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  1. AppData is normally a 'hidden' folder and will require you to enable "See Hidden" in the folder options... this can be found in a few ways based on which OS your using, but easy info to find with google. https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Popmenu_(Slash_Command) provides the basics of Popmenus, and bottom of page has the original tutorials on how to set it up. The file of this topic is found via the white box at the bottom of the Original Post at the top. or click this... https://forums.homecomingservers.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=1028 I would go into more detail but my PC is acting up and I have limit time currently.
  2. Mine wasn't meant for your post... tale end of page 1 another guy was 'attempting' to "powexecname Aid Other" but I apparently failed in explaining accurately enough my issues... so just ignore it 🙂
  3. Ok... My english or ability to communicate must be super lacking... (sorry if i'm being snarky) Opened the file with Open Office Spreadsheet software... based on what was mentioned below... When I try this my copy pasta is as follows #NAME? (I have set the Security for Macros on the document to ask permission to run)
  4. https://imgur.com/a/mUrFd1S As you can see here Posses with it's default slot has an 8s Recharge, and Duration of 37.25s... very easily stack-able out of the box. Unless your chasing something specific from a confuse set for your overall set bonuses it's fine to just leave it a single and move on.
  5. You want... C:\Users\Your_Name\AppData\Local\City of Heroes\data\texts\English\Menus\BadgeList.mnu *assuming you used the same path way... otherwise where your City of Heroes is installed to...
  6. I know RL has a big impact on testing and available time, but just curious on any updates for this. For some reason when I tried to use the spreadsheet to copy/paste i get nothing to use... not sure if it's a macro that I don't have or if I just don't know how to properly use the file... I use Open Office to load it.
  7. Kewl, thanks for the swift response. I was leaning towards level with Hasten, end-game build without, if you can achieve perma-dom without it... but it does make sense to still use it just in-case and for DPA / CC. Now to decide for my own DC/DA/IM on hover/fly, tough/weave, leadership vs concealment, and Hasten (can't stand SS but I know it would probably fit the build better)
  8. If that is the case, then do we even need Hasten at all?
  9. did you copy paste or hand-type the binds? also of note... if you use Notepad++ it may have used 'smart quotes' which can not be read properly for binds to function.
  10. Don't feel bad, I prefer to be corrected and learn of my mistakes. False understanding is a rather large problem in this day and age...
  11. dumb thought and I'm probably wrong here but, popmenu using the 'groups' folder method you have to bindloadfile as the option? if the target cycle key is the same in all bindfiles then a popmenu to load that groups/group_name.txt then you could use the popmenu to load the correct binds for what your fighting.
  12. Ahh, I missed that little tidbit of info, Thank you for clarifying.
  13. Set up the HSData tab according to the link (minus the black market channel, that one wasn't in the list). It did however detect my primary, but still showing secondary (Dark Assault) as 'unknown' Here's the saved file from my last session. Debug_Log.hsd
  14. Noticed my powersets are flagged as Unknown(Dominator Mind Control/Dark Assault). is that just due to old code or have i maybe changed something? i do remove system from global and make a tab for System by itself... I did also create a HSData tab but nothing in it.
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