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  1. Joined a couple of friends who happened to be playing "on a most unique map", managed to grab a couple of screenshots. Had to lighten it up because the map is in perpetual night.
  2. Anything less that 80 will take the camera in closer. I take it by changing the height of the camera you mean where the pivot point is located, so that you can say get closer without cutting the feet off, or that it's location shifts down when your character sits/kneels/etc. Sadly the only way I know that you can do that is in demo record and I know very little about using those tools. Sounds like something to put in the Suggestion section. 🙂
  3. Just the normal mobs in the zone. Nothing below the new water level. If I recall correctly, the old 'floor' was removed and the buildings that had been there, but the canyon wall were huge, going down at least as far as the war wall went up. Most of which you cannot see from above but still get generated none the less. They patched the hole I used to access it, by the way. It was kind of interesting seeing the hospital from the outside. Three identical floors that you rez in that lead to the lobby.
  4. ☝️ This. Rendering textures uses resources, which is why so many items do not have textures on the bottom/top/back. Which is why I was so baffled when I found a hole in Faultline and got to explore around underneath it and found so much of the original Faultline's canyon intact. No wonder Faultline is such a lagfest even when not that many people are present in the zone.
  5. You can use your scroll wheel to zoom in/out but if you want a bigger view you can use a command to increase your FOV even further. /camdist 160 The standard max distance (with your scroll wheel) is /camdist 80.
  6. Considering this end of the entrance is in the Fab, mobs here will be 46-50, so you'll want to be high level yourself or have some kind of stealth. The tunnel itself does not have any wondering/patrolling mobs, though you may run into bomb floating in the corridor on your way. As has been mentioned in upthread, there are usually 1 or more arachnoids milling about in the abandoned office. 1. Head to The Fab in Grandville, find the ramp near the flyer and make your way to the bottom. 2. At bottom of ramp is an open doorway, go through it and turn to the right and you will see the beginning of the tunnel. Follow the tunnel until your reach the corner in step 3. 3. Once you get to this corner on the map, pass through the gap between the two sets of piping and follow the narrow corridor to the left. While you're down here, I recommend exploring the rest of the underground tunnels towards Grandville. There are a lot of places to explore, but also more mobs.
  7. It's easiest to get to from the tunnels northern end out in The Fab.
  8. I was playing last night (this morning) right after the announcement in Discord and did some street sweeping up to L4. I found Rejuvenating Circuit at that level to be not useful at all at least not while solo. Though I suppose it's no different that Empathy or Kinetics with their early heals.
  9. You know you're gonna spend too long in a forum post... When the only response left to you is: "Get down off the cross, take the wood, build a bridge and get over it." (My typical response to people still mewling about ED.)
  10. It's a current screenshot. But yeah, it's been neglected.
  11. Another movie I'd love to see get a remake is:
  12. I find it unlikely that people are rolling up hundreds of characters just to name camp. Even with the difference in character slots, Legacy had a lot more people and accounts. Only the Homecoming devs would know by polling accounts to determine how many Level 1, unplayed characters are floating around and have to agree with Jimmy's comment above that it's not a huge priority right now. Not that their policy would impact me at all, I have roughly 30 characters across all the servers, with only a couple at L1, and only a handful below L10. Some of my friend probably have 100+ characters on even fewer of the servers (they have a major altiholism issue 😁) yet they manage to grab names for their characters without issue. <shrug>
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