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  1. Temporarily unpublished to make some updates. Busy work schedule may keep mission offline for the next week.
  2. In the Spirit of Halloween here is my scarecrow character that I have been playing but was created for an AE mission: Stingy Jack's Pumpkin Patch arc#44047. Bird Scare
  3. This is my first time publishing an AE mission so go easy on me! Stingy Jack’s Pumpkin Patch Arc ID: 44047 The contract set between Stingy Jack and Satan is set to expire and the Devil is ready to collect. Rather than risk another trap/trick into another extension the devil has put out a hit. Raid Jack’s Pumpkin Patch, the location where the original contract and extensions were made and send Jack to hell so the devil can collect on his soul. A super powered Stingy Jack has forged an army, bringing his pumpkin patch to life. Fight your way through Jack’s army o
  4. Like this one! Makes me regret deleting my mine character Silence No Good the worlds worst mine who shouted everything (sonic/sonic).
  5. Here is a work in progress comic cover I did of my character SANDS back during live. It is missing the barcodes and logos but was meant to be a slight tribute to Wolverine issue 50 with the claw marks in the cover. SANDS being an earth/earth dominator with a modern mummy theme, the cover was meant to look like he was moving sand. Added bonus was some art I commissioned from xJoeDx on deviant art. This was SANDS going rogue moment burying some Arachnos Soldiers in quicksand.
  6. Dames (The Dames are Rachel, Judith, Pallas, and Argine), the Queens of Suits in their more regal appearance. Going for a playing card queen costume with combinations of black, white, red, blue, yellow. Wish we could use the Jester neck piece with a hood.
  7. I really like this character. ran one similar named the Cardist. think I just recently deleted him though as I didn't want to squat on names for characters I wasn't playing. Plus I run a similar theme character/characters the Dames (Judith, Rachel, Pallas, Argine) the Queens of Suits, belonging to the Court of Crowns (playing card themed Criminal Underworld). Working on getting a good story together and creating an AE mission for them, just lagging the time to get it together and I am a little rusty with creating missions.
  8. Thank you! glad you enjoy them. I got pretty lucky with some name grabs but I have had these characters in my head for years and I am so glad I got a second chance to bring them to this game. I always ran blue side in the past so it is finally great to bring some cool characters to red side. Counterfeit is by far, my favorite character to play. The mirror image is one of the coolest features added to the game. when I first made counterfeit his costume was all white and made to match the phantom army, now he gets to be true to his original concept. Now if I could just figure out some good
  9. Dames - Is a character for an AE mission I have been wanting to work on. The idea is a playing card themed villain group known as the Court of Crowns. There are 4 sisters representing the 4 Queens Judith (Hearts), Rachel (Diamonds), Pallas (Spades), Argine (Clubs) In the AE arc the Dames sisters will each have separate styles and powers but for gameplay Dames is an Illusion/pain Controller. Their story will be intertwined with that of my Thug/Time Mastermind The Accomplice, the sharp dressed criminal kingpin of the Getaways villain group.
  10. Tannenbaum - My x-mas tree inspired battle axe/bio armor Brute. costume has twinkling lights, barbed wire tinsel, and golden rings tree topper to complete the look.
  11. I am going to release the name Boy Scout. Any interest let me know otherwise it will be in the wild by weeks end.
  12. ShardWarrior, do the large water pieces work too when flipped around to be invisible, to serve as a barrier?
  13. Been through several times. Super cool base!!!
  14. Base is in rough shape going through my 4th rebuild of it. Happy with the progress, so far, but it is a work in progress. The Getaways are a group of heist themed villains looking to make their way in an Isles of Destined Ones. Their base is meant to be a cliffside hotel/mansion with waterfall and secret underground villain base below the falls. feel free to explore. beware of the boundaries, as precautions have not been placed to keep one from falling off the map. Everlasting: Getaway-12177
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