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  1. I would second building for recharge over damage. I like to go for defense softcaps so that does take out a lot of wiggle room in sets. I used to use bio armor a lot because of offensive adaptation. That was until I realized I could get loads more recharge and also damage procs if I used energy aura or super reflexes instead. Not only did I attack MUCH faster, but often times the attacks themselves did more damage because of procs.
  2. I actually always list all my rare salvage for 1 inf. However, most I’ve ever listed at a time is like 50.
  3. Miracle + recovery is the best example of the display bug. It appears pretty often, but not always. Never bid more or expect to get more than 4.5m for it.
  4. If they just replaced piercing rounds with a snipe/quick snipe I would be 1000% happy.
  5. Scrapper is classic and will do more damage, but SR/MA tankers are insane. Incarnate level defenses. Capped resistances (when scaled). Super high recharge. You literally cannot die as a MA/SR tankers unless you are really trying to. Even then you might not. Also, the damage is actually pretty decent, especially if you throw in a couple procs. It’s also nice that eagles claws gives a damage bonus on tanks. My vote would be to go tanker.
  6. If you haven’t already picked your character I’d suggest playing a kinetics corruptor or defender. One of the biggest fun suckers in the game is endurance problems (though he probably won’t have much issue with that playing a rad armor brute). But kinetics makes everyone feel more powerful as you buff damage up to obscene levels. You could go fire/kin corruptor. Or kin/sonic defender. Those would be my choices for a more supportive duo partner.
  7. My suggestion would be to limit your picks from dual blades. Take blinding feint and those necessary for the attack vitals combo (ablaiting strike, vengeful slice, and sweeping strike). Blinding feint + attack vitals combo is your bread and butter. If you have really high recharge you can go for blinding feint > ablaiting strike > sweeping strike and ignore combos. Otherwise blinding feint + attack vitals is still great. Then grab everything else you want from the secondary and power pools. Then with what you have left you can pick up 1k cuts or typhoons edge. I always take 1k cuts just because I like the power even though it’s a dps loss over attack vitals combo.
  8. Nope. I did a bit a theory crafting lower down on first page in this thread that would put most resistances in 80-90% range with 50% uptime. However, super reflexes on tankers definitely can have incarnate level defenses with capped resistances (when scaled with lower health). Super reflexes is pretty insane, especially paired with martial arts. If you are interested in my SR/MA build take a look at my thread in the tanker forums: https://forums.homecomingservers.com/topic/21033-meet-tank-lee-masr/
  9. You bring up a good point about dual blades. If OP is wanting to get his katana fix he can do so with two instead of one and have some more AoE. That said, I still think ninja blade is a perfectly fine primary.
  10. It was expensive because it has purples and LOTG. Probably 400-500m. But I’m a “buy now” type of person. So if you put in bids and are patient you could probably knock off 50-75m of the price. Even cheaper if you use converters for the more expensive items. For example, when I can’t get LOTG 7.5 rech for 6m or less, I buy the LOTG end/rech IO for 3.5-4m and convert to the 7.5 rech one. Sometimes it isn’t worth it, but most of the time you save money that way (unless you can’t get any within the set for <4m). It’s just slower. Also keep in mind that if you end up hating ninja blade / EA you can respec and transfer the IOs to another toon. The build is largely the same if you were to put in street justice or some other primary and would use most of the same IOs. If you pick a more resistance based or AoE based powerset you’d have to tweak a little, but even then you could sell the unused ones to buy the replacements. I personally don’t think TP foe would be worth it unless you just did it for fun. Your defenses and mitigation will keep you safe even in +4/8 settings, especially when rune is active. Just hop in and cut everything down with your katana. Just remember to use energize proactively. Pop it for endurance reduction before starting a fight. By the time you might need it it will be on cooldown. That way you will have good endurance management without scarfing down blues.
  11. Take a look in your other thread “need help with ninja blade”. I posted my ninja blade / ea build there. You can work it a little to pick up AoE powers from patron pools if you want. I do not feel any desire to pick up additional AoE on it and like it just fine as is. Still kills mobs plenty fast.
  12. What secondary are you going to use? I have one for energy aura secondary. Also, just general advice for picking powersets. While it definitely can be useful to gather opinions from others, don’t let those opinions force you into one set or away from another. Your own curiosity is a powerful force. You seem to really want to try ninja blade. You are going to be unsatisfied until you try it. Even if you try several other amazing combinations you will always have that ninja blade itch. Only way to find out if you will love it is to try it. Good thing is that it is easy to level, rename, have a ton of character slots, and you can respec to move IOs around.
  13. My vote for dual pistols would be to rework piercing shot into a snipe/quick snipe. Make damage same as other snipes. Rename it perfect shot or something like that. That alone would be amazing.
  14. Absolutely not. Ninja blade is a fantastic primary. It is tied with street justice for my favorite stalker primary. I don’t even take one of the aoes on street justice. I play them both single target centric and clear mobs plenty fast. I also have kitted out electric / shield and savage / energy stalkers. Both of those have strong aoe. Neither of them is nearly as fun as my ninja blade or street justice stalkers. I wouldn’t listen to the people that only pay attention to AoE damage. They are usually the same people who nuke a mob and then move on to the next one leaving behind lieutenants and bosses for others to clean up on mobs. Having AoE is nice, but not mandatory. Certainly not for stalkers who main claim to fame is outstanding single target damage.
  15. I decided to do it once and bought 2 super packs. Got mainly temp powers. Didn’t make anywhere near even half of the 20m I spent on the two. I know it’s random and just happened to be unlucky. But, for me, it was a failed experiment enough to make me not ever want to do it again. It is exciting to open so I do agree it can be a nice little side activity. But it’s pretty crushing when you get temp power, temp power, booster, brainstorm ideas. I might try again at some point, but probably not.
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