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  1. It's hard to be sure. Personally I'm going by Paragon Wiki, and Mids Hero Planner 1.960 http://www.cohplanner.com/ Last updated July 2012. Personally I'm only making things on Homecoming that I can also make on the i24 servers.
  2. It's bad enough they were silly enough to put tank mages in the game. ::) Now you want to do melee damage AND range damage AND summon pets? Madness...
  3. So was Bio Armor on the test server and very close to being completed then? I've downloaded Mid's Hero planner http://www.cohplanner.com/ (last updated July 2012) and that has Bio Armor as a powerset. I'm trying to avoid stuff that didn't make it onto the Live servers, but stuff on the test server might be ok.
  4. Free renames. *So* good. :) Renames should be free and unlimited on *all* MMORG's games IMHO. The amount of badly named characters running about games because someone just wanted to jump in and play, and the names they thought of were taken, and then the game charges for a rename.
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