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  1. πŸ’™ +1 πŸ’™ +1 πŸ’™ +1 πŸ’™ +1 πŸ’™ +1 πŸ’™ +1 πŸ’™ +1 πŸ’™ +1 πŸ’™ +1 πŸ’™ +1 πŸ’™ +1 x♾️
  2. Sounds like a band. πŸ™‚
  3. Bolded for emphasis. Redside arcs presume way too much on a character's motivations and throws them all into the same pigeon hole.
  4. As a separate server? I'd have to vote No. That would require an all-volunteer staff to split their time between 2 different branches of server code. If there was a way that they could create an option to disable bonus XP% like Legacy 2XP weekends and temp boosts, sure, Things that players can do to control their own experiences within the game I'm all for. Usually... πŸ˜„
  5. Personally I have only ever seen it in Founders' Falls. The mission door is in FF, and Kronos Titan will usually spawn there. The way to alter its spawn location is for the mission owner (though I suggest the whole team does it to be on the safe side) to use Ouro or Base TP from within the mission that spawns Kronos, then exit into whatever zone you want to spawn it in. Excluding Atlas and Mercy, won't spawn there. Used to be a video on Youtube of a Legacy player that spawned it in Steel, then dragged it to the burning building to see if the explosion would kill it.
  6. Simple, neutral question. Lighten up Francis.
  7. Unless of course, your goal it to make it to the top, stepping on the bodies of anyone else that gets in your way. Because you want... you need to be... Top Dog. I've got a character that's currently running the Powers storyline only, no swapping. I recommend running with no XP buff when wanting to complete any of the storylines as you will easily outlevel them and unlike Primal Earth, the contacts in Praetoria won't give you the time of day, even if you've already started working with them.
  8. I've gotten into the habit of loading my 1st costume into every open slots after stepping into AP/Mercy/Nova to cut down on costs later on. My last character I actually went onto Beta, leveled her up so I could alter her Pool power's colours/gfx, then loaded those files onto my L9 character, so that when she gains access to those abilities, they're already set to my liking. Though I agree that it would be nice to save and load a character's body without altering costume at all.
  9. I think it's likely that folks are just doing other things. Seems like the forums have been quieter overall this week.
  10. I look at it this way, it's always morning somewhere. I would usually say "Good morning." to co-workers the first time I saw them, regardless of what time it was.
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