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  1. Are these builds still viable? Was considering the Grav/Time and a Plant/Dark. Which of the Plant/Dark builds have the highest damage potential for some solo but mostly groups?
  2. I just made a Fire/Kin to level with some friends who are also playing Corruptors. How will this perform while leveling and is there any new updates than can be applied to the original or is it still pretty current?
  3. I'm hoping someone can toss up a build here to look at while I level since I've never played Dom before. Budget is pretty much unlimited but I need to know if I'll like how it plays first.
  4. I looked in the SG recruiting thread bit most seem to want RP. I play between 3-5 hours and am approaching 50 on my Controller. I'm looking for the following in a SG: 1) Helpful and Active 2) Groups within the SG I don't mind a SG that RPs, just don't want to be expected to do it as well.
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