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  1. More than a Farmer Hi, I am posting my build to show you what can be done with this AT. I can do most any content with this build as I have capped S/L Resists and just about soft capped Defenses for S/L & Melee. It farms great, but also does just about everything else. It costs about the same as other builds that have been posted. Villain Plan by Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer https://github.com/Crytilis/mids-reborn-hero-designer Click this DataLink to open the build! Absolute Angel: Level 50 Magic Brute Primary Po
  2. Thanks for sharing that Plainguy! I hadn't thought about using the Experiment Power Pool. Does Shinobi affect those dots? Why do you fully slot out Gaussian's? I've seen some folks do it, but what's the benefit, other that the set bonuses which are not bad? I'm thinking I need Smoke Flash, btw. Hail of Bullets pulls a lot of aggro. I didn't end up using the Experiment pool in my current build, I did use some of your ideas however.
  3. Woah, I got a mention for inspiring your build! I am honored and happy to be of service. I do like all of the builds posted thusfar. I haven't played Electric Blast in a good while. Since DP is so melee heavy I tried to work a bit of Melee defense in there. In game it's showing around 41% which is a lot lower than the build. Still working on my Incarnates. The End use was so heavy I have Cardio to start. I like the Sith angle you got going for ya. That works!
  4. Yeah, so I finally finished off the build and it's pretty durn fun! I always wanted a sword and pistol guy, since live. And the Ninaja-to damage is not half-bad! Actually it's really good. I have a Katana Tanker, and Ninja has considerably more bite!
  5. I love my build's playstyle and would never change it, however I might do a second build around Mace. There aren't many powersets I would want to invest that much into.
  6. If only taking one then take the faster one Aqua Bolt. Personally I take both powers as they build Tidal Power up to Enhanced Water Jet really quickly. Aqua Bolt's damage is pretty meh. Hydro Blast is better. The set is all about building Tidal Power quickly. Having both powers seems optimal for that when actually put in practice, but perhaps spamming Aqua Bolt works as well for others. Steam Spray is great. I skip Water Burst. I would try proccing out Whirlpool. I haven't really. I slotted it with Frozen Blast for Fire Farming. I think I will try it out.
  7. I created a Build for it ... but I don’t like Fiery Melee.. it only has one weak AoE making it crappy for farming which was my goal at the time.
  8. Hi All, Took some time to create this build and a Character for my idea of a melee blaster "Dread Ninja Roberts" Have 2 ranged blasters now, and never liked the idea of melee blappers, but am giving it a shot . I really like the concept and since Ninja has been fixed seemed very viable. This build may be a bit of over-kill on the Defense. It was quite easy to soft cap all S/L, Ranged, and Melee Defense, but that was kinda the idea, what with the character spending a lot of time in melee and all. One can always slot procs into some of the
  9. I have a Water Atomic and it's Tier One as far as I'm concerned ... Water anything really but especially with Bonfire from Flame Mastery. I really like the rotation of Geyser in the first set of mobs and then Bonfire/Whirlpool/Steam Spray in the next. You get pretty good recharge with Metabolic Acceleration and Beta Decay.
  10. The changes to Atomic don't really my Water Atomic Blaster's build at all. I was thinking of doing an Ice/Ninja Blaster or Ice something. So now I am reading up on the changes.
  11. Hi Camel, Thanks so much for your post. It inspired me to level up a Fire/Dark Controller. I had previously tried a Fire Kin and didn't really find an affinity for it. Forgive me, but I took your build and tweeked it slightly. I don't like running Ring of Fire, other than of course the coolness of the name. I really like Bonfire. I use it on my Water Blaster's build as part of my rotation. I think it's a proc beast. I managed to keep the recharge and all of the great defensive and Resist bonuses you have in your build. With regards to
  12. Most resistance based sets like Inv, Rad, Elec are all toggle based and don't require much clicking. Rad probably my favorite.
  13. There's a kind of rhythm to playing TW. After queueing up a slow attack you can fire of your two Momentum attacks as soon as they come off cooldown. I find it simple to play, after practicing with it. Also it doesn't play right till it's built out, because your cooldowns will not be fast enough. My rotation is to alternate between of the powers: Arc, Rend Armor and Titan Sweep and then use the Momentum powers Whirling Smash and Follow Thru. Also Defensive Sweep stacks Defense like other Defensive powers and is great for keeping up Melee Defense.
  14. Hi There! I use this build for Hover farming, works for fire and S & L farms as well. You really do want to stay up and away out of melee range. This works great for any and all other content, like Trials, etc. It's not cheap obviously. I was using Atom Smasher for awhile, and found it wasn't part of the rotation. Typical rotation is to Nuke a group with Geyser after pumping it with Ionize and Tidal Forces. Then throw down Bonfire and Whirlpool. Bonfire works really well with this AT. Hard Rain Water At
  15. My current projects are: Almost finished my Rad/Fire Brute on a Farming Account then after that: Ada Darwin Plant/Psychic Dominator (48) Electra Kat Savage/Electric Armor Stalker (26) Drina Illusion / Traps Controller (5) after that I would do a Claws/Bio Scrapper I think
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