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  1. Not sure what the answer to your question will be, though it'll probably be low on the totem pole. The base code is notoriously spaghettified and a pain to work in. Regarding tips and tricks, head down to the Base Builders section where there are many builders with suggestions and a handy Cheat Sheet thread.
  2. I've blown up 2 HP laptops just from playing CoH. This was during Legacy, so I suppose it's possible HP has changed their layout since then though I wouldn't hold my breath. Back then, the CPU and GPU shared the same fan and cooling channel, with no additional copper or aluminum heatsinks. Very poor design as the CPU/GPU combination (and lack of sufficient cooling) would generate enough heat that it would eventually de-solder the GPU from the MB causing all sorts of failures. I've had 2 Acer Predators since then (first one was stolen) and I've never had an issue with them at all. Both are tanks in weight and size, 17" monitor and 9+ pounds with a brick for a power supply. A suitable bag was a pain to find. 🙂 They have a couple of models that are in or close to your price range, here's the larger of the two: https://store.acer.com/en-us/predator/laptops/predator-triton-500-gaming-laptop-pt515-52-71k5
  3. Wait...? Avoiding death as a strategy is not allowed in PvP?
  4. People that don't know that you spread peanut butter to the edge of one slice of bread and the jelly shy of the edge of the other slice so that the peanut butter seals the jelly in. Also, people that think it's odd to but plain potato chips in their PB&J.
  5. Thanks for the link PK, hadn't even seen that thread. I'll have to check it out. 🙂
  6. I lowball bid everything. I've scores sweet deals for under 500 inf, not 500k, but 500 inf.
  7. Just to touch on this, there are several different AoE powers in the game: Targeted AoE - Where you must select a target and activate to lay down a 'patch' centered on the target. Example: Snow Storm or Speed Boost Point-Blank AoE - This is centered on your own character. Example: Foot Stomp or Shadow Fall Location AoE - Where you must select a location to lay down a 'patch'. Example: Tar Patch or Spirit Tree
  8. As Bopper said, you're more likely to get a better response in the Brute section.
  9. I didn't play CO beyond it's Beta, didn't really care for it at all. I'm pretty sure that they both run on the Cryptic engine, which is why you see common bugs between them. As far as mobs ignore your, that in general occurs if you've out-level them in the neighborhood/zone you are in. If you've hit L10 and you're tooling around Atlas Park, pretty much every mob out on the street will ignore you. Otherwise, welcome and I hope you enjoy your stay!
  10. I'll take the Dev's word, who would have access to the relevant information than the anecdotal info from a player who has a very narrow view of the market and influence excessive currency has on the market. As someone who dabbles in marketeering, I've personally seen prices drop across the board for almost everything I look at, sell, or buy on the market.
  11. I think it's this one: _Objective_loop.ogg _Objective_loop.7z
  12. I wasn't paying attention and read that as 'Sly Erotic Fox' ... <.<
  13. Thanks, I really like the name myself. 🙂 As for the purpose of the thread, I think it's intended purpose is like the Costume Request Thread but for folks that need help with names rather than help creating/updating costumes for their character. Though there are tonnes of helpful tips here too.
  14. Synonyms also work with regards to creating memorable names for your characters, something that stands out. Dark is a commonly used word in comic books, synonyms that could be used in place of 'Dark': Midnight Umbral Dusk Murky Gloom Tenebrous Tenebrious Shadow Stygian Veiled Sable Ebony Grim Bleak You can open up options by considering what the name is describing; is it appearance, a description of their powers,, or a frame of mind or any number of other reasons. For instance, back on Legacy I had a Ice/Dark character and 'Black Ice' was pretty obvious (and taken) so I selected 'Sable Drift' instead and found it preferable.
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