texture_modding
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