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  1. Thanks! I was wondering why the links wouldn't work. updated my post.
  2. Here are a few of my villains from my group The Getaways.
  3. I was running Synapse TF with a team today as Medal of Honor. I have lost my home internet temporarily and was disconnected. Apologies to everyone I was teamed with.
  4. I am ok with others enjoying the content and story of the game. I find it refreshing for me to watch someone else get into the story and enjoy the game. It happened to me once while teaming that someone new to the game was reading along and paying attention. I was confused at first about why it was taking so long, until I realized what was happening. I even hoped on paragon wiki and followed along myself and followed along, adding a slight element of RP to the experience and made for conversation. Just be open from the start that you would like to read along to avoid frustrations. I usually am only available to play every other week. If you catch me redside my main villains are villain group known as the Getaways (characters are Counterfeit, Poor Man's Grenade, Jay Walk, the Accomplice just to name a few). I can usually be found hanging around Pocket D or doing base construction-destruction-reconstruction. I myself love running mayhem missions and would love to explore more strike forces.
  5. 1. GETAWAY-12177 (Everlasting Server) 2. The headquarters of the Getaways, a villainous syndicate of heist themed criminals. This base houses everything an up and coming villain group needs to keep their crime organized. Equipped with small training rooms to keep the Rogue Isles’ masterminds, hitters, hackers, grifters, and thieves skills on point. Enter the vault to see the teams greatest scores, but don’t take a wrong turn or you my fall victim to a trap from which there is no escape (in which /stuck will be your only salvation). Base is functional, but remains a WIP as it has been scrapped and is undergoing it’s rebirth. A few corners remain empty space and a safe house/retreat is in the works on the upper level but remains off limits during it’s construction. Feel free to explore the base in it’s current state and let me know what you think.
  6. I would like to see the display cases of magic artifacts from Pandora's Box Magic Store added to this list.
  7. Love the bases everyone! keep posting them and I will keep visiting them.
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