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  1. Converters definitely are not a problem. They are one of, if not the, greatest things about the market. They enable limitless supply which keeps prices down, which is good for everyone. They are also basically a gold standard for the market keeping everything in check. They are an incredibly easy source of cash for people who don’t want to convert. They are an even better source for people that do. Converters are the best thing that happened to the market along with recipe fungibility.
  2. It’s not even the lowest barrier to entry. The lowest barrier to entry is probably turning merits into converters and selling those on the market. Using converters to convert enhancements to sell also has a lower entry barrier - basically non-existent entry barrier. It also happens to earn more than farming anyway. Honestly I think farming has one of the highest barriers to entry for earning influence.
  3. I wanted to ask about shield defense also. I was about to make a new thread, but found this one. I don’t have anything other than anecdotal experience, but I’m having a similar issue. I have a dark/shield scrapper. I am over the softcap for melee and AOE and at the soft cap for range. Several times now I have gone into a farm at +2/4 and get destroyed almost instantly. I make sure to only pull 1 mob too. It’s like the defense isn’t there at all. I make sure via combat attributes that everything is on and all my positions are soft capped. But the alpha strike of a mob seems to entirely bypass the defense. It isn’t a slow whittling away, it’s as if none of the attacks missed. Compared to my blaster that is softcapped for S/L I can go into a S/L farm and last a lot longer as I can tell most of the attacks are missing. I can still eventually get overwhelmed, but I see that the defense is working. Several times in a row it’s as if the shield defense positional defenses arent deflecting anything on my scrapper. And I know for sure it isn’t because I forgot to turn on a toggle. Any ideas?
  4. Honestly I’d be down for a menu option that allowed the following in AE: Double XP for team, no influence for team. I only use AE to power level alts. I agree market is easier to make money as I’ve recently gotten into it. Heck I’d take a menu option: Double XP for team, no influence no drops for team. But that would reduce supply to some extent in the market so that probably wouldn’t be good.
  5. Converting enhancements and selling on the market, among other market activities, is much more efficient than farming.
  6. I misread your post as I thought you were also advocating removing the merit price cap. That would cause prices to skyrocket. Even so, removing the seeding makes no sense. That would help nothing. It would hurt the market in general by increasing the price of salvage. It serves the same purpose as merit price caps.
  7. Incidentally, the last few days I feel like yellow salvage has decreased in price. I am now able to consistently buy it now at 15k as opposed to 50-100k a week ago.
  8. I actually played on live and have been playing on homecoming since last May. For my entire live play time I used TO/DO/SO enhancements. Starting a couple months after joining homecoming I made the jump to common IOs, which I still kind of lump in with the above as an SO+ as it were. I didn’t start getting into sets until maybe a couple of months ago. Even then I was just to buy the ATO proc as I didn’t start having a decent amount of influence until very recently. I made my first full fledged set IO build about a month ago (spending pretty all my influence on a budget build farmer to PL alts). As I started getting into sets I happened across the converter market guides and began making influence. So now all my new alts have sets (albeit budget sets). TL;DR: There are even some veteran players, such as myself, who only recently started using set IOs.
  9. Farming -1x8 at level 18 isn’t going to be making a lot of influence at all. Doing the converter routine for even a few hours will give you an idea of good IOs to convert and sell. It makes a lot of influence very easily without the need for deep knowledge. It makes at least as much influence as optimized farmers and has a much lower entry threshold. I’m not trying to bash on farming. Just making a comparison. I do farming and playing the market. I only farm to power level alts. Any money I make off farming is incidental. I make money off the market because it is much easier and much more efficient.
  10. Making money on the market is honestly a lot more accessible than farming. With the market, you can start from level one using one of the many guides. By the time you are in the lvl 20 range you can have easily earned 20-50 merits. That’s all the start up capital you need. More than enough. From there it’s converter roulette and the money starts flowing in. Farming requires you to level a specific toon up to 50, get influence, buy an optimized build, and then farm. Start up time and capital for farming is a lot higher than using the market.
  11. My post wasn’t meant to be an argument against the influence change. I’m neutral towards the change. It doesn’t bother me. I do like the fact that the devs are involved and constantly developing the game. My post was more in response to what I felt was animosity toward farmers. Farmers in general I think good for the game and help a lot of people out (especially newer players). So contempt for them is crummy.
  12. Why would the get rid of market seeding? That alone would cause prices to skyrocket as their would no longer be price caps via merits/seeding. This would definitely hurt the player base in general.
  13. I want to thank the dev team for all their hard work on this patch. Overall super amazing. New powersets. New IOs. Costume customizations. Quality of live improvements. Balance passes. Truly a large undertaking. And on a volunteer basis. Thanks for all your hard work! Don’t let the influence change negativity get you down. I would venture to say the community in large appreciates all you do 😄
  14. Farmers aren’t bad though. Farmers help by such supplying the market. Many farmers also invite others to join their farms for free. Still others help by giving people start up funds for builds. I personally don’t think I’ll really be affected by the change, but I do think farmers are good.
  15. I like bio armor a lot. I like the damage bonus of offensive adaptation with the option to go efficient or defensive if necessary (though hardly ever go out of offensive). I like the recovery bonuses that bio provides. I am able to soft cap S/L/E/N defenses and have decent resists for S/L. The little bit that gets though defenses is mitigated by resists, and is then taken care of through bio armors outstanding absorb/heal/regen. Even if defense is debuffed the absorbs/heal takes care of the rest. I also like that the absorb can be proactive with ablative carapace. I find it to be very survivable. Biggest cons: click heavy, min fx still has auras, and my build doesn’t have a ton of recharge. Still I think bio is one of the better sets.
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