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  1. Thanks CR, still working out cleanly cropping stuff, as far as clipping that will probably be an issue until I dig my desktop out of it's box and have a bigger screen than my laptop to work with. I think I'm going to have to change my background again to allow for cleaner removal around flamy/swirly power fx. And then figure out how to soften those edges. "I'm not left handed either." <pushes Spaniard away, tosses sword up and grasps in right hand> <swish swish thrust>
  2. My Thermal/Dark Blast phoenix resurrectionist, Anastasis. <grunts with exertion> There's something I ought to tell you.
  3. It'd be nice to be able to apply the Prestige run animations to Super Speed, or some of the stances to fly..
  4. I think you did very well with creating a gorilla appearance. The only think I might recommend is using the large robot gloves, they provide a gorilla/popeye-ish overly large forearm to the costume. I used un-appealing pale colour to avoid losing the details in the screenshot. 🤢 Although, my gorilla attempt is far inferior to yours. ^.^
  5. I moved away from the typical black/charcoal colouring of SoA. It's unfortunate that they don't allow any kind of striping/markings on the armour like many spiders have. But I found that using brighter colours allowed more details of the armour to show which to me made it more spidery looking, not less.. You can also play with head scaling so that helmets clip more with the armour allowing for a more solid appearance, max the Head width and depth and min the Head height and it will nearly fill the cowling. (Although I neglected to do that on the following screenshots.
  6. Unless someone has uploaded them to their imgur (or other image hosting site) and posted on the forums, it is unlikely that you will find them. Another option you can try is to go to AE and create a mission with the enemy groups you want.
  7. I'm not sure there really is a "worst' combo of powersets, I think to achieve that you really have to purposely gimp a build. Petless MMs, Healbots. etc. Might be fun to see what kind of trouble a team of gimped builds could get in to, then again... it might not.
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