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  1. PhysX - couldn't that be done at a hardware level at least with Nvidia cards
  2. I mean chilling embrace and icicles may not have taunt but they do their job
  3. I posted this over a year ago asking about why seeing ice melee and the ice / ice combo was so rare after the buffs to the set.
  4. To be honest, if they had to nerf its damage purely because of the damage type change, I would almost be ok with it, even though that would be a hard argument to make balance-wise due to the myriad of resistances from different baddies.
  5. Slow and recharge debuff resist would also be ideal, no?
  6. I suspect it will be treated like pretty much any other game in existence and in history, where people will be allowed to stream whatever they want in a multiplayer game as long as it abides by the rules and terms of service, like they already do now in CoH. Expecting every streamer to ask every player that might fall into camera view for the stream if it is ok is well.. basically too much to ask. Labeling them as 'scummy' for not doing that as Arcane just did is certainly far more directly offensive than someone catching a player who doesn't want to be streamed on the game camera. I don't
  7. Not sure that is true within the specific context (as your reply is casting a very wide net.) I don't recall pushback in thousands of other games from a few players who don''t want to be seen on streams until this conversation here.
  8. I guess it is reasonable to ask everyone who doesn't want to be streamed to act as if they were on camera anyway just in case.
  9. Embrace of Fire, which is a different power than Fiery Embrace, and yes it is confusing, and you have a good point. I kind of wish it would be changed to Fiery Embrace but that's a lot of work for the powers devs, since they have to add a possible proc to every single damage power available to dominators to make that happen. 🤔
  10. Is there something in the terms of service that do not allow a person to stream another player?
  11. That doesn't exist for any multiplayer game that is being streamed by anyone. Pretty sure this is a fairly rare take as well. It's probably like people with phone cameras: any time you are out in public places your consent is not needed to be recorded/streamed.
  12. It's liquid smooth for me too! ...sometimes. That's why I described it as being really inconsistent. This PC was built in May. Everything else in the game is super silky smooth, it handles pretty much all games like they were nothing, but this sliding temporary tray thing is just behaviorally weird.
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