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  1. Re-downloaded Island Rum this morning and I’m back up and running. Thank you ❤️
  2. Welp, just went to launch Island Rum for the first time today and can't. I've had no issues before today and have been able to run the 64-bit client with no issues. Initial launch started a direct download of the island rum app into my applications folder and moved the "old" version into a new folder called "old" inside my applications folder. When trying to open the new island rum app, no screen pops up and it says it's "not responding" when I right click the icon.
  3. All of this^ I’m not happy to see AE getting a nerfed a bit but I definitely understand why it’s being done for the time being (and hopefully it is just temporary) ... especially since you all are doing this at your own expense.
  4. The best server. Unbroken Souls was my home. ❤️
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