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  1. I will say from personal experience to Never use Total Domination without Gather Shadows... as well as it being heavily slotted 5-6 minimum. I've been leveling one myself and while I am only in the mid 20's I just picked up Mass Hypnosis and Total Domination but rarely use them out of the box. Here's my Pines build (slotted but not enhanced as I am still learning what is important... atm just have 25 IO's in everything. Dominator - Mind Control - Dark Assault.mxd For combat solo/duo/team Mass Hypno is great as an alpha defuser after you get some good defenses up... otherwise confuse then sleep so something else has the agro... I Levi > Gloom > D.Blast for dps and confuse, dominate, mez for CC. Sleep effects are nearly useless except as 'oh sh*t' buttons in teams. aoe will be the alarm for those naps. priorities targets to CC then burn down the rest
  2. Don't feel bad, I prefer to be corrected and learn of my mistakes. False understanding is a rather large problem in this day and age...
  3. dumb thought and I'm probably wrong here but, popmenu using the 'groups' folder method you have to bindloadfile as the option? if the target cycle key is the same in all bindfiles then a popmenu to load that groups/group_name.txt then you could use the popmenu to load the correct binds for what your fighting.
  4. Ahh, I missed that little tidbit of info, Thank you for clarifying.
  5. Set up the HSData tab according to the link (minus the black market channel, that one wasn't in the list). It did however detect my primary, but still showing secondary (Dark Assault) as 'unknown' Here's the saved file from my last session. Debug_Log.hsd
  6. Noticed my powersets are flagged as Unknown(Dominator Mind Control/Dark Assault). is that just due to old code or have i maybe changed something? i do remove system from global and make a tab for System by itself... I did also create a HSData tab but nothing in it.
  7. Color me slow, but uh how do you set it up once it's installed? anything specific need to be done in-game?
  8. Would it be possible to create a popmenu for 'Target Group' to use at the beginning of a mission or farm once you know what 'group' to select? Enter a map with 'Lost' use the popmenu and select Lost to then now have your target keybind cycle the Lost group's priorities... to my knowledge popmenu's do not have a char limit like a keybind would.
  9. Just an FYI for Notepad++ Yes the binoculars will open the Find/Replace options... You do Not have to open All files, If you select the 3rd tab "Find in Files" Find what : Bind_Load_File Replace with: bindloadfilesilent Directory: choose the parent folder that houses the AF AR BO (also check the box for In all sub-folders) then click the Replace in Files button and your done.
  10. Under 'Helpful Hacks' the Auto-Fire by Ctrl+Clicking a power, should be noted that it only functions for a singular power at a time. New players may try to toggle several.
  11. Needed info: Manufacturer: Nvidia Model: GeForce GTX 1060 6GB Operating System and version: Win 10 Version 1803 Does the game load (and error you get if not): Loads Fine. Optional info you like: Driver Version: GPU Driver Version 430.39 Monitor Resolution: 1920 x 1080 Multi-monitor?: 2x 23" (single display for gaming.) Graphics Preset Used: Ultimate maxed out. Stays at 60 FPS Overall experience (any stuttering, glitching, etc or smooth sailing): Runs perfectly fine so long as my ISP lets me stay connected... out-dated hard-line cable... Switching to Fiber later this week...
  12. I feel ya. I have what I have dubbed "Gamers A.D.D." I'll play an mmo for a month or two burn out and move to another... cycle through about 8-10 different ones and end up repeating a loop from time to time. That being said, CoX was a big repeat for me 2-3 times a year, that is up till a certain time... Over the past 7 years it's been super hard to 'loop' my cycle as when City's turn came up I had no where to go... Former Champion shard street sweeper, Alt-aholics Anon attendie... Home, I have finally come!
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