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  1. Precinct Five, definitely do Precinct Five first.
  2. Sadly, this past week we had to send off Rockafeller of to be with our mom and dad. He was having mounting medical issues and while he was still very loving and playful he continued to suffer more increasing pain and back issues. So he's not suffering anymore and can once again cuddle with our mom. Something out of the ordinary occurred a few days later though. While sitting in the livingroom, out of the corner of my eye I caught the rocker on the front porch moving. We had storms rolling in but base on the trees in the yard the wind wasn't plowing much and I hadn't seen my sister go out th
  3. You are correct in that was Memphis Bill back on Legacy, I've seen it used here on the HC forums but cannot confirm if that user is the same person.
  4. Might have been better to have mentioned this in the Beta bug forums. Since you noticed it a week ago. 🙂
  5. The only games I watch are Minecraft builders for ideas and the other is to support Stream Raiders since I worked in the past with several of the devs that created it. If you've not heard of it, Stream Raiders allows viewers to play in a browser-based game alongside the streamer they're watching, for streamers (Stream Captains) they can play quest maps or PvP with their followers lending a hand in the fight and is intended to be played in just a few minutes, so during loading screens or down time.
  6. There's also a Dev office under Grandvill in the tunnels.
  7. Also, check out the QoL thread for changed in HC vs Legacy.
  8. Blast from the past, in more ways than one. Go Team Dept Cap!
  9. What type of file are you trying to use? Here's a link to Leandro's old blog about Splasher, there may be some info in there that might help to get it working. https://cohsplasher.blogspot.com/2007/08/advanced-usage.html
  10. Maybe try running it in Compatibility Mode?
  11. That's what I was going to suggest. Another thing you can do is install City of Heroes Splasher, which allows you to change the backgrounds in the character picker and costume editor screen. Haven't tried it with the new launcher HC has in the works but it works with the regular launcher.
  12. The piggs are a proprietary type squirreled away in the program. Sadly, I no longer have access to the backups I had of the thousands of sfx in the game. Check over in the Rosetta Stone Club, @The Philotic Knight may have the files themselves and his Rosetta Stone spreadsheet can help you locate their names/locations to set up replacements in the appropriate data folders. Because of the way the game triggers the sounds, it's not as simple as swapping places with the sfx, so you'll have a few hoops to jump through to get them to play in the manner that you like.. Good luck. 🙂
  13. Same here. I was looking for the poll option that just said 'Yes'.
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