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  1. I'm with @Bill Z Bubba that I want more freedom to build characters differently. I have too many builds where I feel forced to take a primary/secondary power that I don't like since I already hit the 4 power pool limit. I'm all about choice and making the character that you want to play and this is a great suggestion.
  2. So if that's the intended behavior, doesn't that seem unfair specifically to cold? Every other defense/resist power that I'm aware of has only the defense element affected by power boost while ignoring the resist part of the power. To single out cold as the only defensive shield in the game that is not affected by Power Boost seems inherently wrong. Plus Bill Z pointed out other powers (Like Personal Force Field) don't have this drawback so why should cold?
  3. Cold shields are flagged to ignore all Power Boost type effects when other shields (i.e. Force Field) do not. Looking at City of Data, it shows that all parts of the Cold shields (Def/Res) ignore Power Boost type powers whereas powers such as force field shields correctly buff the defense part but ignore the resistance component. As far as I know, this bug with Cold shields have been around a long time and it would be great to see this finally fixed.
  4. Thanks to all the good advice in this thread, I've reworked the build a bit to incorporate the procs into enforcer/bruiser while keeping gang war recharge damn near-perma (120.1s recharge now). If I really want perma I could swap out the Agility alpha for the Spiritual Alpha but I don't like giving up the defense buffs/end mod/recharge speed for an extra .1s recharge in gang war. I still have a couple more slots I can move around namely the ones in empty clips and stamina. The KB-KD proc may not be necessary in empty clips so I might take that out and put an extra slot in Bruise
  5. @BGSachoThank you for the info about using Cross Punch as I would have never in a million years of ever dreamed about using that power! I'm going to play around with your ideas a bit more and also look at the recommended proc slotting in Enforcer/Bruiser too. Thanks for the advice!
  6. Oh! I thought the Gaussian will proc on me and all the pets who received the buff but that's not how it works does it? So if I can figure out a way to slot the Gaussian in the T2 pets and the proc goes off, does it affect only the enforcer pets or all the MM pets (like gang war?)
  7. Hi All, Reading through some great advice here and wanted to make a perma gang war build. When I say perma, I mean 120 second duration and 120 second recharge time. Currently, I've managed to hit the 270% global and 130% Gang War recharge needed (plus Agility alpha) to meet this goal. I'm mostly happy with the build but am trying to figure out a way to fit in Slowed Response and possibly Assault in the build. Also, since I don't play MM's often is there anything I'm completely missing the mark on in my build? I did see the one comment about Gaussian's build-up proc so will to
  8. Reporting in for both @Zirilion and @Tsugaru and still showing the love for PinnBadges! (Characters on Excelsior)
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