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  1. Well, they know they are bad; some don't understand just how bad. I didn't realize just how unbelievably awful they were until I made an instant 50 with all the trimmings awhile back. It took forever to defeat anything. This is with every enhancement you can think of. Mercs is likely one of the worst powersets in the entire game across all archetypes. It's THAT bad.
  2. It's not a claim - this happened during SCORE's updates prior to the creation of Homecoming in the years following the shutdown. The source was the lead developers for the server in forums that no longer exist due to what happened last year. I have zero reason to make it up. I do not recall the rate that these checks occurred however it really hammered the server and due to hardware restraints it was changed. We are allowed to tell people we were on the server but cannot state who else was there.
  3. The one that comes to mind is actually sniper rifle from assault rifle. Seems to take a good while to fire, but this is working as intended as far as I know.
  4. Yeah I agree, if I recall correctly the reason it behaves like this is because they wanted to prevent it getting hammered with so many requests at once constantly, which it used to do under original development. This change occurred to prevent that. Having every player bid 1 inf to get the information to come up is forcing everyone into a coding problem workaround. What if it sent it only once every 5 seconds, with a queue? I have no info on the code in this regard.
  5. Not fully, there are pockets that are ok, and textures do not need to change unless they just aren't large enough to use without seeing seams from them being stitched together. If they liked the previous ones, do they hate the larger ones? The small niche of those who adore claustrophobic scenarios might be mature enough to understand why some would prefer the larger caves.
  6. Yeah exactly, and it looks great too (minor thing but yeah I think it looks good.) EDIT: Oh, the one downside is that layering various DoTs is usually pretty sweet, which this would be hard for an individual to do if the length is that short, but I guess we just look at Savage and see how that one plays.
  7. I think 2.5 s is long enough - basically the idea is to avoid corpse blasting and wasted endurance right? That goes for kill steals too. 2.5s should be a decent max for many animations a player gets locked to - so the only thing to watch is if you queue up another attack.
  8. No, I was perfectly fine on this machine for years, this is something recent. It is liquid smooth - then randomly just a split-second hiccup, then liquid smooth immediately after.
  9. AHA... I was worried it was on my end.
  10. The title mentions recreation.
  11. To me this is mostly just a side effect. I was mostly talking about the wall construction for the map being very restrictive/claustrophobic and annoying. I gave the example earlier of having 8 masterminds in a blue/purple cave. Here is what it is like for a very LOW LEVEL mastermind team on an office map. Now think of that with level 50 with even more pets and more effects in a more restrictive blue/purple cave map.... ...yeah
  12. Is it? The only thing I've heard has been crazy is power supplies and webcams.
  13. Kinetic Melee reduces how much damage you have to regen from
  14. Isn't it kinda nuts that cold damage isn't inherently capped
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