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  1. I don't know that this is my biggest pet peeve but it is pretty aggravating: people who AFK while standing in the oro portal. Just move away before you afk dumdum.
  2. It would make things much better if you listed somewhere that being on discord is REQUIRED for this event. I did not know it was REQUIRED. That was the worst experience I have ever had in this game.
  3. Here's a message from me (Boudicia Dark / Skroo Bahl) to the raid leaders......THANK YOU FOR BEING SO AWESOME!!!! There is nothing better than a well run raid.
  4. I'm an old gen-x, my wife is a young boomer and we stand, in Pride, with BLM.
  5. Right, because systemic racism ONLY affects "the problem ones". Tamir Rice sure was a problem one.
  6. Never stops being amazing how *some folks* can't just read the phrase "back lives matter" and understand that phrase is NOT saying "ONLY black lives matter".
  7. SISTERS-2084 (Everlasting) is sort of a psychadelic grotto...
  8. Yes, that was me taking down Eochai (and then Jack and then BOOM, Geas of the Kind Ones!)
  9. First let me say to the devs, as a player who runs more dark power characters than is probably healthy, THANK YOU for page 6, freekin' awesome yall! That out of the way, on to the real reason for my post. I'm not feeling very well so did not log into the game until around 8pm EST last night. Like everyone else, I was surprised to see all the babies but after a few minutes, I started to be amused by them (as long as I wasn't parked next to any doors, I could not bear seeing the dead babies). Since I was in Atlas Park and because I always make a particular announcement whenever I am there, I had the tab open that shows "local", "broadcast", "help" and now "general". I'm no prude and irl I talk like a truck driving sailor but what I saw in that "general" channel turned my stomach. Apparently, people were using the toy bat to beat on Ms Liberty and saying the most vile, hateful, violent stuff in general chat, I was shocked. It went on and on and so many people were participating in that type of ugly speech (ALL of it focusing on raping Ms Liberty), I could not keep up with people to put on ignore (each with a note and rating so I will always know to steer clear). I am a hardcore player of this game, I was back before and I am now, hell now that I am disabled and always home anyway, I am even MORE hardcore. I join and make teams, I participate in all content, I love this game. I always feel safe, feel part of things, it's just a special and personally important space for me. Last night was the first time Ive ever been in the game and felt none of those positive emotions, I felt the opposite. I tried, for a while, to divert the general into some absurdist roleplay around the babies but even that brought out people's very ugly side. Repeated threats of violence towards those silly babies. The ugliness towards Ms Liberty in particular was so overwhelming and pervasive in the general chat I knew there was no point in asking for in-game support. I even know there isn't really a point to making this post except to say I found that all so disturbing and bewildering. Of course I opened a different tab so I wouldnt see that stuff and I just accept that moving forward, "general" = "garbage" and I'll just avoid it all together. I'm a 53 year old married lesbian who altogether (before and now) has played this game (and only this mmo) for 8 years and I have no idea why people would talk like that. I put a shitload of people on ignore last night, I reckon that might even impinge my teaming opportunities but if I'm going to keep being here, I'll do what I have to to be safe. I'm one woman, I'm asking you devs to help in some way. Thank you for bringing the City back, I am forever grateful for every day I get to fly again. [This may not be exactly the right place for this post but it felt right to me.]
  10. By the time a character is lvl 50, Im using 7 or 8 trays (not all stacked like that) but I have never had this problem and I click all my powers. I can see how it would be annoying if it did happen a lot though.
  11. I say trouble three times because three history badges are vexing me! Academic, Disciple and Just say no to superdine. All three require monuments or plaques in Steel, Skyway, Faultline and Boomtown. Last night, I read all the plaques in all 4 zones THREE TIMES, still missing.....something but what I have no idea! I have vidiotmaps and use paragonwiki so Im not flying blind on this but something is wonky somewhere. Anyone have any wise words for me?
  12. Hey so this is weird, Im using the "Homecoming" (so not 64 bit and not safemode) to play. Two of my characters, using Automatic UI scale also have a slider like this for Window scale: All 40 of my alts do NOT have this slider: Im really happy 2 of my characters (my two mains) have the window scale. The other 40, I have to disable the automatic UI scale to get the window scale slider and it does not scale the same way at all, it's much more difficult to see the words with this. Anyway, weirdo potato since it's just 2 out of 42 that have the good UI.
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