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  1. I know it is not an optimal combination but I have a concept build from live, before incarnates, that I am thinking of recreating. will be using dark miasma and electrical blast. not sure on the epic pool but probably dark or psychic. though electrical is a possibility if I can reliably make use of endurance drain. with incarnates, I should have a lot more survivability than I did back on live and have the time to fire off enough powers to drain mobs if I choose dark is a little more powerful on a def but several of the powers, like tar patch and howling twilight, are pretty much the same. given that a lot of my play time is in short chunks, I frequently solo. so wondering if a corrupter would work better or does the extra -TH and -resist balance out the slightly higher damage and scourge of a Cor? and if anyone has any experience with electric blast on either a def or cor, would appreciate any advice on ways to slot it and whether its even worth trying for end drain
  2. Falsey, Bill Z Bubba -- following your discussion with great interest as I am planning out a claws / sr. had some of the same questions as Falsey on health and stamina. other than set bonuses, why so many slots in those? do you need that much endurance recovery? is the health regen that noticeable compared to even 2 or 3 slots? though not sure where I would shift 3 or 4 slots to make a bigger difference in the overall build. assuming we keep 6 slots in health, was wondering about the trade off with slotting numina's instead of preventive. you lose 25 HPs and a little end recovery and recharge rate but gain almost 4% in range defense, a bit better s/l resist, e/n def and HP regen. hasten might be just short of permanent but pretty close.
  3. thank you Uun without additional sources of energy drain, does the secondary effect on the elementals have any real impact? I like the idea of having hurricane from the support pet when solo but the -def from the polar lights may be of more use overall, especially in a team situation when hurricane could be a problem
  4. thanks Falsey, I used the second link you listed before submitting this post. that's how I came up with the 4 options I listed as being the ones I was leaning towards using. nothing looks like an elf but those 4 were more in context than things like large robots or carnies. I looked at Talons of Vengeance but other than ice arrow on the lieutenant, if you go core, I think the rest of their attacks would be more s/l and trying to mix in other damage types as I have mostly s/l in my attacks what I am hoping to get is some feedback from people that have used those pets, as I know they aren't usually listed in most builds as pet of choice. most builds posted go for the top tier, usually banished, tsoo, carnies or cimerorans.
  5. would appreciate suggestions on which incarnate pet to take for my arch/ta. she is an elven warrior concept, so looking for something that - fits thematically - provides damage type other than s/l - has reasonable ST damage to help with boss lvl and above - help keeping mobs at range, so kb is not a total deal breaker I know this limits my options to pets that aren't considered the top tier but I am ok with that as I frequently solo and it doesn't have to be at +4/8. currently looking at storm elements or polar lights. phantoms or demons might be a possibility. appreciate any feedback anyone can share of their experiences with any of these pets or suggestions on other pets that might fit with what I am looking for
  6. believe it is Mender Silos Strike Force. which I ran solo with my blaster by mistake right after becoming level 50. I meant to run Mender Ramiel arc to open up incarnate, was a bit surprised to run into that jade spider in the last mission. ๐Ÿ˜€
  7. have a concept character I want to build -- a natural origin using dual blades. which, for me, means I would be looking at WP, SR, Regen or Invul. I have enough scrappers, including a couple of SR, so was leaning towards a DB/WP brute. then the changes to tanks were announced and got me thinking about going with a tank instead for a less frantic play style. I know that DB is way down the list of secondaries but damage, especially on teams, seems to be less expected of a tank than a brute and when I am solo, not that concerned about kill speed. just looking for an enjoyable experience. as tanks don't have regen, that would leave WP or Invul and from what I have read, WP is frequently put down because of its lower taunt abilities. not looking for a +4/8 powerhouse but would expect reasonable performance, both solo and in teams, when he hits 50 and gets some incarnate levels and better IOs under his belt. would an Invul or WP/DB be feasible or should I really be looking at brute or even back to scrapper land for that concept? appreciate any feedback or suggestions
