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  1. I love most if not all the changes, but one. Apparently you can no longer have a vanity pet active neither can you summon one if you have the "Walk" power active. Furthermore, they cast differently now in that you can't "face" them in the direction you want to anymore. You used to be able to cast a vanity pet whilst holding the right mouse button so that they would face the direction you wanted them to instead of just facing in the direction you've cast them. So... for instance, if I'm facing South and I want to cast my demon pet behind me but also have it facing in the same direction as me
  2. Hello, friends, The Legendary Living Hellfire coming in hot. I present my first in my limited series of conversations with community members on the Excelsior server. On this, our very first conversation I speak with Englebert. This is his character name and he has asked me not to use his global name, which is an entirely reasonable request in my view. Shortly prior to us sitting down in The Crucible, which is the name for that cozy space in my base where these conversations take place, I had the opportunity to see the base he had constructed which you will see referenced in the con
  3. Y'know, honestly, if I wasn't doing shift work I probably would have started them up again but I would miss literally half the Saturdays of the year, so they just aren't feasible for me to run anymore, but I'm glad you remember them! I had a blast doing them and would sometimes have enough people to run two or three teams! Cheers!
  4. Not at all, all these conversations will take place in my base around that little fire pit that I have pictured above and all bases can be accessed through Pocket D. I will provide you with the code to enter, of course and we'll just sit and chat. Thank you for your interest! I should have my first conversation posted soon™.
  5. Hi. I am The Legendary Living Hellfire. You might know me from beta or on Live on the Justice server. You might know me as the guy that started the Saturday Matinées or the guy that led the team that won the first ever Timeforce competition, and yes I still have the clock that was the prize. You might know me as being a member of the Forum Cartel on the Live forums. You may know me from this very server. I'm here to announce my new series of conversations. I love this community, I have always loved this community and I would like to get to know it better. I would like to invite you
  6. So, the enhancement in each set that is the "Chance for <additional effect here>" cannot be boosted... I assume this is normal because it doesn't work on any of them in any of the sets I tried, so should I attune those or just leave them as is...
  7. Okay... soooo... followup question. Let's assume for a moment, hypothetically that I have this *ahem* "friend" who already has some purple sets slotted but I already... I mean HE already attuned them. Is it worthwhile, assuming I can afford it (and I can because I'm The Legendary Living Hellfire), to replace them with fresh enhancements in order to bump them to +5?
  8. Thanks, guys, this has been really helpful.
  9. Okay, so I'm a fire/fire/flame blaster and my recharge is actually pretty good. Even without permahasten I always have *something* I can throw at a baddie, even at the bottom well of the attack chain. Assuming recharge isn't something I'm interested in maxing at this point, and given that the impression I've gotten from your post is that recharge is really the leading attraction for purples, are there other considerations I should be aware of before making the decision to either switch out to purple or not? I mean, I get that it's hard for you to say without looking at my specific
  10. So, this conflicts with information I've gotten that it's only the attuned sets that still provide the set bonuses when exemp'd down and I was told that if I'm someone who spends a lot of time exemp'd down to do lower level content that the attuned oranges are the way to go. From what you're saying here, it sounds like your opinion is, pound for pound, that purples have the edge over even attuned oranges as a general thing and cost notwithstanding that given the choice purples are the way to go. EDIT - Also, assuming that's the case, you mentioned ATOs. Are they worth keeping w
  11. Hey, guys, I'm sure this is a repeat question but I'm just looking for some input, feedback and opinions and hoping to start a light discussion about different coloured sets. I'm currently running fully slotted with attuned oranges. I've never bothered with purple sets because early on when I joined Homecoming I was told that they really aren't worthwhile unless you're PvPing, which is something I don't do. If you've got a moment and don't mind, would you please comment with your opinion on this? Cheers;
  12. Okay, first up a round of apologies. I've submitted a petition in game seeking clarification so I apologize to the mods and GMs if that was an improper use of that function. I also apologize to all you folks who have likely seen this issue come up before. That being said, I'm getting a lot of conflicting information about the Paladin construction spawning. I know there are three points in KR and I know where they are. To be clear, it's the construction spots I'm looking for, not Paladin himself. I've heard that you get a badge for Paladin and that you only get a badge for preventin
  13. Guys... how do you not vote Legendary? Sincerely yours;
  14. I really wish they wouldn't turn off automatically and that they would stay running like other toggles. Can someone please convince me that having them expire and cooldown instead of persisting when activated (until you are defeated or turn them off manually, ofc) is actually better? I've been wracking my brain because it's not like you can use it below level 45 anyway, so I'm finding myself wondering why that decision was made and why. Can anyone help me out with a little insight?
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