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  1. It won't, but I am eager for you to try the changes when they hit. I can make generalizations about Energy Melee and Trick Arrow - I think many will enjoy what's been done. I spent a good chunk of time on Trick Arrow specifically. Energy Melee is not bottom-of-the-barrel anymore - some of the loooong standing concerns have been addressed. Trick Arrow is much better and it was already a fun set. I only found one power change that is rather odd but beyond that I will wait until they post about it to say anything else out of respect for the hard work the team put in.
  2. I admit being out of the loop on SoA; I was not aware they weren't doing well
  3. As far as AT overhauls go, I think a good number of people will easily put Masterminds and Sentinels at the top of the list, at least above controllers, dominators, and kheldians. Dominators may just need number tweaks after the previous overhaul if they are still underperforming though so it might be low hanging fruit if they track play results. Poison, Traps, and Force Fields need looking at also. Sonic Resonance could use some love, as well as Sonic Attack and maybe some slight changes to Assault Rifle. Porting sets via (hopefully) smaller overhauls are still there like Super Strength, Stone Armor, Energy Armor, Stone Melee, etc.
  4. ...to be fair, a few of the 'nerfs' were known publicly here since at least April of this year: namely Titan Weapons and Tactical Arrow - because the devs told us they would be (and Titan W fans - you knew this was coming come on)
  5. Does it hide it from everyone or just myself? My guess is they were disabled to prevent bumps, but in the end I think that's a rather weak reason.
  6. EDIT: forums are freaking out, double post. Why can't we delete posts?
  7. Can confirm. Some of my requests and discussions were not only listened to, but verbally agreed to on the forums, PMs, and development changes were made in closed alpha/beta.
  8. Great news: you can develop your own version of CoH nowadays so you will never have to bother with this.
  9. Last I heard you could use all of your incarnate abilities on non-incarnate content...
  10. Power creep was planned and designed intentionally. We only got half of the announced incarnate abilities. Now it's true that they also expected to have harder content for those abilities but power creep was definitely intentional.
  11. Just to clarify, this may be true for Scrappers, but SR tankers can handle incarnate stuff as well as pretty much anything
  12. Yeah I thought up this idea some years ago and thought I would repost it to see if there was any interest in discussion
  13. Yeah for some reason I don't recall Stance, I don't think it was in any announcements either even though the other 4 were.
  14. Did the respec. Unfortunately it will be a good while before I can finish it. You added yet another winter set and two purple sets and all of those are $20-$30 million a piece. I think I kept permafrost instead of going Hibernate thinking if I die with Hoarfrost and Energy Absorption and healing procs and Icy Bastion and Rebirth then I deserve to die. Put psionic resist proc in it. Can't afford it yet so this character will have to be sidelined until I can come up with a couple hundred million to get the 10 purple pieces.
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