  8. thank you for the reply, I am aware of being able to craft everything with threads and merits. already found enough salvage that I won't even need to use threads to get to tier 4 alpha and a good start to other powers. just figured I was so close with 9 shards that I could save a few threads and it wouldn't take long to get the other 3. then they just completely stopped dropping which made me wonder if something changed either in the overall drop rate or your chances diminish after reaching a certain level, like no longer getting threads when you level after level 12. will most likely just go ahead and get tier 4 alpha and when I ever get more shards, maybe start a second alpha path to try different options. first time ever crafting incarnate powers so plan to experiment on this first one to have a better idea how some of them work to know what I want on future level 50 characters
  9. do incarnate shards stop dropping after you reach a certain incarnate level? was the drop rate changed? if not, I must be having some unbelievably bad luck. through my first 12 - 13 incarnate levels, I found 21 shards. since then, almost level 18 now, I have found 0. I know they are fairly rare drops but 0 in 5+ incarnate levels? running at +3 - +4, so all mobs are at least yellow, if not higher. running a variety of story arcs, repeatable missions and some street farming, especially during the recent event. threads are dropping like rain, almost 1400 in salvage tab and even merits are doing pretty well, almost 150 with more coming shortly at level 18. trying to hold off until I get 3 more shards to craft a second tier 1 alpha but figured that would have been at least 2 or 3 levels ago. am I waiting in vain for more shards to drop or just really poor RNG? thanks
  10. thank you Bill Z Bubba, appreciate your posting your build. does it have endurance issues? seeing a lot of slots in stamina, using body mastery, etc. if it does, wondering if changing the 4th slot in all the LoTG enhancements from def/rech to def/end/rech might help a little. because you hit ED reductions for the def piece, that change lowers def % increase on focused fighting, for example, from 21.92 to 21.86 which changes your total melee defense from 47.8 to 47.7 but reduces the endurance consumption from .20 to .17, times 4 sets, would reduce overall endurance consumption by .12, almost half the original cost of one of the toggles for very little change to the defense numbers. or I could be totally over thinking it ๐Ÿ˜€
  11. please do, would love to see your build and discussion around it. claws/sr is on my list of characters to recreate on HC and having an internal debate about scrapper vs. brute. not seeing very many examples on the forums to compare and contrast. your build would be a great starting benchmark for the scrapper side
  12. just hit 50 and brand new to the incarnate system. have a question on the alpha slot. does it increase slotted enhancements or will it also increase the base attribute of a power? most of the guides I have read say something like the following The Alpha slot increases the effectiveness of enhancements. which makes it sounds like it only increases the benefits of slotted enhancements. for something like gambler's cut where the power can inflict a defense debuff without actually slotting a defense debuff enhancement, will Musculature increase that debuff if it lands? or do I actually have to slot a debuff enhancement to gain a benefit from that part of Musculature?
  13. or you can just expand the size of the interface screen and see both without having to scroll
  14. as per title. first time using rad armor and looks to be a very solid set. looking forward to getting it to higher levels but the FX is extremely annoying on the armors. don't mind the initial animation and would be ok if they faded out after a while but the constant circling lights is very distracting during character creation, I looked through the options and didn't see any way to turn off, but has anyone found a good color combination to mute it? appreciate any suggestions
  15. hello brute community, looking for some suggestions for a new brute. I had severe altitis back on live and trying to rein it in a bit this time๐Ÿ˜ƒ I have played most of the primaries and secondaries available to brutes and scrappers and want to try one of the few I haven't played. for primary, that would be street justice, titan weapons, staff and savage melee for secondary, that would be bio and rad armor. though I am open to using invul or will power as I haven't created a character yet with either of those. was saving them to make a good pairing. from what I have seen and read, not too interested in staff or savage. so probably stj or tw. goal is to have a multipurpose character that can solo or team fairly well. I do a little farming but not looking for a spines/fire wannabe running +4/8. would be very happy with something that could run +3/5 or +3/6. so would need some decent aoe and single target for taking on bosses or AVs. not great at min/max micro managing clickies, so that may be a negative for bio, from what I have read. never played it, so actual game play may be fine have a decent bankroll, so should be able to handle most slotting suggestions I know that is a lot to ask but would appreciate any feedback, suggestions folks can provide
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