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  1. Thanks @Christopher Robin , I added a warning. Didn't even think about that since I keep my dA filters on.
  2. Also, one of the artists I watch has open commissions this month. https://www.deviantart.com/redgvicente (Warning, artist's landing page is NSFW) Not one of my character, but an example of their work.
  3. I was strolling through my dA favourites and came across these creations by CMKook, figured they be a nice blast from the past.
  4. Yeah, not really sure myself what the OP was trying to explain. It may come down to the game engine being a limiting factor on what the HC devs can accomplish. Granted, they we able to discombobulate the spaghetti code of the bases, so who knows.
  5. Perhaps install vending machines in several locations and have those "dispense merchandise".
  6. Not sure what you mean by instances. for the game "instances" are things like having multiple Atlas Parks. If you wish to run more than one character at a time, then you will need multiple accounts, though they can live on the same computer. Pretty sure there's a guide somewhere.
  7. You can also check out @The Philotic Knight Rosetta thread. Not sure if he's been able to scrub for sfx for the new powers yet.
  8. Why yes, yes there is. 😁 I changed my glowies to sound like a pack of laughing hyenas... it's pretty noticeable. PK's tool is the easiest way to go about it.
  9. Less that 15 seconds? Only if no costume change animation is being used. Can you imagine a dozen players spamming lightning every 5 seconds?
  10. If you spend a great deal of time at your desk, for work and play, then I highly recommend investing in a sit-stand desk. You may be able to get those at a used office furniture place as well, but I got mine here... https://www.imovr.com/standing-desk-workstations/standalone-standing-desk-bases-tops.html If you are handy or know someone who is that can make a top for you, it cuts down on the price.
  11. Some folks still have their panties in a bunch over ED. Get down off the cross, take the wood, build a bridge and get over it. Regarding changes to games shortly after launch, there isn't a multi-player PC/console/mobile game that had enough game play data prior to launch to realistically cover how any mechanic/item/etc will be used by the masses once it gets released. A dozen testers, closed betas with hundreds or even thousands of players open betas with possibly tens of thousands of players in which only a percentage will report issues and gameplay mechanics, while the rest just
  12. The story. It's the primary reason I solo mission/ story arcs. There is still Legacy content I've not run, mostly on redside. The same goes for AE missions, I want to travel through an interesting story. Mobs, especially custom mobs should be a part of the story not just an obstacle to get through.
  13. I had an Aeron Chair at my old job and loved it. Found one at one of those used office furniture places for about $150.
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