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  1. КОСМИЧЕСКАЯ МУЗЫКА Космос, Звезды, Планеты COSMIC Music Cosmos, Stars, Planets - Oleg Satori
  2. Remember when, some irate player posted an F-bomb laden post and one of the Mods edited them out of the post, then said poster sent an F-bomb laden PM to the Mod demanding that their post be returned to its original form, so said Mod did then using the vBulliten auto-filter tools to swap every F-bomb in the forums to the word 'pancake'. Only vBulliten being a rather stupid tool at times, changed every letter in the word to 'pancake' so that 'pancakepancakepancakepancake' started appearing in posts.
  3. What @Lines said. The zone is still available, even if they remove it from the Tunnel Network. I'm surprised so few have asked to be "sent elsewhere."
  4. Thanks @The Philotic Knight for taking care of this. Been taking a break. Then there's that pesky little issue with my secondary HDD on my laptop dying without warning, which happened to contain all of my audio data and files. 😭
  5. City of Heroes... where you can be followed by ninjas. From the way-back machine 😁
  6. (Bolded and highlighted for emphasis) I don't like my Corruptor... I don't like my main Corruptor... I don't like my many main Corruptors because they are Incarnates (only 2 are, maybe 3...) and tricked out with the best sets. I like them... each for their own reason. The one I have the most fun with (Water Blast/Poison) is because it's creepy as hell and throws out enough debuffs that it can draw aggro from the tank. I call it my de-buffet. I mean, what's not to like
  7. You can also talk to Null the Gull to "Send you somewhere else", the Winter Forest is one of the options.
  8. This is just the update involving mostly vireos and streaming, not the full CoC.
  9. See if 'Pyrophoric' is taken. Or 'Autoignition'
  10. This may be your issue, may be more than RI ferry that it happens at.
  11. Goldside can be played through on any AT, but your tactics will need to change depending on what you choose, from kiting, to pulling, to wading in.
  12. I've enjoyed SJ on my /Bio Brute. More of a pummeling feel than swipy-scratchy.
  13. The first thing that came to mind for me to adopt this great costume design was to choose male body, Blaster Devices powerset and name it Leatherman. <.<
  14. I posted this in Punny name thread but I like him enough to include him here. My latest... Dual Pistol/Kin Corruptor Doubleshot Espresso WhoreallylikesrunningaroundwithothersinthesewersdefeatingHellionsandsludgecritters,knowwhatImean?
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