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  1. Simply Red - Holding Back The Years (Symphonica In Rosso)
  2. Personally (and I'm sure others are in the same boat) I don't spend a lot of time looking at builds in the forums, or fiddle with Mids, because I don't care. I just want to play my character and will craft/slot IOs that work for that given character's power combination, otherwise I'd rather be spending time playing rather than crunching numbers. Running around roasting the enemy = fun Number crunching ≠ fun Your opinion may differ.
  3. Thermafrost has been released into the wild.
  4. I think that for the average player the game is difficult enough. What I'd like to see is something along the lines of the Flashback options added to other aspects of the game so that players/teams can increase their own difficulty without it impacting everyone else.
  5. You know, I got Elite for free when I bought my video card and I have still yet to play it. Granted the same is basically true for SC as well... I've logged on and looked at my DUR but never flown it... <.<
  6. They just needed to establish a pecking order, once that's done it's usually less stressful for them and their hooman. The biggest thing regarding cats and space is they need their own. We currently have only one cat but he has three cat trees of varying size and a window roost. For multiple cats, they tend to like to have their own space where they can relax without having to deal with others, low hidey-holes, high perches, etc. Glad to hear that your two cats have worked it out and are getting along. 😺
  7. This right here. I have yet to use the new General Channel. I have absolutely no use for a channel that is just full of chit chat and has very little to do with the game. I was all in favor of that channel so that type of discussion could stop being posted on LFG chat. Now that all that ruckus is gone, I just can't bring myself to even have that channel up. When I make a new character, that is the first thing that I do is remove that channel from my chat box. Like you said, if you do not like the type of chat in a channel, leave that channel. It's really that simple. QFT I never spent much time on high population servers, on Legacy or here in HC because with higher pops comes an increase in posterior head-adornments. On Everlasting, I play mainly with with my friends and rarely interact with the wildlife and avoid the global chats. There are tools and options to avoid toxicity in the game, folks should put them to use to improve their own gaming experience. The biggest one that comes to mind is, play on the other servers (yes, there are others besides Everlasting). With all the available slots, it's easy enough to whip up new characters or even duplicates of your favourites. In the process of playing/leveling you may find a community or groups of players that better suits your desired experience in the game. I'm fortunate that many of the people I played with on Legacy are playing on HC. The only real control anyone has is their over their own actions. Report others, ignore, move on. If one continues in the same course of action, or inaction as the case may be, but expects a different outcome... that's just crazy.
  8. Most folks are unaware of the second part. Also one of my favourites. 🙂
  9. Shot the Rikti Comm Officer? Nye! Those are my favourite pets on my Illusion Controller, confuse the Comm Officer, summons confused portal which proceed to spawn your own personal army of confused Rikti. Hilarity ensues.
  10. As I have said in previous threads with similar requests, I am opposed to this solely for the reason that I do not believe that an all-volunteer team of devs should be splitting their time maintaining multiple iterations of server code of the game.
  11. Give bodies of water the First Ward/Night Ward treatment. Add details and or depth to it instead of a nondescript blue nothing. Add some details to rooftops, especially in Praetoria. They granted all this rooftop access, yet they are for the most part barren. They need some parks or coffee shop seating up there. I pitched this back during Legacy and I'll pitch it again here. Have at least one restaurant location in each zone that is a real location and can be entered by players with AE building style windows where you can actually look out of onto the city. This would provide desirable RP location other than Pocket D.
  12. I may shelve them for a while, but I rarely give up on characters. Back on Legacy I created characters strictly for systhspawn's Colour Palette Costume Contest on the forums, some of them I enjoyed so much that I kept and continues to play them. Like my bubbler, Rainbow Sherbet. Granted, I could only play her for short stretches of time due to the technicolour rainbow of her bubbles. Or Luv Muffin, a Brute on huge frame, kilt and baron coat all on white/red/pink with the goofy smile face, though I usually only brought him out around Valentine's Day. Most of my current characters are remakes of Legacy characters and across all servers I only have about 40. So I've not really built up a stable of characters that require me to pare them down.
  13. @Solarverse also has a thread with a lot of custom sfx they've created and compiled threads by other sfx mod'rs as well.
  14. You have to be particularly mindful of the length of the audio, depending on the sfx being replaced, the audio is usually between 2-5 seconds long.
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