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  1. Do you recommend the majority of us just wait then?
  2. I am paying attention to the closed alpha/beta developments.
  3. Gentle reminder that a year ago dominators got revamped
  4. Oh ok, a text update should suffice then?
  5. Pretty much most games' rules where you can whiff. Why should a person be rewarded for missing attacks or not penalized for missing attacks? Who says you shouldn't? Why?
  6. You mean Assault? You answered without knowing what my build is like so I was just curious if it's all about 'moar damage' automatically for you.
  7. That's kind of supposed to be how it works. If you whiff, there's going to be a downside on top of the missing damage. I know we can't control the RNG completely but this sounds like it's working perfectly to me.
  8. Do you ever go with anything else on any other ATs?
  9. ...and do it kinda quick so you can enjoy it before the proc nerfs come.
  10. I think you can hit 90% with Trick Arrow. Disruption 40 Entangling 20 Achilles 20 Reactive x4 10 right?
  11. Help me decide on a Hybrid for my TA/AR defender Control Radial sounds pretty good. Support is okish as I already have Maneuvers and Tactics running. Melee Core could add some resist and regen - I run Clarion for Destiny if that helps.
  12. Yeah, don't forget how much mitigation Poison Gas and Glue provide
  13. Made some changes to that TA/AR build. Got rid of all the proc bombs and just went with full sets of Sting of the Manticore, Bombardment, Annihilation, Positron's Blast. Ice Arrow I have a Basilisk's set in there right now but may eventually work towards Superior Entomb - not sure. Went with Combat Jumping and Super Jump instead of Stealth and Invisibility. Also changed the Synapse Shock to Power Transfer proc and end mod as I don't need to be able to run around and can SJ now. Instead of the Shield Wall proc I put the LOTG in there from Invisibility, so I did lose 5% resist wi
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